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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Good Ear Review is dedicated to publishing monologues

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The Good Ear Review is dedicated to publishing monologues that share a moment in time with the reader (and, eventually, the audience).  A sense of character, place, and circumstance should be evident in a successful monologue.  We accept comedy, drama, and all the complexities in between.  We are committed to posting original and quality writing from both established writers and emerging playwrights from across the globe.

Before submitting your work, we strongly encourage you to read the monologues on this website so that you may get a sense of the monologue layout and the work that we publish.

Read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that your monologue is read by our editors and reaches us safely:
  • Email all monologues—individually if making more than one submission—to submit@thegoodearreview.com.  Include the words “Monologue Submission” in the email’s subject line.
  • The limit of submissions is no more than 3 monologues.
  • Most important:  no attachments—monologues must be in the body of your email, otherwise the email will not be opened.
  • Please do not format your monologue in an unusual way, e.g., no coloured or unconventional fonts.  Keep the formatting simple but do include paragraphs, parenthesis for stage directions, etc.
  • Monologue needs to include:  Setting (a particular room?  particular city or country?  bare stage?), Time (year?  morning?  evening?  transcending all space and time?),  Character (name, sex, age, ethnicity or nationality, any other pertinent attributes), and any necessary Set Up.
  • If the monologue requires a set up in order to be understood, particularly if the monologue is an excerpt from a larger work, the set up must not exceed 2-3 lines.  Brevity is the soul of description.  We want the reader to jump into the monologue without being hampered with excessive exposition.
  • Please title your monologue otherwise our editors will assign one.  If the piece is an excerpt from a play, include the name of the play.  Also include the year the monologue or excerpt was written.
  • The word limit on monologues is ideally no less than 600 words, no more than 1000.  A little over 1000 words may be considered, depending on the flow and content.
  • We do not accept revisions of an already submitted monologue unless you are specifically asked to revise by a GER editor.
  • Include a writer’s biography with your submission, at the bottom of your email.  The word limit for writer’s bios is 60 words.
  • If we decide to publish your monologue on The Good Ear Review website, you will be notified via email.  The time in which we will contact you should span anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on the submission flow and the availability of our editors.
  • Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide the service of individual feedback for monologues.
  • The ugliness of money:  we wish we could pay writers, but we are unable to at this time.  For now, your reward is guts and glory, a far-reaching readership, and a deep, deep sense of pride.
Any questions apart from monologue submissions may be sent to info@thegoodearreview.com.

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