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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

America-in-Play invites applications from theatre and related artists for fellowships to join us in a three-year workshop process

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Led in dramaturgical and writing workshops by dramaturg/director Lynn M. Thomson and playwright/director Dominic Taylor , participants will create original plays and projects catalyzed by research and analysis of theatre, drama, and popular entertainment between the American Revolution and World War I.

Founded in 2005, AIP has commissioned sixteen one-act  and nine full-length plays, presented in readings across an array of New York venues. We have collaborated with over sixty playwrights, composers, lyricists, musicians, and media artists. This year, AIP is producing two of our devised plays. For more information about who we are, past artist participants and projects, please visit our website at americainplay.org.

We seek playwrights, composers, dramaturgs, media artists, designers and choreographers to form a cohort of sixteen artists. In workshops during the first year, artists [individually and in collaboration] will create short pieces. In the second and third year, continuing investigation of America’s theatrical legacy will culminate in original, collaboratively developed full-length texts and performances, which will have public showings in developmental presentations. After completion, artists may join other initiatives, including full productions of devised plays or our new initiative, The Recovery Project.

Workshops meet monthly, Saturdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are invited to join, you will be asked to confirm availability for specific dates between 10/13 and 4/14. Attendance at all workshops is required.

To Apply: You can apply by mail or on-line. See instructions at the bottom of the application form. DEADLINE IS  JULY 1, 2013 


If you have any questions, please e-mail: ATTENTION: Andy Buck at am.in.play@gmail.com

America-in-play is a sponsored artist of The Field.

Application for America-in-Play available online.


STATEMENT: Please tell us, in a page of no more than 300 words, what about this project interests you. Since America-in-Play requires true collaboration, please include your experience working with other artists, as well as convictions about creative process especially important to you and your habits regarding the use of research in developing work.

WORK EXCERPT:  For playwrights, up to 10 pages from a play you feel reflects your current writing.  For dramaturgs, a program note or research, demonstrating critical thinking. For other artists, CD or DVD of work sample no longer than 8 minutes.

RESUME: Up to three pages; include education and training.


You may attach letters or they can be mailed or  e-mailed to us directly.

To apply by mail, send this application form and supporting materials to Lynn M. Thomson,  Dept. of Theatre, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY.11210

To apply on-line, send this form and supporting materials as attachments to am.in.play@gmail.com. Identify yourself in the file name and state “membership application” in the subject heading. Recommendations can be submitted separately. “Recommendation” and your name should appear as the subject.

If you have questions about the application, write:
ATTN:  Joan Saltzman at: am.in.play@gmail.com

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