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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Pulp Stage submission guidelines

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Do you have an action, fantasy or suspense script that needs nothing-- no costumes, sets or blocking-- to make sense? Do you have a script where a read-aloud of just the dialogue could transform any playing space into a chamber of Story Delight? Show us what you've got!

The Pocket Pulp project is a "shortcut cooking" method for producing quality theatre. Chosen submissions are loaded onto ipads, rehearsed  with fine actors for a couple of hours, then taken to bars & living rooms. No stage directions are read out loud. The actors "enter" by standing and "exit" by sitting. It's a pure Reading; something akin to campfire storytelling-- through theatrical dialogue.

Chosen authors receive $5.00 for each performance of works under 20 minutes and $10.00 for each performance of works 20 minutes or more. Pieces are frequently used for more than one performance. Pocket Pulp also gives authors an excellent marketing angle for their pieces: A play that needs little to no budget to mount and has been proven (through our performances) able to carry an evening.


  • The piece could be described as an action, fantasy or suspense piece.     
  • Though not necessarily limited to 4 characters, the piece requires no more than 4 actors.
  • Contains little to no physical actions OR it has tastefully-placed interludes of narration to cover those actions.     
  • The changes in setting and circumstance are very easy to track just through the dialogue. 
  • Establishes high stakes from the get-go or an atmosphere of danger/outrageousness from the get-go.
  • While it doesn't have to be a comedy, humor does tend to be a good check-in with the audience's focus.
  • Extra points for scripts with more roles for women!

If you don't have anything that fits the above, feel free to refer friends to us and send suggestions of existing published works.

You can send word docs or pdfs to artistic director Matt Haynes at  pulpstagematt@gmail.com

If you do not receive a response within 30 days of your submission, please contact Matt and you will have an update within the week.

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