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Friday, September 21, 2012

Kudos, Red-Handed Otter

Congratulations to the Playwrights Realm for the good review in the NYTimes for their production of RED-HANDED OTTER. You can jump right to the show web site by clicking the RED-HANDED OTTER ad on the right-hand side of this page.

Charles Isherwood writes in his review:

If your favorite time killers include overindulging in cute kitty videos on the Web — you know who you are, and you are legion — you will surely lend a sympathetic ear to the befuddled and bereaved hero of “Red-Handed Otter,” a modest but nicely observed comedy by Ethan Lipton that opened on Thursday night at the Cherry Lane Theater, in a production from the Playwrights Realm. 
Paul (Matthew Maher, of Annie Baker’s “Uncle Vanya”), who works as a security guard, has just lost his beloved cat, Jennifer, who was a youthful 17. Sitting zombie-eyed before a bank of monitors as the hours crawl by, poor Paul cannot help brooding on the world’s cruelty, responding to all attempts at cheering him up with bitter gusts of self-pity. 
“I mean, I’ve had other cats,” he says with exacting clarity. “As a kid we had cats, they were great cats, but compared to Jennifer? If you just look at it objectively? We’re talking about one of the best cats in history!”

More at the NYTimes

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