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Monday, September 26, 2016

Six stage plays by Ronald Micci at Amazon

Theater Companies – Actors – Directors – Extra!  Extra!  
Sound the trumpets!  Alert the Burgermeister!  Six of my stage plays, battle-tested in New York Metropolitan venues, are now available for sample and purchase as Kindlebooks: The Gill People of Outerborough Queens (radio farce); Biff Bang, American Hero; Johnny Pepys, the Gangster Diaries; Breakers; The Arbor; and All the Wolves You Were (werewolf spoof).  Free PDF hard copies will be made available to all who purchase the Kindle versions.  Hey, check ‘em out.  Good, solid, professional stuff, not the usual amateur gunk.  I swear.  
(Posted by Ronald Micci.  Just input the name in Amazon.com)

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