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Saturday, May 12, 2012

CREATOrS, Inc. announces Accepting Inquiries for Script Commission

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Deadline June 30, 2012

CREATOrS, Inc. is accepting inquiries for a playwriting commission.  The project will be collaborative with a composer to create script and lyrics for a full-length musical drama based on the true African story of Malawi, and a courageous leader who helped to organize the rejection of that country’s brutal dictator in the early 1990s.  The final project will include scoring for symphony orchestra, singers, dancers, and multimedia. Project details, story profile, a brief documentary and composer background are available at www.creatorsinc.org.

African-born writers are strongly encouraged to apply.

The successful applicant would:
  • receive a commission for the project
  • collaborate with the composer
  • travel to Malawi, Africa with the composer and stage director to conduct research
  • target for completion is 2013

CREATOrS, Inc. (creatorsinc.org) is a non-profit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, whose mission is to facilitate the creation of new works based on contemporary stories and issues.

Writers interested in being considered for this project should send their inquiries to creatorsinc@me.com.  Please include reference materials and writing samples.

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