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Monday, April 25, 2011

On Broadway Thespians script submission guidelines

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The On Broadway Thespians takes great pride in not only staging time-tested productions ranging from the classics (like Shakespeare, Moliere, Ibsen, Chekov, etc.) to the contemporary (Neil Simon, Frank Gilroy, Dan Goggin, Richard O'Brien, etc.), but also in the fact we heartily welcome new original material from new emerging Playwrights. Adaptations are likewise considered, but must meet necessary criteria to distinguish it from other sources which might compromise the theater's right to use such material.

In addition, OBT also encourages new Directors to come forward with proposals to direct or stage a play for us. Traditionally, On Broadway Thespians has required that selected directors have experience directing a stage production beforehand. However, first time directors may be considered with a named mentor and/or producer approved by OBT. This is not intended to discourage first time directors, only to assist them in such an enormous undertaking. The names of known producers or assistant directors should be submitted at this time as well. If you require one but have not acquired such a mentor yet, we may be able to assist you.

Those wishing to direct a play for OBT, will be assigned a date in which they will need to appear before the On Broadway Thespians board to present their play proposal. Items of interest needing to be covered in their proposals are listed below. Please read carefully and be as thorough as possible.

A special Play Reading Committee will sort through all submissions, and then present the more promising scripts to the OBT Board for final read through for the final selection process. The Board will evaluate each play, based on their merits, and then choose a final play schedule for the coming calendar year (January through December). Upon that time (December 1st), everyone will be notified, from Playwrights whose material has been chosen, to those who weren't.

To have a play or script considered for production on our stage, please email the following to us at obthespian@yahoo.com

A brief overview of the play's plot, sets and special needs
Will you be Directing this play? Or are you open to having your play directed by someone else?
For first time Directors, who will be mentoring or co-directing with you? Or do you require help in finding someone?
If Directing, an estimated budget (including royalties, sets, props, etc.)
For Playwright submissions, an estimate of Royalties, or your terms of compensation?
Selected scene(s) for reading that best depict(s) the story and action of the play (15 minute max)
A list of (and brief description of) the primary lead and supporting characters, their genders and ages (if a musical, their vocal parts). The total number of cast members will also be helpful.
Will this play be precast? If so, how many characters? Do you have the cast in place already?
An estimate of how many stage and tech crew members you will require.
Any notable facts about the play that might be of concern to the theater, the players or the community at large (e.g. nudity, adult language and or physical contact, or controversial material). This is not to say that any of these items would automatically preclude the play from being produced at OBT, only that all of these factors will need to be disclosed and considered by the selection committee and board of directors before a decision is made.
Performance dates preferances? Are there any date ranges that you are absolutely not available?

Playwrights, please note, material submitted WILL NOT be returned, so please do NOT send us your only copy. Simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as it does not interfere with OBT in the event the group decides to stage your play. Again, you will be notified by December 1st, if your script is chosen or not for staging in the following year.

Final notifications will be done either by email (please supply us with an email address in which you can be reached) or by snail mail (supply an mailing address recognized by the US Postal Service).

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OBT Hotline/Voicemail: (541) 269-2501
email: obthespian@yahoo.com

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