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Friday, January 23, 2015

10 By 10 in the Triangle An international festival of new 10-minute plays

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10 Plays! 10 Actors! 10 By 10!

Call for Submissions

January 5 - January 30 2015
The 10 very best plays submitted will showcase on The ArtsCenter's Main-Stage Theater July 10-26

The Submissions:
Please email new, original 10-minute plays with minimal set requirements to artscenterstage{at}artscenterlive{dot}org.
  • Plays that have had no prior productions or limited prior productions are preferred. 
  • Musical submissions with little or no accompaniment are accepted. 
  • Plays that have been published are not accepted. 
  • Monologues are not accepted. 

New Submission Request:
Starting this year, for 10 By 10, ArtsCenter Stage is interested in presenting thought-provoking plays that highlight current social, political, and ethical issues. Plays that are socially and/or culturally significant and that speak to the whole of society are our interest. We are seeking politically progressive plays that: look at social and/or economic problems and challenges; explore possibilities of social transformation; and, reflect the concerns and interests of communities or which explore the importance of community. We are also welcoming scripts that experiment with form and seek new ways of seeing and new ways of experiencing theatrical performance.

Submitted plays may be humorous or serious or any where in between.

Some thoughts to help determine whether your play falls within our parameters of consideration:

Play addresses issues that create barriers to social justice or dramatizes a social injustice:

• Supports life and dignity of the human person
• Influences attitudes of tolerance between and within racial groups
• Fosters new understanding and builds respect for cultural differences and identity
• Supports creative approaches to addressing issues of social justice/injustice
• Demonstrates the performing arts as a powerful tool and community resource for facilitating civic engagement and advancing social change
• Makes the audience bear witnesses to social injustice
• Inspires others to action against a social injustice
• Proposes solutions for social injustice
• Raises awareness of a little recognized social injustice or argues on behalf of an ignored human right

Playwrights may submit up to 2 scripts.

Submit one email for each script.
When submitting two scripts, two separate emails must be sent.
Do not zip the files.

Email Contents:
The subject line is the title of the play followed by the words 10 By 10 submission. (Example subject line: Fighting Mr. Right - 10 By 10 Submission).
The BODY of the email MUST include the title of the play and the playwright’s full contact information including playwright’s name, mailing address, phone(s), and email.
DO NOT attach contact information.
Attach script in standard format in Word or PDF with cast and set requirements.
There must be NO contact information on the script itself. Scripts that contain contact information will not be considered for submission.
Contact information found on a script will disqualify that play from consideration.
Submission Dates:
January 5, 2015- January 30, 2015
Plays will not be accepted before January 5, 2015.
Plays will not be accepted after January 30, 2015, 5:00PM EST.
We will notify the semi-finalists by email and will post those titles on our website.

We will notify the 10 finalists by email and will post those titles on our website.

We cannot respond to each individual playwright.

We will announce the final 10 plays by May 29, 2015.

The Award:
Playwrights receive an award of $100. Playwrights who attend our playwright gala on July 18, 2015 will also receive an additional $100 travel stipend.

The Space:
Our main-stage theatre is a 355-seat house with basic lighting and sound capabilities.

The Producer:
ArtsCenter Stage will provide directors, actors, designers, and technical crew for the festival. The directors will contact the playwrights at the beginning of the rehearsal process. For more information about The ArtsCenter, please visit our website: www{dot}artscenterlive{dot}org.

The Dates:
July 10-26, 2015, Fridays-Sundays, Playwright Gala Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Production:
The ten plays will be presented together as an evening of theatre. All ten shows run each night and are performed by an ensemble of five men and five women. Participating playwrights are invited to attend the Playwrights Gala on July 18, 2015 which includes an overnight stay at a local hotel.

If you have questions, please contact Jeri Lynn Schulke at artscenterstage{at}artscenterlive{dot}org

We’re looking forward to reading your work!

Jeri Lynn Schulke
Artistic Director
ArtsCenter Stage

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