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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Announcement: the plays selected for SHARE YOUR EXCELLENT 10-MINUTE PLAY WITH THE WORLD

The following three plays have been selected in response to the call for plays posted on this blog as Share Your Excellent 10-Minute Play with the World.

These plays will be included in the article "How do you write a good 10-minute play? - part 2" which will be posted to this web site on Sunday, March 27, 2011.

FORGET-ME-NOT by Myra Slotnick
HOT APPLE PIE by Michael Jalbert

We received 85 submissions - thanks to all who sent their plays. Not being selected doesn't necessarily mean your play is not excellent - but we could only pick three.

Thanks to Bruce Barton, Alice Anne English, Mike Giorgio and Diane Quinn - their recommendations were used to select the three winning plays.

Also thanks to those who participated in the script-in-hand readings to help the judges get a better feel for the work through hearing them performed aloud - Bruce, Alice Anne, Mike and Diane, as well as Allan Brown, Sue Chmielarz, Mike Durell, David Lamberton, Clem McIntosh, Carolyn Paine, Doug Rossi and Linda Sanders.

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