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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Studio 42 seeks "unproducible" plays

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Studio 42 is always continuing its search for “unproducible” plays to build an even more unproducible repertoire.

The concept may seem paradoxical, especially when considering what exactly makes a script un-feasible. Put simply, we consider an unproducible play to be one in which the cast size, subject matter, potential depravity, complexity of staging, or scale of spectacle take the play out of consideration for most other companies or producers in their right minds. They should be extreme, outrageous, epic, imaginative, and surpass the boundaries of convention. Our belief is that the right combination of these qualities – especially when coupled with satire, allegory, or fantasy – make up what’s most transporting, stimulating, and surprising about theatre.

We offer a variety of opportunities for playwrights, including AEA Showcase Code productions; workshop productions; Stay-Treat), an individually tailored development workshop; and Studio Sessions, our annual reading series.

For more on our most recent unproducible projects, visit our production history.

Evaluation criteria:

Ideally 90 minutes, no intermission
Large cast preferred
No limitation on scale of spectacle
Dark humor, absurdity, and/or references to larger social issues encouraged
Musical or dance sequences are also ok

Deadline: Rolling

To submit plays, please include the full script (in PDF or DOC format) along with a one paragraph plot summary, and send via email (preferably with a file size below 1MB) to: info@Stu42.com.

Please email info@Stu42.com with any questions.

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