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Monday, July 13, 2015

RADD Theatre Co call for submissions

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RADD Theatre Co (www.raddtheatreco.com) is producing an equity production this April 2016. We've already booked the space in midtown Manhattan, and are looking for a kickass script.

RADD Theatre Co is a theatrical sandbox for new voices. We strive to create space for artists to keep exploring and risking amidst the whirlwind of NYC. We hosts monthly readings, and produce projects for emerging artists. If you are interested, we will be too.

The Details:
Opens April 15th
Closes May 2
Venue: The Sargent Theatre in the American Theatre of Actors
Royalty: The playwright will receive a small advance and a percentage of the box office.

Looking for a two or three person play, in the style of realism, female lead, with contemporary language, gritty, any length, simple set. Themes of paranoia or something similar a plus.

In your submission please include a short bio about yourself so we can get to know you!

Submit to raddtheatreco@gmail.com by July 19
We will be reviewing submissions in the order they arrive.

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