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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fourth Wall Review is seeking play submissions

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We are welcoming scripts of any genre and length, and searching for great plays to feature as "Play of the Month" on the Fourth Wall Review website, and in the Fourth Wall Review journal. The next issue being published is the Spring Issue in April 2015. Submissions by email only, please.

E-mail Play Submissions:

1. Please submit plays as an attachment to submissions@fourthwallreview.com.

2. Email subject line: Your Last Name, First Name, Play Title.

3. All plays must be submitted with a synopsis of the play as a seperate attachment. One or two paragraphs.

4. File formats: Word or PDF.

Play Formatting Guidelines:

Submit your play with a synopsis of the play.

We do not require a specific script format at this time. With that said, we have two formatting preferences outlined here:

1. Use the generally agreed upon formatting rules such as character names being placed center, or somewhat center, of the page above the dialogue, etc. For anyone new to playwriting, there are many formatting resources on the web that can be referenced through a Google search of "play formatting". Below are a couple of web sources for formatting. At the bottom of the page is the email for manuscript submissions. Please submit your script as a Word or PDF file only.




2. You can place the character names in ALL CAPS on the same line as the dialogue followed by a colon. Any stage direction immediately after the name is italicized and in parenthesis.


JIM: Hello. How are you doing today.

JIM (Frightened): How are you doing today.

Play of the Month:

Submissions for "Play of the Month" should be previously unpublished, and ideally have no production history or have had a very limited production history.

Submissions guidelines for Art, Audio and Video files:

We are always looking for talented artist, filmmakers, graphic artists, performers to publish in the Fourth Wall Review or to premier work on the Fourth Wall website.
Email Graphics, Art, Audio or Video to: Email to: mediasub@fourthwallreview.com

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