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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 9/11 Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

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The 9/11 Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

Can you write a 10 minute play about 9/11 before Sat. 30th July 2011?
Think of 9/11 as a metaphor for Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, USA, Pakistan, England, Syria, Israel, Kuwait, War, Peace, Muslims, Jews, Christians,Heathens, Chaldren, Sunni, Shiite, Oil, Koran, Bible, Torah, Bubba, God, Hillary, Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, George W.,Osama, Obama, Sistanni, Saddam, 41, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Powell, Chaney, Chalaba, Sadr, Blair, Rumsfeld, Pervez, Satire, Comedy,Drama, Prophet, Iran, Baghdad, Hezbollah, Ashura, CIA, Palestine, WMD, Scuds, Islam, Tribes, Taliban, McCain, ISI, Mullah, Al-Qaeda,Beirut, Crusaders, No-Fly Blacklist, Hamas, Sheiks, Clans, Occupation, Patriot Act, IED's, Congress, FBI, Northern Alliance, Mullah,Pentagon, Terrorists, Yeman, Bhutto, Guantanamo, Desert Storm, Jihad, Parable, Democracy, Imam, Persian Gulf War, NSA,Madras, Rendering, Rabbi, SaudiaArabia, Peshmerga, Sovereign Nation, Egit, Hijab, Together Forward, SERE, Surge, Arab, Kut, Gonzales,Law, Supreme's, Caliphate, Taiz,Love,Mecca, 5 Pillars, Mujaheddin, Coalition,Saladin,Condi, Barney, etc., etc.

Can you write about soldiers and civilians dying? Non- partisan.

1st prize - $100
2nd prize - $25
3rd prize - $25
4th - 10th prizes - $10

There will be 25 semi-finalists , then 10 finalists.

The 10 finalists chosen by independent judges will have a staged reading in Los Angeles on 9/11, 2011.

On 9/11 , independent judges will decide the #1 winner.

Semi-finalists and finalists will be notified.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Play must be Unpublished , unproduced and not have won any other contests.
2. No longer than 10 minutes
3. One page biography .
4. Include Two copies of each script.
5. No e-mail scripts accepted.
6. Include brief character descriptions.
7. A voluntary donation of 2 first class stamps from your country.
8. Contest open to Earth Citizens, including New Yorkers, Canadians and Mathematicians.
9. Deadline: Sat. 30th July 2011.

Please mail to: American Science Theatre
Short Plays
P. O. Box 291 460
Los Angeles CA 90029 USA.
( Please, no registered scripts).

If you have any questions please email John O'Donnell :
john at americansciencetheatre dot com

Each writer will be contacted before we perform your script.

We are also seeking Sponsors/Donations for productions.
Interested? Any suggestions? Please contact :
john at americansciencetheatre dot com

A 10 minute play has about 1300 words and is no more than 8 pages,
unless you use words like:Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism,
Floccinaucinihilipilification , Honorificabilitudinitatibus,
Sesquipedalian,or Triskaidekaphobia .

....Has it really been Ten Years?

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