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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Two Steps Forward Monologue Festival

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Forward Theater is now accepting submissions for our Two Steps Forward Monologue Festival. All writers are welcome to submit. The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2018. Monologues selected for the festival will be announced on or before April 1, 2019, and performances will take place in June of 2019.

Progress. Onward movement. Gradual betterment. A journey forward. The Wisconsin progressive ideal has been all of these things and more… and also less. The idea began simply enough: honest government that responds to the needs of the people. And like all good ideas, it grew. The Wisconsin progressive ideal has delivered workers’ compensation, limited the working hours for children, and created forest and water conservation acts. This progressive ideal ratified the 19th Amendment for women suffrage and elected the first openly gay US senator. But like all journeys, the path is rarely smooth or straight. The KKK marched through the streets of Madison in 1924, Senator McCarthy dismantled careers and destroyed lives in the 1950s, and Milwaukee and other cities struggled with segregated neighborhoods and schools well into the present day.

As artists we understand that the journey onward requires an honest look back and within. Help us shine a light on Wisconsin’s progressive successes and regressive failures so we as a community can take our next step—forward.

As you consider what to write, please be as creative as possible! Your monologue might be from the point of view of a crusader for change. Or from that of someone impacted by change (positively or negatively). It could be set in our past, present, or future. It could take the tone of comedy, tragedy, mystery, or farce. Our goal is to produce a wildly diverse evening of theater, so let your imaginations run free!

  • Monologues should be inspired by the theme: Two Steps Forward.
  • Monologues must be between two and ten minutes in length. A general rule of thumb for length of scripts is a maximum of six pages, double-spaced, using a standard format (twelve point font). All lengths of up to ten minutes will be considered.
  • Monologues must be written for a single actor to perform.
  • We do not accept musical submissions, adaptations, or children’s plays.
  • Monologues should require very simple production values: set-pieces, props, or any other effects needing set-up, strike, or special technical support may disadvantage an otherwise excellent submission.
  • Each playwright may submit up to two scripts with no fee. For each additional script, there is a $5 reading fee, payable by check to Forward Theater Company. Checks may be sent to Forward Theater Company, PO Box 14574, Madison, WI 53708.
  • We are soliciting new work for premiere productions. If the piece has previously received a fully-realized production, do NOT submit.
  • Each script must include a title page with name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Please do NOT list your name anywhere on or within the monologue itself.
  • Submit scripts via e-mail ONLY to monologues@forwardtheater.com. Please use the subject line “Monologue festival submission.”
  • E-Submissions will be accepted until midnight on October 31, 2018.
  • Entries will be acknowledged by e-mail once they have been received. Due to the volume of scripts submitted, we are unable to offer feedback.
  • Winning scripts will be announced on our web site, on or before April 1st, 2019. Winning playwrights will be notified via email or phone on or before this date.
  • Writers will be credited in marketing and playbill materials and will receive a $100 total royalty for the Festival performances. Playwrights are entitled to two complimentary tickets to the opening performance.
If you have questions that are not covered by the info above, please email kmoeller@forwardtheater.com.

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