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Saturday, July 20, 2019

New Voices Call for Halloween Scripts

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The New Voices Series is looking for your original 20-40 minute Halloween scripts to fit a Halloween theme. Our call is open from July 7th to July 26th, 2019. It is free to submit and no pay is provided. We will select three shows to be performed on two nights in early October at The Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Va.

We will select three shows of between 20-40 minutes that have a Halloween theme. This can be interpreted any way you want--murder mysteries, dramas, comedies, historical or modern--it's all up to you. It can take place at Halloween or it can have a creepy/macabre/supernatural element, or any other way you want to write it!  If you have any questions about whether your script might fit, email newtheatervoices@gmail.com.

Little Theater of Alexandria has a small 3-story historic building next to the theater which will be our performance space. Each of the three shows will perform on its own floor, and the audience will move between floors to get to the next performance. Please note, tech is VERY minimal in the space (essentially we can turn the light on and off, and that's about it) so shows with a great deal of sound or other technical needs will need to be altered to reflect this.


  • Must be original work, although it can have been performed in other places.
  • Must have a run time of between 20-40 minutes, no intermission. Scripts with run times outside of this will not be considered. The ideal show will run approximately 30 minutes.
  • Strong language and mature themes are very welcome, but we do not consider shows with nudity.
  • No musicals/scripts with music/movement pieces will be accepted at this time--no exceptions. Anything else is fair game.
  • Characters may be of any age, but shows that require child actors do not generally score well due to the difficulty in casting.


  • Please do not submit a script previously submitted for New Voices.
  • We accept scripts from writers of any age. In the event that two scripts are of otherwise equal quality, we will give priority consideration to any writer under 40. You may choose not to identify if you are under or over 40, but will not be given the under-40 preference as a tie-breaker in that case.
  • Up to 3 scripts may be submitted per playwright.
  • 10 pages of the winning script will be posted online during the audition call in a google doc so that actors may familiarize themselves with the material. The author may select these pages or may ask New Voices to select for them.


  • Scripts must be submitted in blind PDF format by July 26, 2019. No late or incomplete entries will be considered.
  • All scripts will receive a notification if they are finalists or not shortly after the closing date. The top five scripts will move on to an in-person reading of the selection committee.
  • Three scripts will be selected. Winner(s) will be notified in late July/early August 2019.

The winning script(s) will be performed at the Little Theater of Alexandria in Alexandria, VA in early October, 2018. The winner agrees that no rights of any kind will be paid for this performance and that New Voices will bear the sole responsibility of selecting the director and any/all cast and crew. New Voices will also be responsible for paying all expenses for the mounting of this show. New Voices will not pay for the playwright to travel to DC, but will offer free tickets to the playwright if they choose to attend and/or guests they designate. The winner also agrees that no other theater in DC, MD or VA will be allowed to perform the play from the time of selection until October 31, 2019.

To submit a show, please go here: https://forms.gle/iAr17AaE4fA7SJzs8 

Any questions, please contact newtheatervoices@gmail.com.

New Voices is a project of NextGenLTA, which represents those under 40 who act, tech, direct and enjoy theater at the Little Theater of Alexandria. New Voices puts on performances of new work twice a year with directors under 40. Playwrights and characters in scripts may be of any age.

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