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Monday, November 12, 2012

NYCPlaywrights October 2012 Play of the Month: AMMO by Jeremy Kehoe

NOTE: This video contains obscene language.

Performed by Bruce Barton and Nancy McClernan.

Jeremy Kehoe on the play
Why "Ammo"? Americans cherish liberty. And, they adore guns. Yet, while most Americans recognize that every Constitutional liberty requires limitation (freedom of speech, the right to protect against unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to face our accusers in court, etc.), a majority deem placing restrictions on the right to bear arms as a treasonous offense. The argument? "There it is, right there in the Constitution. Boom, bam, that's it. Next topic." The Second Amendment is somehow judged by a different standard, and our culture has slowly transformed into one where acquiring a gun is easier than buying a beer, and where problems more frequently get resolved with the squeeze of a trigger than with a fist or, god forbid, a reasoned thought. Something is amiss. I wrote "Ammo" as a dialogue between a father and son hunting deer in the woods not as a diatribe against proponents of gun rights -- if you want to shoot a deer, knock yourself out (but if you wanted to prove your manhood, impress me by wrestling a bear) -- but as an attempt to ask questions. And, who better to ask grown-up questions than a 12-year-old boy? I am working to expand on this theme and create a full-length play with multiple vignettes where guns play a peripheral, but not central, role between characters, but force them to make critical decisions.

More information about the author, cast and the Play of the Month

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