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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Play of the Month PARK THE CAR IN HARVARD YARD by Bara Swain

Performed by Kitty Hendrix

One of the three monologues selected for the June Play of the Month.

Bara Swain on the monologue:
A lot of my writing is informed by my experiences with illness and loss. I wrote this monologue to honor my uncle's second wife. The audience/viewers serve as witnesses to her life, and the monologue illustrates how the lives of two unrelated people can be so enriching. The "witness," especially strangers, is an ongoing theme in my work. I also believe that my life is enriched by my family, friends, colleagues and strangers - from young to old, healthy to infirmed.
Next monologue for August: THE LAST FIREFLY by Trace Crawford.

More about the Play of the Month project here.

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