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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Five minute plays wanted

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Plays must run five minutes or less.

Electronic submissions only (.pdf, .doc, or .rtf).

Please help our record keeping by naming your electronic file in the format "Author Name (Play Title)"

For example: "William Shakespeare (3 Minute Hamlet).pdf"

Make sure full author contact info with email, snail mail address, and phone number appear on the title page of the script.

Feel free to submit plays with previous productions, but plays must be royalty-free.

If you’re submitting a 5 minute musical, we ask that you be sole owner of the music copyright and also be able to provide us with the music in a .mp3

Limit 3 submissions per playwright.

Playwrights from all over are welcome to submit -- you don’t have to reside in Philadelphia or even the USA.

Our website: www.secretroomtheatre.com

Email scripts to: alex@secretroomtheatre.com (alex [at] secretroomtheatre [dot] com)

Deadline: 5/1/2011

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