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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Visual Muze storytelling residency and retreat.


Deadline: January 1, 2022


This program is located in the historic district of Nolan Park and housed at the exhibition space (NP/10) of the West Harlem Art Fund.

Visual Muze is a unique storytelling residency and retreat. It provides visual artists, performance artists, multi-media designers, and writers the opportunity to explore narrative forms within collaborative projects, works in progress, guest lectures, and crafts. Prompts will be provided. Participants can choose to work independently or in teams to create original works in print, film, public performance, or digitally for a culminating exhibition. Process, creative strategy, and inspiration will be emphasize

Visual Muze Artist Residency is directed by Curator Savona Bailey McClain.

2022 applications are now being accepted. Click 2022 Visual Muze Residency Application. Deadline is January 1, 2022.

“The opportunity to be an artist-in-residence on Governor’s Island was a great and nurturing experience for me this past summer during the Epidemic. The natural setting, on an island surrounded by water, standing barefoot amidst the great old trees in Nolan Park inspired me to create a dance/storytelling work drawing from ancient Jewish mysticism.” — Yehuda Hyman/Dancer Choreographer

“Governors Island is an oasis away from the city, an incredible sanctuary to dance and focus on the work without distractions or anxiety from the ongoing pandemic. Highly recommended for rejuvenation and inspiration!” — Katharine Pettit Creative — KPC
Visual Muze Artist Residency is a registered member of the Artist Communities Alliance.

Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) is an international association of artist residencies. ACA supports the people who power the field – administrators, artists, culture bearers, creatives, volunteers, neighbors and community – of artist residencies, organizations and programs that provide time, space and resources for artists to advance their creative practice. Artist residencies and artists are at the center of our work.

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