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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter/Spring Play Development Series

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Manhattan Repertory Theatre is seeking new, never produced before plays  (40 minutes - 120 minutes) for our WINTER/SPRING (February - April) season as part of our new PLAY DEVELOPMENT SERIES

Bring your never produced before play to life at Manhattan Rep for a minimum of two performances!

Our Play Development Series includes:
2 performances at Manhattan Rep this Winter/Spring (more if you play is selling well.)
Over 12 hours of rehearsal time on the Manhattan Rep stage
3 hours tech, 3 hours Dress rehearsal, and 6 hours of straight rehearsal time in the theatre
Weekly development discussions if you wish with Artistic Director Ken Wolf, with help with casting, direction, the best way to set up a production from the start, how to make important cuts to your play, how to better structure your play, team building and more.

If you have written a play and you feel you want some support developing it and bringing it to production, as opposed to being flung onto the stage like at so many NYC festivals, our play development series is for you!

There is no cost for our Play Development Series, but there is a $300 refundable security deposit which secures the space from damage, and secures an average of 13 audience members per performance for a total of 26 over two performances.

Our Play Development Series at Manhattan Rep is by invitation only.

To submit for our Play Development Series please email:

A brief introduction with detailed information about yourself and your work, the complete first rehearsal draft of your play a synopsis of the play, the running time of the play, the set and lighting requirements, the playʼs history, (readings, when it was written, etc etc.) your mailing address, and a creative team leader contact email address to: manhattanrep@yahoo.com
as soon as possible (for we are accepting candidates now.)

Please put "PLAY DEVELOPMENT SERIES" in the subject heading.

You will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.

The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted into the series. If we fill up all production development positions early on, we will end submissions. Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance.

There is no submission fee.


For more information on all of our new development programs, log on to

If you have any questions about anything in reference to our new play development series, feel free to write us at: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

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