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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Eden Prairie Players Accepting Submissions of One Act Plays for 2017

PLEASE NOTE: they are no longer accepting submissions - the following appears instead of a submission form.

Submissions have closed
Collection of One Acts 2017
Eden Prairie Players
We have reached the maximum number of submissions for this production. We are unable to accept more submissions at this time.

Eden Prairie Players is accepting submissions of unpublished one act plays for its 2017 Collection of One Acts to be produced in September of 2017.

Please read the submission guidelines, then go to the One Acts Submission Form.

Submission Guidelines
  • We allow only one submission per playwright.
  • We are seeking unpublished one-act plays: dramas, comedies, etc. (previously-produced or stage readings OK)
  • Length 30 minutes or under (we typically select most in the 10-25 minute range)
  • The play must be submitted as a PDF file through our submission form. 
  • Submit through the online submission form:
  • Playwright contact information - name, email, address, phone.
  • Name of play.
  • Approximate duration.
  • List of characters / descriptions: age, gender, race if specified, etc. (please list allowable deviations) 
  • Short synopsis of the play, including a description of recommended set pieces and props
  • Has it been performed before? Where?
  • After the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Plays will be reviewed on a first come-first served basis. We limit consideration to an arbitrary number of plays, so submissions will be closed after we reach that limit.


Selected plays will be paid a royalty of $25 per performance (we usually have 5-7 performances).
No compensation for selection process: By submitting your play(s) for consideration, you give Eden Prairie Players permission to make copies as needed for the selection process. You also give permission for your play to be performed without payment at an unrehearsed table readings as part of the selection process.

To begin the submission process, go to the One Acts Submission Form.


Q: Are works by international playwrights accepted?

A: Yes

Q: How are plays selected?

A: We provide access to each play for one or more authorized reviewers to read and rate as part of the selection process. Plays are narrowed down to a smaller subset of candidate plays. From this subset, plays are read at a public table reading and selected by our advisory committee.

Q: What format should I use for the play?

A: We only accept play files in PDF format.

Q: How can I convert my play to PDF?

A: There are several ways to convert your play to PDF:
Most modern word processors have a Save as PDF or Export to PDF command.
If you use Mac OS X, and your application doesn’t have one of these commands, you can save any file to PDF using the Print command and the PDF button in the Print dialog. This feature is built into the operating system and works with any application that has a Print command.
Google Docs is a free service from Google at docs.google.com. This service has many useful features for writers, including online storage (through the integrated Google Drive service), sharing, and collaborative editing of documents. It also allows you to upload files from Word or other applications to convert them to Google Docs. And Google Docs has a Download as PDF feature.

Q. What about language in my play?

A: While we bill these productions as intended for mature audiences due to subject matter and language, we strongly consider what our audience's reaction to each piece will be.

Q: How long has Eden Prairie Players produced unpublished one-acts?

A: 2010 was the first year that EPP produced unpublished works as part of our Collection of One Acts, and it was immediately successful. The response from our audience was overwhelmingly positive. We now like to include a mix of published and unpublished works. In 2012, all of the plays we selected were unpublished when they were submitted to us, although some were published before we presented them. We hope to carry that enthusiasm forward each year by continuing to introduce our audience to fresh new works written by exciting playwrights. Thank you for your hard work, we are honored that you are considering EPP for your submission!

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