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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snorks and Piñs Productions is seeking submissions for the third annual By the Light of a Match short play festival

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NOTE: Costs should be kept to a minimum and should be split evenly between the playwright and director. 

Snorks and Piñs Productions is seeking submissions for the third annual By the Light of a Match short play festival to be performed in New York City Valentine's Day weekend.

To celebrate Valentine’s day, this year’s theme is 'Bad Love' and we’re looking for plays about the crazy, monstrous and irrational things people do in the name of love. When does standing in someone’s driveway holding a boombox go from romantic to creepy? How do passionate confessions devolve into desperate threats? What if that serendipitous meet-cute is actually the work of a manipulative stalker? Snorks and Piñs is looking for plays that either distort love stories in strange and unexpected ways or discover love in the oddest places. Comedy, drama, horror, fantasy–all genres are welcome. Just be sure to give us a newfound appreciation for the single life.

Festival Director, last year's audience favorite winner, Frank-Thomas Grogan, will be incorporating Twitter to provide an extra dimension to the show. Mobile social networking has become engraved into our relationships and life, but is still a huge distraction at the theater. We wish to see how we can take this distraction and make it part of the performance. How does it change the audiences relationship with the characters on stage? There's no need to include any direct references to social networking within the text, but please be aware that if your play is selected, we will be using technology as a supplement to your work.

A bit about the festival:
By the Light of a Match is a festival designed to support emerging artists and to encourage new audiences to New York’s independent theater scene. This is not your typical short play festival. Five plays will be selected, brought together and intertwined in unique ways by the festival director. The Festival Director designs how the festival is presented to its audience and creates an ensemble atmosphere, connecting the pieces as he/she chooses. The plays are then presented to audiences who will vote on their favorite playwright, director, actor and actress. The audience’s favorites go on to host next years festival: The writer's play will be presented in the following festival, directed by the winning director and performed by the winning actor and actress. The writer will also choose the theme for that festival and the winning director will take on the role of festival director.

We are seeking submissions from playwrights.
The deadline for all submissions is 5pm on November 2nd, 2012.

Please submit a short play (no play longer than 12 minutes will be selected) with a separate title page (plays will be reviewed by a committee and selected for the festival anonymously).  All submissions should be sent to submissionssnorksandpins@gmail.com. There is no fee to submit.

A little fine print: Playwrights will maintain rights to their work. Directors will be chosen based on later submissions by the Festival Director.  Snorks and Piñs provides casting assistance to directors, rehearsal space for the group rehearsals and the performance venue. All actors participating in the festival must audition and priority casting is given to Snorks and Piñs company members. The director and playwright are responsible for finding suitable rehearsal space (must be in Manhattan) and gathering props and costumes for the performance. Costs should be kept to a minimum and should be split evenly between the playwright and director. If a playwright has a director they would like to work with, they should have the director submit a resume to Snorks and Piñs with the name of the playwright and the title of the play in the subject line of their submission.

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