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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Call for One-Act Comedies

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Starlite Players produces four or five short comedies for one weekend each month in Sarasota’s Starlite Room. If you’d like to send your comedy for consideration, please take a few minutes to browse our website (starliteplayers.com), visit our Facebook page (Starlite Players) and learn about us. Then make sure your script follows our guidelines below, developed after reviewing many scripts.
We’re very picky, and consequently we’re always on the lookout for outstanding scripts. Although the current submission deadline has passed, we will continue to accept scripts for further consideration.

The guidelines tell you what we want. It you think you’ve got it, send it on! Email your play to info@starliteplayers.com with the words “Script Submission” in the subject line. We always look forward to discovering exciting new work and will get back to you if we want to produce your play.

To be considered for the coming productions, get your script to us for evaluation by December 15.

  • Preference given to Tampa Bay playwrights but we will consider work from others.
  • We seek comedies, preferably contemporary.
  • Plays should be short but not too short: 10 pages minimum, up to 25 pages maximum.
  • Unpublished, original work only. If your script requires song lyrics, music, poetry or any other creative input by someone other than yourself, please do not send it unless you include a royalty-free grant of rights from the author or his/her representative. Likewise, if your work was adapted from, written in tribute to, inspired by or otherwise drawing on work written after 1922 by someone else, be aware that it may be covered by copyright. We will not be likely to consider such a play without a written release.
  • Previous productions are permitted and even welcomed.
  • Cast limit is 4 actors.
  • Production requirements must be simple.
  • We present our plays in a bar so it’s OK if they’re slightly risqué.
  • If you have sent us a script before then we’ve read it. We don’t have time or staff to read it again.
  • Limit is 1 script per author so send us your best.
  • PLEASE do use standard script format--and we really mean it! One-inch margins, 12-point type, single-spaced stage directions and dialogue, character name centered above dialogue. Number the pages and start the dialogue on page 1.
  • Please do not include cartoons, drawings, non-standard type fonts or promotional material. We want to evaluate your work on its merits. Extraneous material is distracting.
  • We cannot accept hard copies. Instead, please email two PDF files, each with the name of the play.
  • The first PDF must not contain your name anywhere but it must include the script title, cast of characters..
  • The second PDF should be a title page with your contact information (name, address, phone, email) along with the play’s title and its development history.
  • Please don’t send screenplays, musicals or children's plays.
  • Scripts not meeting guidelines will not be reviewed.
  • Please be aware that this is not a developmental program. We want plays that are ready to be staged.
Starlite Players doesn’t charge a submission fee. We do offer a full production and a small royalty. What we ask in return is your consideration in preparing your submission—and of course your talent in creating a wonderful script! We look forward to reading it.

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