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Monday, January 30, 2012

Horizon Theatre Company - NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL submissions policy

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WE DO ACCEPT unsolicited resumes, treatments, samples, and summaries (r/t/s/s)

WE ASK ALL PLAYWRIGHTS whose work is unsolicited and not related to the mission of the New South Festival to send us an r/t/s/s first so that we may then request a full script, should we so choose

IF A PLAY ADHERES TO THE MISSION OF THE NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL we will accept a full-length submission, but strongly encourage an initial submission of an r/t/s/s

OUR GENERAL RESPONSE TIME to submissions is 12 months, though this period may extend depending on the size of our submission pool

IF A PLAYWRIGHT WANTS A SCRIPT RETURNED they must include a full-sized SASE

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the inclusion of a SAS response postcard or envelope with all t/s/s submissions

WE DO NOT ACCEPT unsolicited, full-length scripts not directly related to the New South Festival mission

WE DO NOT ACCEPT scripts or t/s/s submissions via e-mail. They must be sent through the post office.

HORIZON'S MISSION: Horizon Theatre Company strives to be a leader in the production and development of contemporary theatre in the Southeast. We present professional are premieres of new and recent plays and develop new artists and audiences for contemporary theatre through education and outreach programs.

New South Play Festival Script Submission Policy

NEW SOUTH FESTIVAL MISSION: The New South for the New Century Festival is dedicated to producing and developing work that gives voice to issues facing the contemporary South.

The festival's mission is to produce and/or workshop new material that addresses issues facing the contemporary South.

The submission guidelines are as follows:

If you have one full-length play you would like to submit for consideration, please send it to us at our mailing address.

If you have more than one full-length piece you would like considered, please send us samples of all the work you would like considered, as well as a SAS envelope or postcard so that we can let you know which, if any, plays we would like to see in their entirety.

Also, it is VERY important that you mark all materials being submitted for the festival as "NEW SOUTH SUBMISSION". Write this phrase in an obvious way on the front of the envelope, somewhere on the cover letter, and somewhere on the title page of the script or sample. (It's important to note that we do not accept submissions via e-mail) We will reply to you as soon as possible regarding your submission.

Expect at least a 6-month response period.

Our mailing address is:
Horizon Theatre Company
PO Box 5376
Atlanta, GA 31107

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