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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sportaculture 4

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Each play must contain the name of at least one DC area sports team.

Each play must somehow be about local sports.

Entries due: January 16, 2012

FIRST PRIZE: $150 and a showcase production during Sportaculture 4.

For further information contact active cultures at submissions@activecultures.org


1.The title of each play must contain the name of at least one DC area sports team (past or present, professional or amateur), for example, CATCH: How the Nationals Beat the Odds, Won the Series, and All was Made Right in the World” or “Year of the Terrapin” or “Hoya Saxa” Each play must be about sports in the Maryland/Washington, DC/ Virginia area.

Submissions must be original, unproduced ten-minute length plays. (Plays may have received previous workshop readings.)

2. Legal clearance of ALL materials not in the public domain are the full responsibility of the playwright.

3. Please include a letter giving Active Cultures Theatre permission to stage your piece as part of Sportaculture 2011.

4. Minimum Length: 5 pages. Maximum Length: 10 pages. Running time MUST NOT exceed 10 minutes in length and, must be AT LEAST 5 minutes – so if your piece includes extra dense sections (monologues, songs), please keep that in mind when submitting your play.

5. Any style (children’s, musicals, drama, comedy, etc.) is eligible but, honestly, comedies will have an advantage.

6. We prefer e-submissions, formatted as pdfs, to reduce paper usage. Submit scripts electronically to submissions@activecultures.org OR send five hard copies to:

Active Cultures Theatre, 4411 Underwood Street, University Park, Maryland 20782.

7. Because all submissions are judged blind, please include all pertinent contact information on the on the cover sheet. There should be no identifying information within the script itself except the title.

8. Playwrights may submit up to two plays, though only one play by any author will be chosen for production.

Scripts will not be returned. Active Cultures Theatre does not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage of scripts. All reasonable care will be taken.

Deadline for submission: January 16, 2012.
Competition winner will be announced on February 18th, 2012.

For further information please contact LaRonika Thomas, Active Cultures’ Festival Director, at submissions@activecultures.org

For more information about active cultures, please visit us at www.activecultures.org.

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