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Saturday, December 10, 2011

High Tide Script submission guidelines

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The majority of writers and plays that HighTide produce are identified through unsolicited script submissions. We read every play that is sent to us.

Submission Guidelines

- We accept full length plays, written in English.

- We do not accept screenplays, treatments or radio plays.

- We welcome International writers to submit as long as the play is in English.

- You should avoid lengthy description or synopsis, including suggestions on casting or staging. We believe that a play should speak for itself.

- We only consider one script from any writer at a time. Should you have more than one play, please only submit the play you wish most to be professionally produced.

- We ask that all literary submissions are accompanied with a covering email / letter telling us more about you and any past experience of writing.

- We prefer scripts to be submitted by email, sent to scripts@hightide.org.uk. All email submissions will receive a response to confirm that the script has been safely received by HighTide.

Scripts can be submitted at any time in the year. Please note that you will only be contacted by HighTide should we want to develop your script further. Unfortunately we are unable to offer dramaturgical feedback on scripts that we are not considering for production.

Please send all printed submissions to: Rob Drummer, Literary Manager, HighTide Festival Theatre, 24a St John Street, London EC1M 4AY. Please note that scripts will not be returned.

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