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Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Roses Players seeks short plays

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Three Roses Players is a professional theatre company dedicated to excellence, growth and entertainment. We are proud to offer a wonderful and even possibly an enlightening experience to our audiences.

We started an ongoing one act festival in March 2010 and it has been gaining momentum and a great reputation ever since. It is called
The Writer Speaks. Each festival consists of four one act plays, the audience scores the plays and at the end of the four show run the top two plays move into The Writer Speaks Winner's Circle.

The Writer Speaks Winner's Circle is another festival which features the two winning one acts plus the playwrights get to also send me a choice of two of their own choices and one of those plays is also produced along with their winning play for another four show run!

It is a wonderful way to see your work realized on a stage that takes pride in producing memorable, professional theatre. To date Three Roses has produced 40 one act plays and we are gong strong! We work hard and our hearts are with your plays 100%!

Up until now we have been producing ONLY local playwrights' works. We really love the collaboration and many of the playwrights come to every rehearsal, their involvement is always welcome.

Recently, we were given a terrific opportunity to travel with our shows in CA. I feel that opening it up to all playwrights, regardless of location, would be a great opportunity for other playwrights to showcase their work here in CA.

Submission breakdown:

One Act Plays
20 pages or less
3 or more characters
Light props, costumes. (we work with minimal sets it is about the writing and the acting and in LA that can go a long way!)
Open to diversity in casting
The subject is OPEN*

*I am however in search of some dynamic holiday comedies (dark would be great) in the flavor of Jodie Foster's Home for the Holidays the annual, obligatory family holiday trek home goes awry.

Subject is OPEN*

Give us a strong, character driven story to tell and we will treat it with the utmost care, respect and professionalism.

We feel that theatre is for entertainment, enlightenment or maybe even education. If we can help one audience member see something through another person's eyes or touch their heart, then we have done our jobs!

*Throughout the year we will be having themed festivals and we are looking for specific plays for those:


NEW year, NEW attitude!

Looking for realization, growth oriented or turning over a new leaf plays.


We are looking for one acts about love, relationships, lost & found love, unrequited love, sustained love, well you get the gist.

MAY 2011


Looking for plays with a positive message about a Mother's Love, love for your Mother, let's celebrate MOM!

JUNE 2011


Looking for plays with a positive message about a Father's Love, love for your Father, let's celebrate DAD!

JULY 2011


We do live in a great country filled with amazing people!

Let's hear something positive about AMERICA!


Goblins and Ghosts and Ghouls OH MY!

Send us your scariest and spookiest!



Positive messages, (or eye opening, educating, enlightening) how war effects families, our soldiers, cements life long friendships, impacting stories.


Home For the Holidays

That (sometimes) once a year visit home and

all that entails!

Please send plays in email format to:

3rosesp at gmail.com

Thank you! We look forward to reading your work.

Thank you for your support, your talent and your time!

Maggie Grant
Artistic Director
Three Roses Players
Where the ARTS come ALIVE!

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