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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Writer Guidelines For Studio C Artists One Act Series – “In The Garage”

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Studio C Artists is announcing the continuation of its One Act Room Series as part of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Each show in the series has revolved around a particular room in a house, building, etc. For 2016, we are pleased to present “In The Garage”. With today’s announcement, we are also putting out the call for writers’ submissions for this show in the Series, which is set to open June 10th and run through the end of July.

Writer Guidelines For Studio C Artists One Act Series – “In The Garage”

Please register your intention to send us a submission ASAP at http://goo.gl/forms/AHOk1TXzbY so that we know how many submissions to expect and can plan accordingly.

Writers should submit one (1) completed One Act play (preferably in PDF format) no later than Friday, March 11th @ 5PM PST.

Please include a logline, a synopsis, and a casting/character breakdown with your submission.

No more than ten (10) plays will be chosen by the One Act Series selection committee.

Each play should be 12 minutes in length, maximum. Any play significantly over the allotted time will be required to be trimmed. Please don’t go by page count, as that can differ depending on writing utility (read aloud for best guess at play length).

All works should be original – having never been produced in Los Angeles before.

2 characters minimum, 4 characters maximum - with a preference of 2 characters if possible. Any play with more than 4 characters will likely not be considered.

We have access to a lot of actors in their 20’s and early 30’s. Please focus on this age range with the roles.

Each one-act play will take place in the same setting, “a garage”. That can be any garage – in a house, apartment, office, auto body shop, etc. Please make this integral to your story – not just secondary (i.e., stories that are just set in a basement, but could take place anywhere, are less likely to be chosen).

Because this is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and we need a space that is generic to all using it, so please assume the set will be fairly simple, and consist of a minimal basic garage set. The set dressing will be mostly along the walls, etc. – and will not include much in the way of furnishings. There will be places to sit provided (boxes, cubes, etc.), but do not expect anything more than that to work with.

There is one door available to the set, leading to the backstage area, for cast entrances.

Keep sound and lighting cues to a minimum – if not, we will cut them.

Keep props to a minimum. They must be carried on and off by the actors as they make their entrances/exits.

There will be no real food/drink allowed during the play – if the piece requires eating or drinking it must be pantomimed – so please consider this.

Writers must be available for possible rewrites once the pieces are chosen, prior to rehearsals in May.

Writers are welcome to visit the casting sessions for their piece if chosen (Directors have final say in Cast selections).

Writers are welcome to sit in on any/all rehearsals once they are scheduled (any notes/comments should be given only to the Director – and never directly to the Actors).

Please address all questions, comments, or concerns to the Writers’ Liaison (via contact information below).

Writers’ Liaison: Dean Donofrio
(310) 922-0581 dean726@gmail.com

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