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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Play of the Month APPLE PIE by Callan Stout

Performed by Larissa Adamczyk

One of the three monologues selected for the June Play of the Month.

Callan Stout on the monologue:
I was writing a series of monologues about baking and knew I had to include APPLE PIE. With each monologue I tried to connect some of the ingredients to an emotional moment in the character's life. In the house I grew up in my parents had five or six apple trees so every summer we'd have tons of apples in the yard. We'd to get rid of them in any way possible, which including foisting them off on friends, making apple pie and mostly apple sauce. So I spent a lot of hours sitting at the kitchen table peeling apples and I knew I had to get that memory into the monologue.
Next monologue for July: PARK THE CAR IN HARVARD YARD by Bara Swain.

More about the Play of the Month project here.

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