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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gary Garrison Playwriting Festival - 2016 Guidelines

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1. All play submissions are due no later than October 21, 2016.

2. Please send 2 files including your play. (The selection committee will read the versions without a byline.)
a. With byline
b. Without byline

3. You may submit only ONE 10 Minute Play.
a. Your play must have 5 or less speaking/non-speaking roles

4. This year's festival will have a theme. Please ensure your play aligns with the theme of the festival.

THEME: This is My Life

5. Your play must be in play format making it easy for the readers.
a. 12 point or greater font
b. Courier New, Times New Roman or Arial

6. Submit plays keeping in mind minimalist setting and lighting.

7. The play must be unpublished at the time of submission.

8. Submitting your play grants The Gary Garrison Playwriting Festival the right to produce your play in our annual festival. Studio 33 will have the right to photograph and/or video it for archival purposes.

9. Please include your play’s suggested rating based on language, nudity, violence, drug and alcohol use. We reserve the right to alter ratings.

10. Playwrights must be open to discussion with directors and potential re-writes. You MAY NOT direct your own show.

11. The first 50 submissions will be accepted by email and read by our readers.
a. Send 2 emails to: studio33theatre@yahoo.com
a. Subject: Name of Play - with Byline
b. Subject: Name of Play - without Byline

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