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Friday, September 23, 2016

Pint-Sized seeks 10-15 minute pieces

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Pint-Sized is an eclectic evening comprising shorts from talented new writers. After sell-out shows at Jermyn Street Theatre and The Pleasance, Pint-Sized is now moving to The Bunker Theatre and their first event at this new venue - six pieces of new writing, all wrapped up with a live band playing tailor-made tracks – kicks off on Monday, 14th November, 2016 at 7:30pm.

And here’s the thing. They’re looking for submissions for their new shows.

Now, just to get your work staged is great, but the Pint-Sized team invites agents and literary departments from major theatres to their evenings so this could provide a handy springboard for your writing career.

What are they after? Well, in their own words: ‘We're looking for 10-15 minute pieces, either excerpts from longer pieces, or short stand-alones. One submission per writer please… There's no need for pieces to fit a particular theme or genre; we do tend to favour character-driven stories, and we can't accommodate big sets or vast technical requirements, but we're always happy to be surprised or challenged. We're interested in telling the stories of people who don't always have a voice, but ultimately if we like a piece and it's feasible to stage, there are very few rules.’

The deadline for submissions is 1st October, 2016.
Submissions to pintsizedplays@gmail.com

For info on how to apply and to get more of a feel for the whole caboodle, visit Pint-Sized's Facebook account.

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