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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Players Theatre Short Play & Musical Festival/Sex

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This February, we are looking for 15 to 18 sexy, steamy plays for our annual Sex! Festival of short plays. All plays submitted must be inspired by or focused on Valentine’s Day and similar topics.

We are seeking plays that challenge the typical ideals of sex. Plays that focus on hot sweaty sex, lust, relationships, eroticism and more! We want plays that would be rated R…or dare we say NC-17?
So sharpen your pencils, charge your laptop or put a new ribbon in your type writer! Let’s start writing!

The Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre offers a very intimate setting perfect for producing sensual feelings. You vote for your favorite play of the night and at the end of week, the winner will receive a cash prize based on audience votes.

Each week, a Best of the Festival winner will be selected by audience and judge’s votes.

 The winner will receive a cash prize of $100

February 6 - 23rd, 2014 (Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)

Submission Deadline December 21, 2013 @ 5PM

Plays MUST be NO MORE than 15 minutes in length!

Submissions MUST be submitted both as digital and hard copy submissions.

Hard copy submissions must be Blind Copy

Plays WILL NOT be accepted without an application.

The Short Play Festival DOES NOT PRODUCE the plays accepted into the festival. SPF hosts the productions. The plays and playwrights accepted will be responsible for any additional costs.

How To Submit:

Complete the Application and attach it to your digital and hardcopy submissions.

- Email Submissions to  Admin@shortplaynyc.com

- Mail two (2) copies of your script (BLIND COPY ONLY) and application to:

The Short Play Festival
 The Players Theatre
 115 MacDougal Street
 New York, NY 10012


Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any additional questions.

Don’t forget to visit ShortPlayNYC.com form additional information!

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