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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Small Fish Radio seeks horror scripts

web site

Deadline is September 15th at Midnight.

web site

Please send your submissions to:

General Radio Script Guidelines:

Five Actors or Less – This does not mean five characters or less, it simply means your play must be able to be performed by a maximum of five actors.

NO STAGE DIRECTIONS – While this may seem obvious given our “radio” format, it is important to remember that your play is conveyed through the dialogue, music, and sound effects.

Length –
 Short plays around 10 minutes (or less); stories, poems, and songs no more than 5 minutes.

Short Stories, Poetry, and Song –
 We accept short stories, poetry, and songs in written form (PDF preferred).

Please do not submit recorded radio plays, stories or music.
We are not accepting produced radio plays.

Multiple submissions are acceptable, as long as you follow the guidelines listed above.

To listen to our latest program, you may download the FREE podcast from iTunes
and listen at your leisure, or go to our home page to listen there.

Halloween-themed scripts wanted

web site

Please consider the following guidelines for Därkhorse Drämatists “Tales from the Script”! It’s important to note, that while we favor newer plays, this festival is not limited to original work. Your submissions may have been produced at other venues, so long as it is unpublished and wasn’t featured in last year’s festival. Besides one-act plays, we are also looking for 1-person shorts & monologues. Please refer to the guidelines below.

One-acts: 25 page maximum / 10 page minimum. (No minimum page count for 1 person shorts or monologues). No exceedingly violent or pornographic material. Adult language allowed within reason.

Plays may have a maximum of 3-4 characters and should take place in a limited setting and minimal props.

Due for submission by September 1st.

2 submissions allowed per playwright.

Playwright must provide contact information including their location and previous production history of the play where applicable. Regional playwrights are given first consideration.

Submissions preferred in stageplay format. E-mailed no later than September 1st to: darkhorsedramatists@gmail.com

Plays can be any genre; comedy, satirical, farce, drama, horror or gothic as long as they fall into a loose ‘Halloween theme’. No musicals or murder mysteries please.

Plays will be mediated in a forum comprised of local playwrights, directors and actors to determine which will be produced.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Rewrite at Primary Stages

As soon as you finish your last line of dialogue, the need for rewrites begins. This class at Primary Stages ESPA will start by establishing individualized writing goals to conquer over ten weeks. Whether you choose to embark on a rewrite of your entire play or focus on individual scenes, writing exercises and in-class discussion will inspire you to ask new questions of your play, look at it from various angles, and deconstruct it with your fellow writers. You will leave this class with a stronger version of your play, and with the tools you need to transform any first draft into a polished, compelling work that’s ready to submit.

Starts September 18
Sundays from 11:00am – 2:00pm
Instructor: Edwin Sanchez (Writer, Barefoot Boy with Shoes On at Primary Stages)
Eddie’s class is all about being a safe place to try things. One week you may bring in a scene that totally slays, the next week, not so much. But this is the room where you can try. As a playwright, Eddie writes everything (including novels!) and doesn’t ascribe one specific style to his work. He believes that you should dive into whatever you are passionate about, so his class is dedicated to making a commitment to yourself as a writer—to really write and just go for it.

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Naughties 2016

web site

Image Theater of Lowell, MA (www.imagetheater.com) is seeking submissions of short plays, sketches, songs, or monologues for our “adult only” evening of original works to be performed on Saturday, November 12, 2016.

We are looking for sexy, silly, scandalous pieces, limit four characters or less, single set… have fun, because that’s what this evening of theater is all about!

To submit your play, monologue, or song, please send your work in a WORD format, along with full contact information on the cover page. Songs may be sent in Mp3 format, but lyrics should be included separately, along with sheet music.

Heading of submission: “ Naughties 2016”

Submission deadline: August 31st, 2016 no exceptions

E mail your submission(s) to: imagetheater@comcast.net,
attention Jerry or Ann.

Image Theater is a not for profit theater company that has produced the original works of playwrights since 2005

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Diez Minutos 2017 seeks 10-minute plays

web site

Players Workshop seeks plays for its Fifth Annual International 10-Minute Play Festival. This fully-staged festival will be in English, and will take place in late March of 2017 in the international arts center of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico — a World Heritage Site brimming with charm, history, and culture. San Miguel was voted Conde Nast Traveler Magazine 2013 "Best City in the World.”

There is no fee for submitting.

Each playwright whose script is selected and performed will receive a $25 USD cash honorarium and two complimentary tickets to the production. One play will be selected as the Audience Favorite and its playwright shall receive an additional $50 USD cash award. No other remuneration will be provided, and any playwright attending must do so at his or her own expense.

Submission Guidelines

Players Workshop may delete, without reading, any submission that does not comply with these rules.

Only one play may be submitted per entrant. In honor of our fifth anniversary, we’re making this year’s festival a “Free for All.” In other words, there is no theme. Just send us your best.

Only the first 100 plays entered are guaranteed to be considered.

We’re asking for blind submissions again this year.

No musicals or children’s plays, please.

The play must be submitted by email, as an attached PDF file. No MS Word files or other formats will be accepted. The subject line of your email should include your name and the title of the play.
The submission shall include all contact information for the playwright, including name, address, telephone number and email address on a separate title page; the script must be in standard play format, with a title page, a character listing, the setting, props, and any technical requirements or other production considerations. Your name must not appear on the script. The two files should be titled "Submission [Name Of Play]” and "Title Page [Name Of Play].”

The play must be in English and no longer than 10 pages in standard format, with a calculated running time of no less than eight minutes and no more than twelve minutes.

Submission period opens on August 1, 2016. Entries must be received prior to midnight U.S. Central Standard Time, August 31, 2016. No late submissions will be accepted because of transmission problems.

The play must be unpublished, but may have had previous productions. If the play has had previous productions, a production history must be included with the submission. The submitting playwright must own all rights to the play.

Selection of plays will be at the absolute discretion of the judges.

Selection of a play does not guarantee production. Producers may decline to produce a selected play because of casting, directing or any other consideration, in which case no payment will be due the playwright.

Selected entrants will receive a list of the festival scripts by email. Notification is expected to be made no later than December 1, 2016. Only playwrights whose plays were received in the first 100 submitted will receive first-round notification. Only playwrights whose plays have been selected for performance during the festival will receive notification of acceptance. Producers reserve the right to consider additional plays not received in the first 100.

Scripts are limited in subject matter or content. However, there must be no nudity, and suitability for performance before a general adult audience will be a factor in selection.
Plays are restricted to 4 or fewer characters. Small casts are preferable, as the stage size is modest, with minimal set, props, sound cues, and costuming. Our talent pool is composed mostly of actors aged 40 and older. This will be a factor in selection.
Entering playwrights grant the producers of Diez Minutos permission to perform the play a maximum of twelve times during the Diez Minutos 2017 festival, and to make as many copies of the script as are necessary for production. All other rights remain with the playwright.

Submitting Your Play
Please address your submission to: diezminutosfestival@yahoo.com. Any inquiries should be addressed to the same address.

Michael Gottlieb, Players Workshop
Producer of Diez Minutos 2017

MITF: Fall Call for Scripts

web site

MITF: Fall is a combination of full-lengths, short plays and musicals, children’s plays, a Variety division (Magic Acts, Improv, Stand-up, Cabaret, Sketch Comedy, etc), the Short Play Lab, and staged readings. (There is a $250 fee for Staged Readings).

Short plays and musicals are the mainstay of the MITF Short Subjects but we're looking for any kind of play or musical that fits the guidelines:

• Short Subjects and musicals 30 - 60 min. long
• Full-lengths and musicals 61-90 min. long
• Easy to produce in a no-frills festival.
• AEA showcases are welcome.
• Any genre. (Short subjects using guns as props will not be considered; full-lengths can use guns as props).
• Plays must be sent in Word Document or PDF File.
• Pages MUST be numbered and script must be in standard playscript format.**
• The estimated running time of the play must be clearly indicated.

The Festival will take place at the Workshop Theater's Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th St., NYC. MITF: Fall runs from October 29-November 20, 2016.
The Festival provides the WorkShop Theater's Jewel Box Theater, shared scenery (rehearsal cubes, a table, and 4 chairs), and front-of-house staff. Shows must be off book and provide their own board operator, stage manager, and company manager.

To submit a project, mark it clearly "MITF: Fall," and let us know whether it is a full-length, short subject, a musical, a variety act, a 10-min. play for our Short Play Lab, or a staged reading. We'll curate the entries as they come in, so you can start working on them as soon as possible. As this year’s SPL’s are the weekend before Halloween, plays with a “Halloween” or macabre theme are in demand. Please send all playscripts and all Variety submissions (video reels, YouTube, etc.) to: john.chatterton@gmail.com.

We look forward to your submissions!

Submission Deadline For Short Subjects and Full-lengths is September 30, 2016.
Submission Deadline For Variety Acts and the Short Play Lab is October 15, 2016

(We curate the scripts as we receive them, and will let you know if you are accepted as soon as possible, so as to give you more time to prepare for your production. So, the sooner you get your script in, the better. For all submissions, only one show per writer, per Festival).

*Please read the Festival Manual to learn about MITF's Profit Sharing Policy (PSP), the participant's options and our requirements. SPL’s and Variety Acts are not eligible to participate in the MITF’s Profit Sharing Policy.
**12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions; 1" margins all around.

Black and Brown Theatre currently seeking 10 minute plays from artists of color

Facebook page

Black and Brown Theatre, a Detroit area theatre which seeks to create opportunities for theatre artists of color is currently seeking 10 minute plays and/or 10 minute excerpts from larger pieces for our inaugural showcase at the Charles H Wright Museum in Detroit.

For this showcase, we are particularly interested in Black playwrights, Latinx playwrights, Arab American playwrights and Southeast Asian playwrights. 10 minute plays or 10 minute excerpts can be about any topic so long as it is possible for all of the roles to be cast with actors of color (Please note that the plays do not have to discuss race or ethnicity to be considered). Small casts (1-3 actors) preferred. We would also love one of the plays to be either bilingual (Spanish/English) or entirely in Spanish.

Playwrights whose work is accepted will receive a small stipend for their piece. The showcase is a one time performance on Sunday October 30, 2016 in Detroit. Playwrights are not required to attend performance or rehearsals. Playwrights may reside anywhere.

We have already had our auditions so we are looking for pieces ASAP (No later than Sept 4, 2016). We will read pieces as soon as they come and may select a piece before the official deadline as we need to begin rehearsals immediately. Please do not hesitate to send something.

Please send scripts as a PDF or Word Doc to BlackandBrownTheatre@gmail.com. Scripts do not have to be world premieres. Please include your name and contact info (Phone number, email, and mailing address) on the script. Also, please include a synopsis and cast breakdown in the body of the email. No more than 3 submissions per playwright.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

CUNY professor seeks theater production survey participation

CUNY professor Teresa Fisher is conducting research study in the area of new play development, focusing on how the process differs when done in an academic versus professional theatre setting.

She invites NYCPlaywrights to participate in this study in one of two ways:

1. An anonymous online survey located here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QRWMD9C

2. Interviews with individuals who have participated in new play development (in professional and/or academic settings). If you would like to participate via interview, please contact her via email at teresa.fisher@bcc.cuny.edu

Friday, August 26, 2016

Dionysian seeks short plays

web site

The Dionysian is constantly looking for new and upcoming playwrights while also presenting established playwrights. Any content is fair-game, as we would like to present a range of styles and themes, whether it be two lines of dialogue or a stream of consciousness monologue. We want to showcase your work.

If you:
Have a completed short play ranging from 1-10 pages

Please send a PDF copy, along with a short bio (not to be published alongside the play), and a quick blurb about the piece to:


The deadline for Issue 001 is Aug 31st. Anything received after that date will be considered for the following Issue.

Please remember Copyright and Performance Rights always remain with the writer and our publication is used only to highlight the Playwright. That being said please ensure that you, the Playwright, has full ownership of the material before submitting.

Sky Cooper New American Play Prize Guidelines

web site

We will be accepting submissions for the 2017 Sky Cooper New American Play Prize from August 1 - 31, 2016.

We will no longer be accepting submissions via email or standard post. Please complete the application form and upload your materials below.

  • Submissions will be accepted from August 1 – 31, 2016
  • Submissions must be original, unpublished full-length plays in English in any genre
  • Musicals, translations, one-acts, and any play previously submitted for the prizes are not eligible
  • Plays may not have received or be scheduled for a full-scale, professional production prior to submission 
  • Playwrights must be citizens of the United States
  • One submission per playwright is allowed each year; if you submitted for the 2017 David Calicchio Prize, you must submit the same play for both prizes
  • Playwrights submitting on their own behalf should submit a 10 page dialogue sample; Agents may submit full scripts for consideration. We prefer submissions as PDF of word documents (.pdf or .doc) with last name, first name, (title of the play) as the document title. For example: Wilson, August (Seven Guitars).pdf 
  • For the Sky Cooper prize, the submission is required to include a professional recommendation.

Apply Now

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Call for One-Act Comedies

Starlite Players produces a collection of short comedies for one weekend each month in Sarasota’s Starlite Room and has presented over 50 new plays since our debut in July 2015. (See History and Gallery.) We usually stage four plays per month and prefer short comedies that are LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY. We invite submissions at any time from playwrights who live in the Tampa Bay area. We also accept scripts from other playwrights during the dates specified under “Themes.”


Scripts must be production-ready. We strongly discourage first drafts and welcome prior productions. Please include development history but no playwright resume, bio, marketing materials, reviews, etc.

• What we offer you: No submission fee. For chosen plays: full production at no cost to playwright, plus a small royalty. All rights remain with the playwright.

• What we ask of you: Before submitting, invest a few minutes to learn about us at www.starliteplayers.com and our Facebook page. Then follow our guidelines.

• Submissions that do not comply with the guidelines cannot be considered.

GUIDELINES (Mandatory)

• Consideration will be limited to the first 50 scripts received that comply with ALL guidelines

• Open to playwrights from the Tampa Bay area at any time and from others at specific times (See “Themes”).

• Comedies only, preferably contemporary.

• Please, no plays requiring guns.

• Length: 11-25 pages. We are not accepting 10-minute plays.

• Cast: up to 4 actors.

• Production requirements: simple.

• Previous productions permitted and even encouraged.

• Original, unpublished work only. Must include a grant of rights if script is an adaptation or requires song lyrics, music, poetry or any other creative input by someone other than the playwright.

• Slightly risqué is OK; raunchy is not.

• Please, no resubmissions.

• Limit: one script per author within a 6-month period so send us your best. EXCEPTION: one submission will be accepted per playwright for each of the four themes listed below.

• Standard script format is REQUIRED: One-inch margins, 12-point type, single-spaced stage directions and dialogue (no space between character name and dialogue), character name centered above dialogue, pages numbered with first page of dialogue as page 1.

• No screenplays, musicals or children's plays.


You may interpret the themes as you understand them. Please don’t send emails requesting a definition or description.

Scripts will be accepted with no geographic restrictions on the dates stated with each theme. Because we’re deluged each time we issue a script call, we must regrettably limit the submission window to just a few days for each theme. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Love, Actually—Aug 25 through midnight Eastern time on Aug 28, 2016.
  • Thanksgiving—Sept 29 through midnight Eastern time on Oct 2, 2016.
  • Looking Back, Looking Ahead—Oct 27 through midnight Eastern time on Oct 30.


Please send email to scripts@starliteplayers.com with two attachments as follows:

1 pdf containing the script with title, cast of characters, set requirements but no information identifying the playwright anywhere in the script. File name should be: “(TITLE OF PLAY), (THEME), Script” (without quotation marks).
1 single-page pdf containing title of play, author name/address/contact information, short synopsis (about 50 words) and play’s development history. File name should be: “(TITLE OF PLAY), (THEME), Cover page” (without quotation marks).

We look forward to discovering exciting new work and genuinely appreciate your interest. However, due to the high volume of scripts and our very small staff, we are unable to enter into correspondence about guidelines or submissions. If we are interested in producing your play, we will contact you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seeking plays with Halloween themes

The AlphaNYC Theater Company is seeking plays written with scary, suspense, thriller, or Halloween themes for its Fear Theater Festival (previously announced as the Vampire Festival). Performances will take place the last two weekends of October. There is no charge to participate or submit a play. 

 Plays must be 15 minutes in length or LESS. The AlphaNYC will supply the actors, actresses, and directors. Playwrights receive billing and a bio in the program for shows as well as comp. tickets to a performance of their choice. Performances will take place at the new 60 seat Roebuck Theater in Midtown, New York City. 

 Please submit plays in PDF or Word document format to adam@thealphaNYC.com. Previously submitted plays do not have to be resubmitted.

One-Act Play Festival

web site

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays for its one-act play festival in NYC on Nov. 12th, 2016.

Plays should be between 10-15 minutes in length and have no more than four characters. We prefer to have comedy plays and those that are light-hearted. We love producing new and unpublished works but do accept works already produced. Multiple submissions are accepted. Plays should have simple set requirements. Since we are a community theater, plays with vulgar language will not be accepted. 

Please include synopsis and contact information. 

Plays will be accepted through Aug. 30, 2016

Submit plays to info@thespianproductioninc.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Online Writing Classes at Primary Stages ESPA

Our online classes are an extension of our time-tested in-studio writing curriculum, designed for writers anywhere in the world! We will help you create or polish a draft of your new play or screenplay through weekly assignments and lectures, providing the necessary structure and deadlines to those outside the New York area or with unpredictable schedules.

This 10-week online class will guide you through the development of your first draft, providing concrete deadlines and constructive feedback that will encourage you to get your ideas on the page.
Section A Instructor: Adam Szymkowicz (Writer, Hearts Like Fists, Clown Bar, and prior member of Primary Stages Writers Group)
Section B Instructor: Caridad Svich (Writer, 2012 OBIE Winner for Lifetime Achievement)

Whether you choose to embark on a rewrite of your entire play or focus on individual scenes, writing exercises and online lectures will inspire you to ask new questions of your play, look at it from various angles, and deconstruct it with individualized feedback from Jeni.
Instructor: Jeni Mahoney (Writer, Fata Morgana at BCT; Founding Artistic Director, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference)

This 10-week class will be run just like real-life television writing room, interacting with Andrea and your classmates live via the Citrix platform. You will pitch your show and jump into rigorous timed exercises that will help you create character backgrounds and establish a specific and truthful world.
Instructor: Andrea Ciannavei (Screenwriter, "The Path" on Hulu)

Our award-winning faculty, comprised of working professionals in the field, provides practical skills and expert guidance in a collaborative community atmosphere.

We provide students easy and convenient payment plans to break up tuition. Primary Stages ESPA is a home for all artists, in all stages of their careers. For more information, call 212.840.9705 x211 or email espa@primarystages.org.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Living Room Theater New Play Incubator: Immigration

web site

Living Room Theater is seeking playwrights to develop plays about immigration for its New Play Incubator this October/November. Playwrights will be divided into 2 groups and meet 3 times. In the course of 3 weeks, the playwrights will create a 10 minute play related to immigration. Each group will culminate in a staged reading for the public. Actors and director will be provided for the reading. Playwrights may attend auditions and rehearsals if they like.

There is no fee to submit or to participate. Playwrights must be able to attend all meetings of at least one group. Please do not submit if you cannot make all the meetings of at least one group. All meetings/rehearsals/readings will be held in Manhattan. Non-New York based playwrights may apply but must be able to travel to the meetings/reading. No travel stipend is provided.

Group A Meetings

10/15/16 from 1-3pm

10/22/16 from 1-3pm (First draft due)

10/29/16 from 1-3pm

Staged reading on 11/13/16 at 3pm

Group B Meetings

10/16/16 from 4-6pm

10/23/16 from 1-3pm (First draft due)

10/30/16 from 1-3pm

Staged reading on 11/17/16 at 8pm

Please submit a resume, a 10 minute play, and a short paragraph in the email why you would be interested in writing about immigration to lvtnewplays@gmail.com Please specify which group you are applying for or if both groups work for you. Only selected finalists will be asked to interview between October 1, 2016 to October 9, 2016. Submission deadline is September 25, 2016.

Living Room Theater has been producing and developing new plays in New York City since 2010. Our mainstage productions include Thicker than Water, The Ephemeral Lightness of Dreams, The Procedure, Pretty Little Mouth, 29x/y, Slam Team, Lola and the Planet of Glorious Diversity. Work we have developed through our Writers’ Circle and other readings include Micro Shrimp, Lost at Sea, Flappers In Chains, Frank, The C Word, For Our Own, Apples from Eve, and An Orchid In Winter.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shakespeare Society Residency

web site

Calling ACTORS, DIRECTORS, and small theater COMPANIES!
Have a great idea for exploring a Shakespeare play?
Want to spend a week doing it?

We are pleased to announce the opening of applications for our two 2016-17 Shakespeare Works Artist Residencies. These week-long residencies are the cornerstone of our Shakespeare Works program. Residencies offer artists a unique - and rare - opportunity: spend a week asking questions, developing your knowledge, and acting on your creative impulses as you immerse yourself in the Shakespeare play of your choice.

Each Residency provides a director and 6-8 actors with
  • a week's worth of free space (25 to 30 hours); 
  • study materials, including various editions of the Shakespeare play of the artists' choice, dictionaries, etc.; 
  • modest stipends for all participants; 
  • visiting academic, artistic and voice-text advisors; and 
  • the time to think, read aloud, discuss and discover.
  • The week concludes with a public panel discussion reviewing the week's work in front of an audience. The program is designed to give participants the time and space to learn, experiment and explore the plays with a freedom that producing theater companies can rarely provide. The only Residency requirement is that every word of the chosen play be read aloud. 

Complete your application HERE.

Deadline to be considered for an October Residency is Friday, September 2, 2016. Please contact Artistic & Development Associate Jackie Tralies with questions. Email only, no phone calls.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Seeking 1 act play scripts 7 - 15 minutes for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's NEW ARTIST PLAY SERIES

web site

September 27 and 28, 2016 at Manhattan Repertory Theatre,
303 West 42nd St. at 8th Ave.

In our effort to support new playwrights, we are seeking new short 1 act play scripts 7 - 15 minutes from playwrights that have NEVER had a play produced before in New York City, which we will present on Tuesday September 27, and Wednesday September 28 here at Manhattan Rep as part of our New Artist Play Series. If accepted, we will cast, rehearse and bring your play to life here at Manhattan Rep.

To submit your short play script (7 - 15 minutes) please email:

  • The complete script of your never produced before 1 act play as a .pdf,
  • a synopsis of the play,
  • a cover letter with more information about yourself and your work,

your mailing address, and a contact email address to:

manhattanrep@yahoo.com by Thursday September 1, 2016.

Please put “New Artist Play Series” in the subject heading.
We will contact you within a week, if not sooner, as to your acceptance.

Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.
The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before September 1, 2016, if we fill up all available performance slots

There is no submission fee.

Again, this is solely a script submission. We will create a team to present your play here as part of this event.

Once accepted, there is a $30 commitment fee. There are no other production fees or costs to the playwright involved in this event.

For more information, please log on to: http://www.manhattanrep.com/

Owl and Cat Season Seeking Scripts

web site

Melbourne based company, The Owl and Cat Theatre, is currently seeking script submissions to produce for its fourth season of works.

Website: www.owlandcat.com.au
Enquires: Thomas@owlandcat.com.au


Email to: owlandcatscripts@gmail.com

-MUST be a World Premiere
(must not have been previously staged, however play readings are acceptable)

-Must explore current themes/ideas.

-Provocative and confrontational works are favoured.

-Musicals are not accepted.

-Must be one act or full length (short plays are not accepted)

-Must be in pdf format.

-Successful playwrights will receive a one off payment of AUD$100.

Happy writing,

The Owl and Cat Theatre

Bindlestiff Studio - LOVE EDITION: TIME AFTER TIME seeks plays 25 minutes and under

Facebook page

Bindlestiff Studio, the nation's only theater dedicated to showcasing Filipino-American performing arts, is bringing back the LOVE and soliciting short plays to be staged in February 2017 for THE LOVE EDITION : TIME AFTER TIME.
The Love Edition has been one of our most celebrated shows, featuring short plays about Love, Heartache, and the Weirdness in between.

This year’s theme, Time After Time, will spotlight melodramas through the ages. Tales of the star-crossed and lovelorn have captivated generations of audiences across the world through soap operas, teleseryes, telenovelas, Korean dramas and the like. While the call is open to diverse and unique interpretations of love stories, we encourage writers to submit plays that embrace/celebrate/critique/reinvent the emotional spectacle of the melodrama genre.

We will be accepting electronic submissions until
12AM (PST) OCTOBER 7TH, 2016. Bindlestiff Studio does not charge reader's fees. Selected playwrights will receive a minimum of $50 and comp reservations for the run of the show.

To have your script considered for production, your script must follow the Love Edition submission guidelines:

1) Written in stage play format
2) 5-20 pages / 25 minutes or under. 5 powerful pages can impress us just as much (and probably more so) than 20 so-so pages.
2) Written about Love, Heartache, and the Weirdness in between.
4) Formatted as PDF, DOC, or DOCX. Include your contact info (Name, Email, and Phone).
5) Attach and email script to TheLoveEdition@gmail.com with “SCRIPT SUBMISSION” in the SUBJECT line by midnight October 7th.
Only 2 submissions per writer please.

*Women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals encouraged to apply.

We'll send a confirmation email upon receipt of each submission. Because of the amount of scripts received, we will be unable to give feedback on every submission. Selections will be announced in November 2016.

We look forward to reading your scripts. Show us the love!


Seeking fully produced, (cast, directed and ready to be performed by Sept.)
original, never produced before
15 - 40 minute 1 act plays
for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's

September 7 & September 8, 2016
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd St. at 8th Ave.

Each 15 - 40 minute play will be given a short tech rehearsal, a full dress rehearsal with the other plays participating, and a minimum of 2 performances!

To submit your 15 - 40 minute play production please email:

The complete script of the play as a .pdf, a synopsis of the play,
the character breakdown, the set and lighting requirements,
the play's production history (if it has been produced before and where)
your mailing address, and a creative team leader contact email address to:

manhattanrep@yahoo.com by Tuesday August 23, 2016.

Please put “SHORT PLAY PROJECT” in the subject heading.
We will contact you within a week, if not sooner, as to your acceptance.

Plays that we love will be accepted on a First-Come First-Served basis.
The earlier you submit the better chances you have of being accepted for we may end submissions before August 23, 2016, if we fill up all available performance slots

There is no submission fee. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

We will supply a technician to run the sound and lights.

Once accepted, there will be a $30 commitment fee.

For more information, please log on to: http://www.manhattanrep.com/

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