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Monday, August 28, 2017


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Due: August 31, 2017
We are a small theater and while we do take on projects with large casts, we are more likely to produce plays that expertly utilize small casts. We are looking for plays with four (4) characters or less – doubling is fine. Plays entered under this category are given special attention and considered more immediately by our Literary Committee.

To enter, follow instructions above and write SMALL CAST PLAYS on the envelope you send your play in.

*These submissions ARE eligible for The Emerging Playwright Award.

Submit plays to:
Urban Stages
555 Eighth Avenue, RM 1800
New York, NY 10018

Email submissions will not be accepted.

Full-length plays only:
- scripts must be firmly bound
- No changes or revisions accepted after submission
- No double-sided pages.
- 7 actors or less (unless otherwise noted)…doubling is fine

With your submission, please include:
- Biography and/or author’s history of the play
- Character breakdown
- Brief synopsis of the play.
- A small SASE envelope for a response letter.
*Whole plays will no longer be returned. All plays will be recycled.

Plays MAY HAVE BEEN developed or produced elsewhere, BUT NEVER PRODUCED in New York City.

There is no limit to submissions.
Subject matter and character variations are open.

There is no submission fee.

It usually takes up to six months for us to read and process your script.
We ask that you do not call or email our offices to inquire on the status of your play.

Plays from overseas and throughout the United States are accepted and considered.
BUT special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York.

We recommend not spending extra money to send your play express, overnight or via other expensive services. We accept plays year-round and for special deadlines, we accept plays postmarked on the deadline date. For special deadlines, late plays are just entered among our general year-round submissions.

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