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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teatro Bravo

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Teatro Bravo seeks new plays to feature in a festival of readings in Spring 2012

(May-June 2012, exact dates to be announced.)

The company may seek to develop these plays into full production during its 2012-13 season.

Plays on a variety of topics related to U.S. Latino life may be submitted with the following guidelines:

1. Casts under ten or less. Or, if multiple roles are included, doubling that allows the use of ten actors or less.
2. Simple sets or creatively imagined use of spaces beyond the literal
3. A focus on issues of either "cultural heritage and myth" or “contemporary life” in the Southwest, broadly defined
4. A special emphasis on women playwrights, though we'll consider plays written by all
5. The playwrights need not be Latina/o as long as the issues of Latina/o "cultural heritage" and “contemporary life” are well defined.
6. Major roles for Latino or Latina actors, though plays with mixed casts are also welcome
7. We will consider plays in English or Spanish, or Spanglish.
8. We will consider plays that have been produced a couple of times, but not published, and which still count as "relatively new."
9. We may seek to include such plays in a future anthology, and therefore the playwright must possess the rights to grant that authority.
10. Only hard copies will be accepted at this time. Please include SASE if you wish script returned, or include note allowing us to recycle.

If chosen, plays will be assigned a director who'll pick a cast.
A small stipend ($100) will be paid to the playwright for the reading. The theater cannot afford to fly in or host playwright for readings. If chosen for production, a standard royalty contract will be provided.

Please send to:

Teatro Bravo
4211 E. Palm Lane #204
Phoenix AZ 85008

Deadline: October 1, 2011

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