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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Midtown International Theatre Festival's Short Subjects

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(please note - there is NO submission fee with the MITF code - if your work is selected there is a participation fee.)

The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF), now in its twelfth season, is proud to announce the third year of the Short Subjects Division. The Short Subjects is a repertory of plays running from 30 - 60 min. performed in their own intimate venue, with lower participation fees and ticket prices than other plays in the MITF. The Short Subjects is an excellent opportunity to test new theatrical ideas in a less-demanding environment than full-length plays in larger venues.
The following facts and rules set the Short Subjects apart from the rest of the MITF:
Every play gets 3 performance slots in the WorkShop Theater’s 30-seat Jewel Box theater. We attempt to honor requests for slots (“third week only, please!”) but our scheduling decisions are final. Performance dates are July 12 – 31, 6 – 10 pm weekdays and noon – 10 pm weekends.
All plays must be 30 - 60 min. long. Scripts must be in standard playscript format, in Word or PDF, E-mailed to us*.
The application fee is waived if you use the code MITF in your application.
The participation fee is only $75, payable on acceptance of the script by the MITF, by check or PayPal.**
There is a simple one-page agreement, sent on acceptance of the script and payment of the participation fee.
Deadline is June 6, 2011.
The production is responsible for producing the play, including finding actors, director, board op, props, costumes, rehearsals, etc; the MITF provides the theatre and some shared scenery (cubes, table, chairs).
You may not produce your show as an Equity showcase, and Equity is not issuing waivers for this program. All shows must be non-union.
Production values must be kept to a minimum: costumes and hand props only. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table.
We provide box office services and venue management.
The MITF keeps 100% of the door.
Tickets are $15 for shows running 45 – 60 min., and $12 for shows running 30 – 45 min. Each playwright and director gets 1 comp to each of their performances. Comps are non-transferable. There are press comps but no industry comps. The production must purchase any additional seats they wish to comp. All Festival participants may see each others’ shows for free, on a standby basis.
Your show will be allotted a tech rehearsal running at least 2 hours, during the hours of 10 – 5:30 weekdays during the Festival (July 12 – 29).
We don't do staged readings; production must be off-book. Plays not off-book during tech rehearsal will be removed from the line-up.
While you may submit a program of related short plays totaling 30 - 60 min., the MITF will not “marry” two or more unrelated short plays into one program.

*Standard playscript format for us is 12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions. E-mail all scripts (no snail-mail please!) to john.chatterton@gmail.com.
**Please add 3% for PayPal handling fees. Make PayPal payments to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Send all paper checks to: 1 Penn Plaza # 6228, New York, NY 10119. Paper checks should be made out to MITF.

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