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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Free Theater Event: Tea with Jackie

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Tea with Jackie: Page By Page, Being a Playwright in Philly, Getting Produced, and More

Our monthly online publication of PAGE BY PAGE offers a balance of creative and industry knowledge to support playwrights. However, sometimes, you just need to sit with someone in-person and ask questions in order to get the information that you need to take the next step in your career. This is that opportunity. Jackie (and possibly some of her Page By Page colleagues) will sit down with a group of playwrights and aspiring playwrights to answer their questions, share experiences, and toast the future of Philly playwrights. Only 12 seats per conversation to ensure that everyone has a chance to ask their questions and we have enough time to respond fully. Tea and cookies will be provided.

February 7th Special Guests: Jill Harrison (director, Directors Gathering), Michael Hollinger (playwright, The Foundry Co-Founder, Villanova University), Allison Heishman (director, producing artistic director, Simpatico Theatre), Alice Yorke (performer, co-director, Lightening Rod Special)

February 14th Special Guests: Maura Krause (director, producer, Azuka Theatre, Orbiter 3), Erlina Ortiz (playwright, producer, Power Street Theatre), Erin Washburn (literary manager, dramaturg, producer, InterAct), Kevin Glaccum (director, producing artistic director, Azuka), Alice Yorke (performer, co-director, Lightening Rod Special)

February 17th Special Guests: Josh Wilder (playwright), Doug Williams (playwright, producer, Orbiter 3), Meghann Williams (performer, producer, director, Flashpoint Theatre, Chlamydia dell'Arte: Sex-Ed Burlesque)

Address: 1010 Waverly St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Philly Theatre Week:
Thursday, February 7th - 1pm
Thursday, February 14th - 1pm
Sunday, February 17th - 1pm

Tickets: Free - RSVP

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