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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


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Gadfly Theatre Productions (Minneapolis MN) is currently accepting one-act script submissions for our annual queer & geeky one-act festival aptly named “The Final Frontier Festival”. This year’s theme is “In A World” and we’re looking for scripts where queer & marginalized people create entirely new worlds. The setting can be dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy or anything else you can dream up. Plays can take place after humanity has destroyed this world, at the dawn of time, or on an entirely different planet in an entirely alternate timeline.

All scripts are due June 4th, 2019 at noon.

Gadfly Theatre Productions is a queer, feminist theatre company devoted to breaking binaries, fighting racism, and making art as accessible as possible while still paying artists. The Final Frontier Festival is a passion project of our two non-binary artistic directors who wanted to highlight the conversations about social justice happening within geek spaces and put some creative output from those conversations on stage. This festival will close Gadfly’s 9th season and will be the festival’s 5th anniversary.

All pieces accepted into Final Frontier Festival: In A World should be between 25-45 minutes, be easy and cheap to produce for people who are creative, and feature no more than 7 actors. All shows that do not fit in that time frame or feature more than 7 actors will be automatically disqualified no matter how good they otherwise are.

We are most interested in queer playwrights especially those who are femme of center and/or non-binary, BIPOC, immigrants, and/or disabled. No plays that are not by or for queer people will be considered. 

Please e-mail your script submissions to gadflytheatre@gmail.com with the plays title and your name in the subject line and a brief synopsis in the body. ALL plays that fit the years’ theme and our queer mission will be considered regardless of experience. All scripts selected will play three times over the course of two weeks and receive performance rights paid per performance.

Super exciting news time! For the first time ever, Gadfly is ALSO accepting proposals for devised works, works-in-progress, and improvised pieces as part of their submission process for The Final Frontier Festival. Shows still must fit the time frame, theme, character, and mission constraints outlined above. To submit, send a .docx or PDF outlining the project you hope to create for this festival along with an e-mail featuring some biographical info about yourself and your devising or improv team’s history together (even if that’s “none”) to gadflytheatre@gmail.com. All selected projects from this category will receive a total show budget for the project leader to assign as they see fit including performer pay and their own stipends. Each show will be given three performances over two weeks. Due to budget constraints, devising or improv teams must be based in the Twin Cities or the surrounding suburbs (Minnesota).    

Gadfly Has An Open Submission Policy

Attention Playwrights:
You can submit scripts to Gadfly at any time for consideration in future seasons. Right now we are only interested in stories BY trans and non-binary people, queer POC, and queer female playwrights. We can not respond with a "no, sorry" to every play, and we do not provide feedback on scripts. We do read everything that fits the guidelines below. If we want to produce your work, we will reach out in plenty of time to get rights and other contract details squared away.

Plays must:​

  • Be both queer and feminist in nature and content
  • Be full lenth (60 minutes or longer) plays. No one-acts or ten minute plays will be considered for mainstage work
  • Feature less than EIGHT actors (big casts with double-casting is fine) and have as few set/dress/tech requirements as possible
  • Be submitted in .pdf format to gadflytheatre@gmail.com Please include the title of the play in the subject line and a brief synopsis of the play in the body of the email

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