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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ticking Clock Productions, LLC. is bracing for its first winter, a season typically marked by festivities, warm drinks, and unremitting horrors laid bare by the sun’s diurnal retreat. Keeping such images in mind, we’ve decided to celebrate in an appropriate fashion.

On December 17th, TCP will broadcast (on the internet on our website) a live performance of your original works at the honorable Sam Brocato Salon. A live “radio” show, if you will, complete with professional actors, a foley table, and concise musical spectaculars!

Sounds good, huh? But there’s something missing. You. It was always you. I invite YOU to write and submit pieces for this evening of wonders.

Interested? Beside yourself with glee? This is what I need from you -->


Submission deadline: Noon (that’s right), Saturday, December 10th.

Submissions must include:
- a winter holiday (any holiday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s).
- at least one element of horror, or must satirize the horror genre.

Submissions may include:
- any number of characters
- any location you can dream up

ACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Poetry, short prose, creative non-fiction, play, radio play, screenplay, songs, anything else that may be spoken or sung.

UNACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Paintings. Mime. Interpretive dance. Cold stares.

In terms of content…

THIS IS OKAY: A bloodcurdling tale of a dreidel NOT made out of clay.

DON’T WRITE THIS: A heartwarming family drama in which a mother and daughter find each other (and a few other baubles) on an Easter Egg Hunt.

Minimum length: 3 minutes
Maximum length: 15 minutes

You may submit more than one piece, however, no one person may submit more than 15 minutes worth of material.

Feel free to contact me with any burning questions!

Please send submissions to: Tickcp@gmail.com marked "A Horrible Holiday"


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