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Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011 Play of the Month: HENRY V AND JESUS WERE BLACK (SHAKESPEARE WAS A FREAKIN' PUERTO RICAN) by Christopher Wilson

VIEWER ADVISORY: this video clip contains obscene language. Viewers are advised to use discretion.
NOTE: The clip below is part one of two parts. To see part two, go to the NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month page.

The December 2011 Play of the Month is HENRY V AND JESUS WERE BLACK (SHAKESPEARE WAS A FREAKIN' PUERTO RICAN) by Christopher Wilson. Performed by David Lamberton, Lorenzo Scott and Bruce Barton. Thanks to everybody for your great work and sharing your talent.

Christopher's comments about the play:
Much of my work is inspired by the offbeat (I am playing nice) people I grew up with and my actual experiences on the NYC streets primarily between 1992 and 2002. No doubt, a cold NYC street corner during the holiday season is the perfect setting for a display of holiday hypocrisy, which made my job easier. I write through stream of consciousness and go back to fine tune, but try to keep all of my original intent, that initial spark. Luckily, this play took as much time to write as it did to type, with very little re-writing, mostly the cutting of long grandiose speeches. The ending is very much O. Henry. I am sure it is due to the fact that his New York is my New York and I am always re-reading his stories!

More about Christopher and the cast as well as both parts 1 and 2 of the video recording, can be found here.

The next Play of the Month will be in January 2012. Deadline is January 8. More information here.

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