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Friday, January 10, 2014


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We are a group of playwrights and directors who joined forces to create festival/competitions that offer a friendly (not factory) environment for playwrights to stage their work. Our two festivals run for 12 weeks each: Venus/Adonis (February 1 to April 15) and Thespis (June-July-August) . The extended time allows us to offer five to six-hour tech rehearsals and performances at prime theater-going hours, including two shows on weekends. We also offer excellent prizes.

All genres of shows are welcome to submit to our festivals. If they've already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) they can still participate, but only with a completely
new cast and crew.

Venus is not only a festival; it’s a competition as well. That means there are prizes! The winner of Best Play will receive a prize of $2,500. Winner of Best Actress will receive $500.

Because of our success with The Venus Festival for Women, we've created The Adonis Festival for Men to run alongside Venus. The Adonis Festival is dedicated to male writers and works much the same way as Venus. The big difference is that its $500 award goes to Best Actor.

Venus/Adonis, as well as our summertime festival, Thespis, is hosted by Cabrini Repertory Theater a beautiful proscenium theater in uptown Manhattan.

First-time writers are more than welcome!

Submissions must be between 40 and 50 minutes long and must be in by January 15, 2014

Only plays from New York and New Jersey will be accepted.


Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production. These include directing, casting, stage-managing and hiring a sound & light board operator.

Submission Rules
In order to submit a play please send the following via email:
1. A 100- to 200-word synopsis of the play
2. The complete script
3. Your telephone number and home address, plus the phone number of one other person in your production that we can contact
4. Your bio

As soon as your play is accepted, you will be sent the festival guidelines and when you send your paper work you will be assigned immediately the dates of your tech and Performances.

All plays will be given a three-performance run at the theater.
Each show is paired with a second, and the two will perform on the same nights.

We make it a point to help you with everything you need. Here are a few things we provide to make the process as creative and unstressful as possible:

Shows will be not be packed into a cramped festival schedule.

Musicals requiring live music are more than welcome. There is a large area in front of the stage to place your orchestra and a fully tuned baby grand piano.
Five-hour tech/dress rehearsal (as opposed to getting just double your show’s run time)

Highly professional, easy-to-use lighting/sound system that anyone on your cast can learn to use. Vast lighting possibilities include 45 different lights at your fingertips with color ranges of all kinds.

Free lessons on how to use the system.

Free venue director from the Cabrini Repertory Theater team–you won’t have to hire an outsider.

Constant contact with the Artistic Director of the venue should you have any questions about staging, lighting, sound or theater rules. You will never be forced to wait on answers, causing your production process to be held up.

A strong, effective and aesthetically beautiful ad campaign run in the theater’s neighborhood, which means access to audience members in the surrounding area

Email blasts announcing your show to the theater’s mailing list

Large selection of props and set pieces that are already stored in the theater, saving you time, energy and money in transporting stage sets

Storage space for your own props and set pieces should you decide to keep them in the theater during your show’s run

The possibility to drive your props to the front door of the theater and temporarily park your vehicle there

Free box office management

A beautiful 21′ by 17′ proscenium theater that stands out and has a reputation in the neighborhood.

Three performances, all during prime theater-going hours

Performances that take place on weekends except for one performance during the week.

Every show in the festival will be performed in the Cabrini Repertory Theater—no outside venues will be rented.

All festival participants can see all other festival shows for free.
The possibility to be covered by reviewers
 A $2,500 prize for Best Play and $500 Best Actor, and $500 Best Actress
An exciting Prize Ceremony

For more info and to submit your plays visit: venusnytheaterfestival.com

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