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Monday, April 16, 2018

American Stage’s 21st Century Voices: 2019 New Play Festival

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 Accepting submissions for the American Stage’s 21st Century Voices: 2019 New Play Festival April 15 through June 15, 2018

American Stage is committed to producing powerful and relevant professional live theatre. Our 21st Century Voices is an initiative dedicated to developing and presenting new works for the stage that speak to a contemporary audience in fresh and compelling ways. 21st Century Voices programming includes an annual staged reading festival, workshopping of new scripts, playwriting residencies and fully produced new plays receiving one of their first three professional productions at American Stage.

This year we are seeking submissions of new plays that promote the exploration of themes relevant to our world today, featuring characters who inspire us. Submissions will be accepted between April 15 and June 15.

Submission guidelines for the American Stage’s 21st Century Voices: 2019 New Play Festival are as follows:
  • Plays must be full-length in any genre: comedy, drama, musical, etc.
  • Translations, collections of one-acts, children’s plays and any play that has received a full-scale, professional production prior to submission are not eligible.
  • Plays that have had a workshop, reading or non-professional production are still eligible.
  • Only one submission per playwright is allowed each year.

The Selection Process

American Stage’s competitive selection process consists of two rounds of selection. All 10-page play excerpts submitted during the first round are reviewed by a committee of theatre artists and arts advocates. In the second round, selected playwrights are asked to provide a full manuscript of their play for consideration by the committee. Finally, American Stage invites four to five playwrights to have their work included in 21st Century Voices: New Play Festival in January 2019.
Playwrights invited to participate in our 21st Century Voices: New Play Festival will receive a $250 fee and will be provided a $250 travel stipend.

How to Apply

Email your complete submission package to 21stCenturyVoices@americanstage.org between April 15-June 15, 2018.

Complete submission packages must include:

  • Your contact information;
  • Your playwriting resume;
  • A concise paragraph (no longer than 1 page) describing the development history of the play you are submitting;
  • A statement describing why your play is a good fit for American Stage’s 21st Century Voices’ mission to develop and present powerful plays that speak to a contemporary audience in a fresh and compelling way;
  • Title of the play;
  • Character breakdown and description; please include total number of characters
  • Time and place of the play;
  • Synopsis (no longer than 1 page); and
  • A ten page sample of the play.

Full manuscripts and incomplete submission packages will not be considered.

2018-2019 Deadlines

For consideration in our 21st Century Voices: 2019 New Play Festival, American Stage is accepting submissions from April 15 – June 15, 2018. Requests for full manuscripts will be made by August 1, 2018.

Only completed submission packages emailed to 21stCenturyVoices@americanstage.org by June 15, 2018 will be considered.

Thank you for your interest!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Studio Players 5th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

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Studio Players, Kentucky’s Oldest Community-Involved Theater, located in Lexington, is proud to announce their 5th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, to be performed in July 2016.  We are looking for 7 strong, entertaining plays to feature so, once again, we are holding a competition. This competition is for 10-minute plays only; it is open to any playwright.   The judges will be members of the Studio Players theater community: board members, directors and patrons.

The rules are simple and are as follows:

1. Any playwright may enter; only one script per playwright.

2. The play must be a 10 minute play (meaning it will be approximately 10 pages long).

3. All plays should be emailed, with a separate cover page, with: play's title, author's name, email address, mailing address and phone number.   The play itself should only have the title; no identifying information contained in or on the 10 page script.

4. To be considered, each script must be received by April 15th.

5. The contest is open to the first 300 entries received.

6.  Winning entrants agree to a full production of their scripts.

That's it! The top 7 scripts (as determined by the judges) will be performed by active members of the Bluegrass theater community.   Each play will be a fully realized, staged production; each performance showing all winning scripts.  The 7 Selected playwrights will each receive $250 in prize money.

All entries should be sent to: sweftdart@yahoo.com with "10-min play fest" in the header.

Parsnip Ship seeks plays for 2018

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and for Season Four, we are specifically looking for plays written by playwrights of color.

As we believe there are as many distinctive styles and voices as there are playwrights, we remain open to a wide range of plays that will engage audiences in an intimate setting and on a podcast format. We see our recordings as a fun collaborative effort among us, the playwright, the directors, musicians and the actors! Before you send in your play for consideration, take a listen to one of our episodes from our past seasons.

Each play selected as part of our season will have one evening to be recorded in front of a live audience as a reading.  A guest musician is paired with the play to supplement the experience of hearing the text. We finish off the recording with a short and personal interview between the playwright and our host, Iyvon Edebiri. The recording is then edited and released as a podcast soon after.

The standard format for our live recordings are as follows (and is adjusted according to the length of the play):

  • Host Introduction
  • Mini-playwright interview
  • First song by musical guest
  • Act 1 of play
  • Second song by musical guest
  • Act 2 of play
  • Third song by musical guest
  • Host and playwright interview
  • Outro / Thank Yous
  • Fourth song by musical guest

Questions we like to ask ourselves as we consider a play:

  1. Does the play not only work, but excel in an audio only format?
  2. Is the play exciting and unexpected?
  3. Does the play express diversity in its perspective, voice, or content?
  4. Is this play engaged in socially conscious and civic dialogue?
  5. What would the world be missing if it didn’t have this play?
Due to last year’s overwhelming volume of submissions, this year we are doing a two-round submission cycle for Season Four. We are asking playwrights to submit the first 15 pages of their plays for consideration of Round One evaluations. If selected, playwrights will be asked to send their full length draft or complete script, for Round Two evaluation. We will be accepting submissions by individual playwrights, playwrights/director teams, playwright/director/music teams from March 24th - April 27th, 2018 for Season Four (September 2018 - June 2019). We fully encourage individual playwrights to apply; our Artistic team will work with you to pair a director, cast, and musical guest from our pool of amazing collaborators.  
The logistical requirements to know before applying:

  • We can ONLY accommodate up to 6 readers (this includes a reader for stage directions)
  • A play must be no more than 90 minutes.
  • Selected playwrights must come to an episode prior to their scheduled episode, especially if they’ve never attended a live recording of The Parsnip Ship
  • We prefer New York City or locally based playwrights
  • Our playwright must be present for the live recording (and usually rehearsals too)
  • We can accommodate 3 inputs for our musical guest, i.e. 1 mic and 2 instruments/2 mics and 1 instrument/3 mins

Please follow the instructions to apply via the submit form.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

8th Annual Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam

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Date Friday, April 27, 2018
Time 1pm - 4pm
Where Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, New York City
Will we? Rain or Shine
Contact sonnetslam@gmail.com

Open Registration for Readers Begins April 1st

Acadiana Repertory Theatre seeks plays and musicals

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The Acadiana Repertory Theatre (Lafayette Louisiana) is committed to serve playwrights as a place where they feel they can develop work with a company that has a desire to help in the growth of both the playwright and the play. We strive to create a safe, creative, open environment for our playwrights and, using our own experience, along with the experiences of some of our friends from across the country, we seek to help playwrights create and develop shows that have the best chance of a long life of production. Through developmental readings,developmental productions, and soon, the possibilities of residences, we hope to help, through working with the amazing playwrights we come in contact with, the voices of new american playwrights be heard.

We are now accepting submissions for our 2019 Season, which kicks off in in early February.

We accept submissions of full length plays and musicals. In order to be eligible for consideration, submissions:
-Should be no longer than 90 minutes (we occasionally make exceptions)
-Should be full length.
-Should be actor/story forward
-Have minimal technical and set requirements
-Have a cast no larger than 10
-Should have limited to no production history and should not be published. We are looking specifically for work that you are looking to further develop and are looking for playwrights who want to be involved in the process. 
Please note: There are no submission fees nor is there a fee to be a part of the season. Playwrights will be responsible for travel expenses should they choose to join us for any part of the process.

Plays should be submitted as a PDF to submissions@acadianarep.org

To find out more information about us, submissions, or our past work, visit www.acadianarep.org 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Submissions close on April 15th.

The Gate Project

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Inevitable Theatre Company in St. Louis, MO, seeks constituent writers to participate in a unique collaborative play-building ensemble. The resulting company-curated performance project (tentatively titled GATE) will be fictional, yet inspired by recent and current events in St. Louis and around the country, related to police violence and African-American youth, and filtered through the lens of Brechtian epic theatre and nonlinear, often contradictory theatrical narratives (see Brecht’s poem “On Everyday Theatre”). Exact details of the project’s scope are still in development and will be shared as they become available.

The number and demographic makeup of the ensemble has not been predetermined, but we are projecting the collective will ultimately consist of approximately 20 individuals, including directors, dramaturgs, and project administrators. While we are not employing restrictive criteria regarding artists’ backgrounds for this project, the company desires to include a substantial representation of writers of color, especially those who are St. Louis-based or possess historical/familial connections to the St. Louis community, to participate in this unique artistic endeavor.

We anticipate the final performance script will be about 2 hours in duration, with individual playwrights contributing approximately 10-15 minutes of text each (in addition to collaborating towards the structure, tone, etc., of the piece as a whole).

Inevitable Theatre Company will retain ownership of the final piece, with mandatory billing and a guaranteed royalty percentage for constituent playwrights contracted into all future production licensing and publication negotiations. The company is currently pursuing project funding in order to offer constituent writers an initial commission/stipend for their participation.

The anticipated project timeline is as follows:

  • selection of constituent playwrights in mid-2018 
  • preliminary script development/ensemble building in mid- to late 2018
  • collective writing workshops occurring in late 2018 to mid-2019 
  • a public staged reading in fall 2019
  • a world premiere full production in 2020

The workshop process will consist of both virtual and in-person components, pending funding for artist travel/lodging. The individual time commitment from constituent playwrights, outside of the total scope of the project outlined above, will vary based upon availability, geographic location, etc.

Interested playwrights should email résumé, short writing sample (5-10 pages; 10-minute plays are ideal), and any relevant reviews, to info@inevitabletheatre.org, with “GATE” in the subject line.

Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018. 

Our goal is to select constituent writers by the end of June 2018.

Gladstone Library Writers in Residence 2019

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Now seeking applicants for its seventh year, Gladstone’s Library’s competitive Writer in Residence programme provides space and resources for four writers whose work engages with liberal values. By liberal values, we do not mean views aligned with any one political ideology, but rather:

  • a commitment to freedom and social justice;
  • tolerance and respect of difference;
  • open-mindedness coupled with intellectual curiosity;
  • generosity of spirit and a willingness to learn from others.

Founded by William Ewart Gladstone in 1894, the Library is committed to maintaining his legacy of engagement with social, moral and ethical questions. It does not claim to provide any of the answers but it does offer a comfortable, sociable and stimulating environment so that answers may be found. unparalleled resources for creative study including renowned collections of historical, cultural, theological and political materials: 32,000 books came from Gladstone’s own library, many containing annotations made by Gladstone himself. We know from his diaries that Gladstone read on average five books a week – any applicants can be sure that the Library has something to offer them. The connections Gladstone made between the various disciplines he collected helped shape his form of liberalism.

Through reflection and writing during their stay, Writers in Residence help us redefine liberal values for the 21st Century. Their engagement might be critical, supportive or merely observant. Gladstone was a polymath with interests ranging widely across religion, history, social justice and politics from Classical times to what was, for him, contemporary culture. The scope of these four residencies is equally wide and we welcome fiction and non-fiction writers.

Gladstone's Library is unique. It is the only residential library in the United Kingdom. It provides a meeting place dedicated to dialogue, debate and learning for open-minded individuals. The Residency programme is designed to share the Library’s benefits with as many people as we can, broadening the Library’s audience and benefiting from their perspectives in turn. The Library welcomes all, regardless of gender, race, class, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. All Writers in Residence will be at ease with this inclusive ethos.

Four places will be awarded to writers working in the English language. The proposed dates of the tenures are February, May, September and November 2018. We like to support writers as best we can and we know that many cannot simply abscond from regular life for a month. Residencies can therefore be taken in two two-week blocks, and residencies of a single fortnight will also be considered. We are also flexible with dates. Please indicate the length and suggested date of Residency on your application.

Writers at all stages of their career should feel able to apply for Residency. We are proud to say that Residencies have supported some of the finest writers in the English language, whether they won for their seventeenth book or their first.

Each residency includes:

  • Accommodation in an ensuite room for a period of four consecutive weeks;
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and refreshments (telephone calls, alcoholic drinks, packaged snacks and formal Afternoon Tea are not included);
  • Travel expenses to and from the Library at the start and end of the residency (HMRC mileage allowance or standard bus/train fares within the UK);
  • An honorarium of £100.00 per week.

Each winning author must:

  • Attend the official London prizewinning ceremony in October
  • Participate, where possible, in any other publicity events held before or after their residency;
  • Respond to media/press enquiries as appropriate and by prior agreement with the library’s warden, Peter Francis;
  • Submit two blog posts to the Gladstone’s Library website;
  • Lead a creative writing workshop to not more than twenty participants;
  • Give an evening talk about any aspect of their writing and/or creative life;
  • Abide by the normal terms and conditions for guests staying at Gladstone’s Library. 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Entrants must submit:
    • a one page CV / biography;
    • a copy of the book they would like the judges to consider;
    • a 250-word statement about their take on (re)defining ‘liberal values’;
    • 250 words on the work that they plan to do at the Library;
    • a 250-word proposal for an evening event and day masterclass;
    • the length and suggested dates of their residency.
  2. Shared residency: The programme has permitted two writers to split a month's residency. Shared residency submissions should be submitted by both writers.
  3. Submissions: Submissions must be written in English, and applicants should be able to communicate fluently in English.
  4. Eligible texts: Prose fiction and non-fiction, poetry, screenplays and drama are all eligible for submission. Submitted texts must have been published in the last three years.
  5. Manuscript submissions: We accept manuscript submissions accompanied by evidence of a contract and publishing schedule. Preference will be given to books due to be published during the relevant year of residency.
  6. Non-eligible texts: Academic monographs are not eligible for Writer-in-Residence and should be submitted to the Library’s scholarship programme. Self-published authors are not eligible for Writer-in-Residence, but are supported through other Library programmes.
  7. Schedule: Judging takes place in August, and winners will be notified by the end of August. The official announcement is made at Gladfest in September. Winners will be invited to a launch event at the National Liberal Club. Winners agree to take part in publicity activity and abide by Library rules during tenure.
  8. Entry regulations: Entry is free and limited to one entry per author. You cannot enter under a pseudonym. Due to volume of entries, no correspondence can be entered into.
  9. Postal address: Submissions should be sent to Louisa Yates, Gladstone's Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire, CH5 3DF.
For further information on how Gladstone's Library can support you please click here.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Theatre Topics submission guidelines

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Theatre Topics publishes three issues per year, two of which are general issues. We therefore welcome rolling submissions at all times. We solicit scholarly essays that emphasize pedagogy, dramaturgy, and theatrical practice. Topics welcomes concise and timely peer reviewed articles, as well as notes from the field, on a broad array of practical, performance-oriented subjects. Topics is an official publication of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).

The editors of Topics are particularly interested in articles that engage with the following areas:

  • International sites of pedagogical innovation
  • Pedagogy among diverse student populations and/or regarding material that engages with diversity
  • The relationship between theory and practice 
  • Applied theatre practices such as drama therapy or community-based theatre
  • Practice-based research
  • Rehearsal and production processes
  • Reconsiderations of traditional acting theories
  • New play development and devised theatre 
  • New technologies in performance and/or in the classroom

Watch for separate CFPs for forthcoming Special Issues.

Submissions should be sent to Managing Editor, Bob Kowkabany at bobkowkabany@me.com.

Author guidelines can be found here. 

All other inquiries can be sent to the Editor of Theatre Topics, Lisa S. Brenner at lbrenner@drew.edu, or the Coeditor, Noe Montez at noe.montez@tufts.edu.

Queries regarding book reviews should be send to Book Review Editor, Megan Sanborn Jones at msjones@byu.edu.

OnStage!festival, a new Festival of American Theater seeks full productions

web site

Submission deadline is April 15th

KIT Italia, The International Theatre and KIT - Kairos ItalyTheater have announced the launch of OnStage!festival, a new Festival of American Theater in Rome, Italy. The first edition of the festival will run January 21st – 27th 2019, featuring a selection of the best American independent theater taking the stage in the Italian capital, in a brand new theater in the heart of Rome. Submissions are now open for its main “Shows” category. The deadline is April 15th, 2018.

OnStage! follows in the successful footsteps of In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, and mirrors it across the ocean.

OnStage!festival will host fully staged productions of American shows – in English with Italian supertitles – readings of plays by US-based playwrights in translation, and the OnStage! Playwriting Award. The calendar will also include special events, panels, lectures and master classes to foster the festival’s overall mission of creating a cultural bridge and a meeting point between artists in the United States and Italy.

Submissions are now open for the “Shows” category. This is the main festival category, which will showcase fully staged productions that have been previously mounted in the United States for at least one professional production, but never in Italy. Full productions of any and all theatrical genres may apply – including new plays, musicals, adaptations, revivals, devised and experimental work. Participants will be self-producing. There are no submission fees and no participation fees.

The submission deadline for this category is April 15th, 2018.

Submissions for both categories are open to all artists who live and work in the United States, and whose work is primarily in English.

For more information visit: www.onstagefestival.it or email info@onstagefestival.it

To submit your show visit: http://onstagefestival.it/2018/02/11/call-for-submission/

To submit a play to the OnStage! Award visit: http://onstagefestival.it/2018/03/02/onstage-award-call-for-submission/

Find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnStageItaly/

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sultan Padamsee Award for Playwriting 2018

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If you have an original, unpublished, unproduced play about Asian Indians (wherever they may be), in English, between 60 – 120 minutes duration, then send in your entries!

The winning plays will feature at Tata Literature Live! – The Mumbai LitFest in November 2018. There are also prizes available.

Rules and Regulations

1. Each submission requires two PDF soft copies (sent by email) – one with and one without the writer’s name anywhere on any of its pages. This is important as the judging is to be done anonymously.

2. All entries must be accompanied by:

  • a covering letter from the writer
  • A synopsis of the play (without the writer’s name)
  • The bio data, photograph and contact details of the writer

3. The entries with all relevant details should be emailed to Ayesha Sayani tgspa2018@shunyata.in

Please also use this email address for any questions you may have.

Deadline: 1st May 2018

51st Annual John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award

web site

The New England Theatre Conference, Inc. Announces
The 51st Annual John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award

A competition for new full-length plays

Entry Deadline: April 15, 2018 

Winners Announcement: October 2018

This Award was created in 1967 to honor the late John Gassner (1903- 1967) for his lifetime dedication to all aspects of professional and academic theatre.

A panel of judges named by the NETC Executive Board will administer this award.
A staged reading of the award-winning scripts, or of selected scenes from those scripts, may be given at the annual NETC convention in the fall or on another occasion.


• The competition is open to all playwrights.
• Submissions must be new full-length plays. Musicals will not be considered.
• Plays submitted to the competition
§ must not have been published as of April 15, 2018
§ must not have been produced by a professional or Equity
company as of April 15, 2018
§ must not be under option for publication or professional production as of April 15 2018
• The play must be submitted, along with:
§ a statement that the play will not have been published or
professionally produced as of April 15, 2018, and that it is not under option for publication or professional production and will not be under such option as of April 15, 2018.
§ a list of the play’s workshop and non-professional productions, if any, and awards received, if any.
• Only manuscripts submitted electronically will be considered. •
• Winners only will be notified.
• Deadline for submission of entries is April 15, 2018.
• Plays that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.
• Playwrights may submit only one play to this or other NETC competitions in one year.
• The manuscript and enclosures must be emailed to: mail@netconline.org

The New England Theatre Conference, Inc.
John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award 167 Cherry Street, #331
Milford, CT 06460
Website: www.netconline.org
Email: mail@netconline.org Tel: (617) 851-8535

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Players Theatre Short Play & Musical Festival – NYC

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June 7 – June 24, 2018
The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal Street, New York, NY  10012

New York City is like no other place in the world!  We are seeking plays that get to the heart of the Big Apple and explore what makes this town tick.  Unique New York – it’s more than a tongue twister – it is a way of life!

All plays submitted must be centered on, or revolve around this theme.

Submissions open: March 07, 2018
Submissions close: April 20, 2018 at 5p
Play selection announced on: April 28, 2018

** Note **

1) Playwrights are responsible for producing their own play – Host provides Theatre, technicians and box office
2) If selected, there is a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit required and a $50 NON-refundable tech fee required
3) Plays MUST be NO MORE 15 minutes in length and no more than 15 pages
4) Playwrights may submit a maximum of 2 plays

Submit your short play or musical today by clicking here


Our Playwrights Lab. consists of an exciting group of playwrights who meet for 3 hours a week, Mondays, 7- 10 p.m., to listen to professional actors read their plays. After the readings, there is constructive discussion about how well the play is working, and serving the objective of the playwright.

The group is currently under the leadership of nationally and internationally produced director and playwright Alexa Kelly, with additional input from guest dramaturgs, directors and producers. It is supervised by Brian Richardson. ALL PLAYWRIGHTS INVOLVED ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN DISCUSSION ABOUT ALL THE WORKS BEING READ, NOT ONLY

The group is small.

One of the distinguishing features of our Lab, is that the playwrights receive FULL READINGS OF THEIR WORK, AS NEEDED in the workshops environment, until it is deemed ready for a full public audience. They are thus able to re-write and hear their changes as often as they wish!

A unique and most valuable opportunity and learning experience for the development of the plays!

The Playwrights, under the leadership of Ms. Kelly continue working on the script until they feel IT IS READY for a public viewing. When the play is deemed ready, it is presented in a full public staged reading.

Pulse casts the play, provides the director, and provides the presentation venue.

We select certain scripts from the Lab. for further development, i.e., workshop productions, and then to full production, e.g. CHAOS THEORY, by Anuvab Pal.


The Playwright must have a work in progress, and be willing to continue working on the script; this is not a workshop for people who consider that their work is already completed.



It is the playwright's responsibility to meet the deadlines as set up by Pulse.

TO APPLY, PLEASE SUBMIT A SCENE FROM YOUR WORK IN PROGRESS. PLEASE SEND A 20 - 30 PAGE SAMPLE ", including the title page, the cast breakdown and your bio to:





Falso Mutis presents: First Open Call: Playwriting

web site

In order to display and recognize the contemporary theater scene, the digital magazine Falso
Mutis announces its first open call in the genre of Dramaturgy. It is open to all writers without distinction of sex, race, age and / or nationality. We will accept micro-theater plays and full length plays, in both Spanish and English. The plays selected will be published on the official website of the magazine: www.falsomutis.com

1. All writers can participate without distinction of sex, race, age and / or nationality.
2. Each writer or theatre company can submit only (1) one play per category.
3. The play must be an original composition. It cannot have been published before.
4. We will not accept individual scenes, performances or theater exercise. It has to be a complete play with a beginning, development and ending.
5. The writer or theater group must have all the intellectual property rights for the play.

1. The text must be submitted digitally with a letter page in 12 point Arial font, numbered pages and 1.5 line spacing. For the micro-theater category, it must not exceed twenty (20) pages and for full length plays, it must not exceed forty-five (45) pages. There is no required theme or format for the plays, however it must have at least one (1) act. 
2. The play can be in Spanish or English. It can be sent in either language or both. 
3. The text must be sent in PDF format. Please leave the author’s name off of the script to ensure anonymity, include only the title and pseudonym. The following information must be included in the application:
a) Author’s name
b) Pseudonym
c) Title of the play
d) E-mail
e) Telephone number
f) Country of origin
g) Short biography (max. 75 words)
h) Headshot
i) Authorization letter signed by the author.
4. The documents, including the play, have to be sent to the following email address: falsomutispr@gmail.com

5. The open call starts on March 15, 2018 and the deadline for applications is on April 20, 2018.
We will not accept submissions after the closing date.

Selection of texts
1. The editorial board of the magazine will choose dramatic works that best meet the requirements. Those which are not selected will be deleted to protect the author’s rights. Under no circumstances will the plays be used for any other purpose than the evaluation of this open call.

2. The award consists of the publication in the inaugural issue of the digital theater magazine, Falso Mutis.

3. After the deliberation playwrights will be notified by email of the editorial board’s decision. The results will also be presented through social networks and the magazine’s official website.

For more information:
Email: falsomutispr@gmail.com
Site: www.falsomutis.com

Sunday, April 8, 2018

#metoo Plays - 10-minute plays wanted

web site

Daring, angry, exciting, authentic, passionate

scripts for a ten minute play festival -- The #metoo Plays.

Harassment, abuse of power, suffering at the hands of another. This is the essential dialogue in our media, on our social platforms, in our living rooms and our bedrooms. Women, men, children --- we all have been affected. Victim or survivor? Predator or patsy. Witchhunt? Overkill? Resist? Redress? Fight? or find a common ground? Looking at all sides of the earth shaking, ground breaking #metoo movement that has affected all our lives.

Chosen scripts will be included in a series of readings of :
The #metoo Plays in Midtown Manhattan, free to the public in June 2018.

Select scripts will then be featured in a world premiere professional production in New York City in October 2018. Submissions: metooplays@gmail.com

Deadline: April 15, 2018

NO production, participation or submission fees.

Going To The River Festival 2018

web site

GOING TO THE RIVER (GTTR) is now accepting submissions for the Going To The River Festival 2018. The GTTR Festival 2018 will be at Ensemble Studio Theatre (EST) in New York City in July 2018.

The Festival will consist of never produced full-length work and short plays.

One full-length, new, never produced play AND/OR
2 ten to 20- Minute, never produced short plays

 The plays must be by women of color and by playwrights who live in the New York Tri-state area.
Please be mindful of cast size.
The submission deadline is April 12th, 2018, at 11:59PM EST

Only e-mail submissions addressed to director@goingtotheriver.com will be considered.

 To be considered: submissions should be in the form of one PDF document and organized as follows:

Page 1: Cover page to include:
The title, The playwright’s name, address, city, zip code & phone number
Page 2: a biography of the playwright
Page 3: Character Breakdown
Page 4: synopsis of the play
Page 5: begin the body of the play

 We are sorry we are unable to take phone calls.  You may address inquiries to: director@goingtotheriver.com.

 Plays selected will be notified by June 1st, 2018

2018 Third Annual One-Act Playwriting Jamboree

web site

NOTE: If you are  member of the Dramatist Guild, we will waive your submission fee only with proof of membership. Please submit proof of membership with your submission packet.

Submission Deadline:  April 20th, 2018

Writers are encouraged to submit their one-act plays with a running time of 20 minutes or less and are limited to a total of three (3) submissions for consideration.
Between 6 and 10 plays selected by a committee of three to five will receive the prize of a staged production of his or her play at the Rhino One Act Jamboree, which will be held August 24-26, 2018 at Rhino Studio 237. Full staged productions will include auditioned actors, directors (chosen by committee), producers, stage managers, ushers, ticket takers and tech crew.

Plays will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Dialogue
  • Overall writing quality

Please read and follow our submission guidelines. Submissions that are incomplete or do not follow these guidelines will be disqualified. To enter your play, you must submit the following:

(1) Three (3) hard copies of your play (or email in advance for electronic submissions/Paypal payment).

  • Plays should run 20 minutes or less and be written in the proper playwriting format (when in the proper format, running time is approximately one minute per page):
  • A list of characters with a brief physical description of each should also be included.
  •  Plays should contain 12 or fewer actors.
  • One person plays are accepted.
  • No musicals, unless you are providing accompaniment.
  •  Plays should have simple staging and technical needs.

 (2) A cover letter with the following information:

  • The name of your play
  • Your name full address, full contact information (including your e-mail and phone number)
  • A brief synopsis of your play (for publicity purposes if your play is selected)
  • A brief biography

(3) A check in the amount of $20 (US dollars) for each play submitted, made payable to: Rhino Theatre Group, LLC.  Please write "One-Act Jamboree" in the check's memo line.

NOTE: If you are  member of the Dramatist Guild, we will waive your submission fee only with proof of membership. Please submit proof of membership with your submission packet.


Rhino Theatre Group, LLC
Attn:  One-Act Jamboree
237 Hamburg Turnpike
Pompton Lakes, NJ  07442

Additional Information:
Submissions must be postmarked on or before April 20, 2018.
 If you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (business-size - 4" x 9 ½"), you will receive your play evaluation forms from our readers at the conclusion of the judging process.
Plays will NOT be returned and will be recycled.
The entry fee is non-refundable.

If your play is chosen, a $50 participation fee will be required prior to auditions for your play.  

As the playwright, you are invited to auditions and will have input regarding casting and production presentation.  However, Artistic Director may choose to exercise her authority regarding questionable content and/or presentation of the show with consideration and protection of the reputation of the company in its entirety.

PRIZES: At the conclusion of the jamboree, one winner will receive a $500 cash prize based on audience vote.

Small Fish Radio submission guidelines

web site

Writers, poets, storytellers, musicians, and comedians!
Small Fish Radio is looking for material for our new weekly podcast,

Submission Guidelines:


LISTEN to The Approximately 20-Minute Variety Hour

STEP TWO: What to write?

TWO-MINUTE SOAP OPERA – serialized: four to eight 2-3 minute episodes for a one story arc.

 1-2 minute fairy tales or stories.

 2-3 minute re-telling of a "Classic."

This just might be the perfect medium for the little idea
you don't know what to do with, a collection of limericks you
wrote, that silly little one-minute play, or a very short story.


Five Actors or Less – This does not mean five characters or less, it simply means
your play must be able to be performed by a maximum of five actors.

NO STAGE DIRECTIONS – While this may seem obvious given our “radio” format, it is important to remember that your play is conveyed through the dialogue, music, and sound effects.

Please do not submit recorded radio plays, stories or music.

We are not accepting produced radio plays.

Multiple submissions are acceptable, as long as you follow the guidelines listed above.

Please send your submissions (or questions) to: submissions@smallfishradio.com

Please follow us on Facebook for news of our next call for submissinos.


Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium produces portable theatre for the ear.
Over the past three years we’ve produced 14 shows featuring the work of over 50 artists from around the world. We’ve recorded live at Chicago Fringe, Chicago Dramatists, Victory Gardens Theatre, Simon's Tavern, and Small Fish Radio was a top-featured podcast on Atlanta Fringe Audio for the last three years. Our shows are recorded before a live audience, then a podcast of the showis offered for free here on iTunes and via our website.

To listen to our latest program, you may download the FREE podcast from iTunes and listen at your leisure, or go to our home page to listen there.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Florida Theatrical Association announces the 2018 New Musical Discovery Series.

web site

Aspiring writers from around the country are encouraged to submit their new works, which will be reviewed by a panel of theatre professionals, including renowned directors, writers, producers and performers. The panel will select one work that will each receive a staged reading, and one final winner will receive a workshop presented of their piece featuring local directors and talent. The Discovery Series will also include talkbacks for students and audiences with the playwrights and directors.

The deadline to submit musicals for consideration is April 28, 2018.

Playwrights must be available for rehearsals and performances last week of August, first week of Sept, 2018.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must include: A cover letter A history of the musical’s development A synopsis Full script A CD or flash drive with at least six songs from the production (can be a very basic recording) *Please note that materials will not be returned.

Electronic Submission can also be emailed to kennyhoward@floridatheatrical.org.

Mailing Address
100 S. Eola Drive, Ste. 200
Orlando, FL 32801

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Roaring Epiphany Production Company seeks playwrights

web site

The Roaring Epiphany Production Company is currently taking submissions for original one-acts that are weird, wacky, spooky, sci-fi, fantasy and horror to be produced and performed by REPC members.

Ideally looking for playwrights with a collaborative spirit to work closely with the director, producer and actors to make their piece come to life.

Please send your submission to epiphanycasting@gmail.com by April 30, 2018 to be considered.

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