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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NYCPlaywrights Podcast: The Supernatural episode is here

Check out the latest episode of the NYCPlaywrights Podcast - this time on the theme of The Supernatural. 

In this episode we:
  • explore aspects of Orson Welles infamous version of World of the Wars, including his interview with H. G. Wells which was recorded in 1940 - both men try to downplay the panic response to the broadcast because Hitler was attempting to use it for anti-democracy propaganda;
  • hear the reading of the very creepy LOVERBOY by Michael Jalbert and the interview with the playwright afterwards in which we talk about how Roy Cohn's career as a character in ANGELS IN AMERICA has evolved thanks to his connection to Donald Trump as well as how real life provides its own supernatural horror.

You can check out the podcast web site at www.playwrightspodcast.com

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