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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Julie Harris Playwright Awards Competition

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Rules for the Julie Harris Playwright Awards Competition
(Entries accepted between August 1st and November 1st)

1. Authors must be U.S. Citizens or legal residents.

2. Entries must be original, full-length plays (minimum of 75/80 minutes playing time), unpublished, unproduced, and not currently under any option. "Unproduced" means: No previous production of any kind (Equity or non-Equity) for which actors or authors were paid or admission was charged, or both. No musicals are eligible. Plays with an occasional song for ambience are considered.

3. An author may submit only one entry, whether under his or her name, or a pseudonym. Co-Authorships are permissible.

4. Entries must be written in English and typed or computer printed (no dot matrix) in standard American or English stage play format. The plays must be securely bound.

5. The following entries are not eligible: musicals, short one act plays (less than 75 minutes), groups of short one act plays (related or unrelated), translations, plays for children, a play that has won any other competition, a play that was entered in any prior year's Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Playwright Award Competition. For entries adapted or based or suggested by/from other materials, which are copyrighted, authors must provide proof of copyright owner's sanction. (e.g. under current copyright).

6. Entries must be submitted with completed and signed applications and received by BHTG between August 1st and November 1st (postmark accepted) of the contest year. Only entries received between these dates will be eligible. Scripts sent before or after these dates will not be accepted, read or returned. Results will be announced on this web site the following June.

7. Submissions in non-compliance of these Rules and the Submission Procedures will be ineligible for entry in the competition. For return of ineligible submissions, please read Number 7 under "Submission Procedures."

8. The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild has the right to accept or reject any entry without explanation, and will not correspond with, or discuss with any person the results of the competition or the acceptance or rejection of any entry. No entry is returned.

9. The competition judges' decisions are final in all respects.

10. As a sponsor of this Competition, the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild has the following rights, which it may exercise at its sole discretion:

a. To declare any entry ineligible if prior to Competition's close (June 1), the entry is in violation of rule #2. Authors must notify the BHTG of any change in status.
b. To reproduce as many copies of an entry as are necessary for distribution among the judges or to request an author to supply a specified number of copies. The author must comply with that request.
c. To use the author's name and title of any award winning entry for publicity about this Playwright Award and the results of the competition.
d. To present one script-in-hand, rehearsed reading of an award winning entry to an invited, non-paying audience. No royalty payment will be due to the entry's author for that reading.

11. Each award winner shall, at all times, in connection with publication, production, publicity, programs, posters and advertisements about an award winning entry, designate that the play is an "Award Winner of the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild/Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition." Award winners must consent to sign a letter of agreement with BHTG to this effect.

12. Each entry shall be free from copyright restrictions relating to this Award and the author shall hold The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild, its officers, and directors free and harmless from all copyright claims.

13.The BHTG is not a producing organization. No production is connected with the competition nor any prize awarded.

14. Sorry, the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild - Julie Harris Playwrights Competition does not sponsor scholarships, fellowships, educational grants, or loans to students or private individuals. Nor does the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild as an organization.

Submission Procedures

1. "You"=Author or co-authors. "BHTG"=The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild.

2. You must submit your entry with a completed application form. You may obtain an application form by sending a self-addressed, business-size stamped envelope to:

Candace Coster, Competition Coordinator
BHTG - Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition
P.O. Box 148
Beverly Hills, CA 90213.

3. You must personally sign the application. Entries must be legible and signature clearly the name of the writer(s). The author(s) must sign the entry form. Proxy or agent signatures are not accepted and will lead to disqualification.

4. Bind your entry securely, and include the following: Cast List, Time and Place, Number of Acts and Scenes. Scripts must be securely bound. A clip holding pages together unfortunately doesn't constitute being "bound". (This is insisted upon for the protection of the script and benefit of the writer. Loose scripts may have pages become misplaced or lost. The competition is not responsible for loss or damage to entries or parts thereof.)

5. Do not show your name, address, or any identifying information on any page or on the cover of your entry. Attach with a removable paper clip a sheet containing the title of your entry, your name, address, phone number and any other information. You may enter the copyright or registration date and number on the title page of the bound script.

6. To preserve anonymity, all entries will be identified by numbers for judging; all identifying marks will be removed.

7. Submissions will not be returned. Enclose with your submission a stamped, self addressed, #10 envelope for our response.

8. You may enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard for acknowledgment of receipt of your entry. Competition winners to be announced on this web site in June.

9. The BHTG is not responsible for loss or damage to entries.

10. No script will be accepted by fax or e-mail. No electronic submissions or correspondence.

11. No entry is returned.

Address All Inquiries To:
Candace Coster, Competition Coordinator
Julie Harris Playwright Awards Competition
P.O. Box 148
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

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