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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clubbed Thumb submission guidelines

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Clubbed Thumb will accept submissions that fall within the following guidelines:

Unproduced in New York City
Running time: 90 min or under.
Must feature substantial and challenging roles for both men and women
At least 3 characters – we prefer medium sized ensemble casts
Clubbed Thumb produces plays that are funny, strange, and provocative. Please check out our history area to get a feeling for our sensibility and a selected chronology.

Please do not send scripts that fall outside these guidelines.

If you would like to submit a play, please send it to:
Clubbed Thumb 141 East Third St. #11H New York, NY 10009

Please do not bind scripts; pages should be loose or clipped with a binder clip.

Clubbed Thumb does read and respond to every play submitted. However, with a staff of two, this may take many months. Please be patient and do not follow up on the status of your submission. Please wait for a response to one play before sending another.

Scripts will not be returned. Sorry, electronic submissions are not accepted.

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