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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Self-production opportunities in Sacramento

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NOTE: this opportunity is open to all playwrights, but playwrights will be responsible for organizing the public reading, which is in Sacramento, California.

Attention playwrights! ! ! !

It is submission time for The Thistle Dew Theatre's New Summer Reading Series!

Readings are sponsored by the Thistle Dew Theatre of Sacramento and presented on the last Sunday of every month.

It is time to submit your play for a self-produced public reading.  

The next available dates are May 27, June 24, July 29, August 25 and September 29.

The Production Particulars:
  1. There is no fee to the playwright.
  2. There will be a $5.00 general admission (No complimentary tickets).  As always, desserts and coffee/tea will be served.
  3. Self-produced means that you, as the playwright, are responsible for casting your actors and for any rehearsals you deem necessary.   Preparation is key to a good reading.  A short critique will follow each reading.
  4. Props are not allowed.
  5. The theatre is NOT open for rehearsals before your reading.
  6. I may book one full-length or two back-to-back full-lengths or one-acts, or a number of monologues from a number of playwrights depending on the submissions I receive.  Each reading will last between 2 and four hours.
  7. One-act plays must be between 10 minutes and 55 minutes; full-lengths between 70 minutes and 120 minutes.  Please indicate the running time when applying.
  8. Your readers will remain seated (no stage blocking) so that the audience can concentrate on your play's structure and your words.
  9. Audiences are formed by reservation only! 
(Email: thistledewplaywrights@yahoo.com or telephone 444-8209)  Invite your friends and colleagues!  I can not guarantee an audience but, I will do my best.  It is up to you to attract an audience.

Audiences are formed by reservation only!

Application and Submission Particulars:
Reading dates are assigned according to earliest date and time of  submission.  To apply, email your play, your résumé and the running time to Tom at thistledewplaywrights@yahoo.com before midnight on May 6.  Please indicate your choice of dates.

Thanks and keep writing!
Thomas M. Kelly
Artistic Director,
Thistle Dew Theatre

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