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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bottle Alley Theatre Co Seeking Scripts & Directors by May 31, 2013, for Second Season

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Bottle Alley Theatre Company is seeking new and original scripts for production as well as directors interested in directing experimental projects.

We are currently in the midst of Make-Believe, our fourth production as well as our final show in what we are calling our "first season" of shows. We would like to start planning for the future and to read new words and meet new, talented people who can come in and bring a fresh perspective.
A little bit about us, and the kind of theatre that we do: We produce experiments. New work. Unapologetic, smashmouth theatre that makes the audience THINK and FEEL. Theatre that is not afraid. If you can dream it, we might be able to produce it. Puppet shows. Theatre in warehouses. Movement pieces. Poetry. Theatre that will move us and the audience to discuss the work, long after the performance is over. Drab theatre, works by playwrights that have been dead for years, curtains and blackouts are not our style.
Still interested? Hope so!

Scripts: Pretty simple: Send your scripts! It might take a while to get back to you, but know that your words are being read and kicked around by our talented group of minds. We might or might not suggest edits and you might or might not be interested in making them. Either way, we'd love to read these words.
Unfinished scripts/proposals are kind of a risky business. We LOVE hearing new ideas, but would greatly prefer finished product. But if you feel so passionate about an idea that you just have to share it, then please do!
So, yeah. Send your script along with a brief bio about it (where'd the inspiration come from, how long have you been working on it, etc) as well as any production history that it has (if any) as well as a little bit about yourself. Just simple stuff. Are you a student, a graduate, you work at a record store, stuff like that.

Directors: Pretty simple as well: send your resume! If we are interested, we'll set up a interview so we can get to know you a little better. Now, maybe you come with your own scripts and ideas. That's fantastic! Include it in a brief cover letter. Like so: "Hello Bottle Alley. My name is Chris Fontanes, a director here in Austin. I have an idea to direct a play about bugs."

Maybe you are a director in search of a project or the right script for you. That's great too! Send us your resume! If we're interested, we'll set up an interview, and try and find the right script/project for you.
Contact: Email Artistic Director Chris Fontanes at his personal email address cmfontanes@gmail.com. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE
Deadline: The deadline for ALL submissions is the end of May - the 31st, to be exact.  

Hope to hear from you soon!

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