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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


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Variations Theatre Group, a nonprofit company run by highly qualified theater professionals, invites submission of one act and full length plays for its First Frost Festival at the classy Chain Theatre in Long Island City (near MOMA PS1)  to be held between December 5th and December19th, 2015. There are no reading fees, submission fees or participation fees. We curate your work, select a few of them and, based on our evaluation, and run them for two weeks.
Deadline for submission is November 9, 2015. 
  • Plays could be one act or full length. There are no length restrictions.
  • Each play will be shown at least three times during the course of the Festival, which will be held from the 5th to 19th of December 2015.
  • Each play should bring its own production team. 
  • For more details and application form please visit our website http://variationstheatregroup.com/newsite/first-frost-festival/
  • Applications must be emailed on or before November 9, 2015 toSubmissions@variationstheatregroup.com.
  • Successful applicants will be notified on or before November 11, 2015.

For questions, please contact us at info@variationstheatregroup.com.

MITF's New Fall Festival

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November 2 - 22, 2015

Dear Friend in the Theatre,

The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) has started a new festival -- in November. MITF: Fall combines some of the most popular features of other MITF festivals: short plays and musicals, a Variety division, the Short Play Lab, and staged readings.
Short plays and musicals are the mainstay of the MITF Short Subjects (part of the larger MITF, in July) and the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival. We're looking for any kind of short play or musical that fits the guidelines:
* 30 - 60 min. long
* Easy to produce in a no-frills festival
* Any genre. (Plays using guns as props will not be considered).
* Plays must be sent in Word Document or PDF File. Pages MUST be numbered and script must be in standard playscript format.*

The Festival will take place at the Workshop Theatre's JewelBox Theatre, 312 W. 36th St., NYC

Short plays and musicals receive 3 performances, all in the same week. Producers receive a share of the profits, if any. Shows receive a tech rehearsal equal to 2.5 times the running time of the show.
The Variety division spans cabaret, magic, improv, sketch comedy, standup, and burlesque. Acts can be solo or group affairs, so long as they fit within an hour, including setup and strike, and so long as they bring their own music director and so forth. The Festival provides a keyboard and amp. Shows receive a 1-hour tech rehearsal and a share of the profits, if any.

The Short Play Lab is just like the regular Short Play Labs throughout the year: 2 programs of about 10 short plays each (not to exceed 10 min. in length), each program performed twice. The Festival takes the door; 2 cash prizes are awarded to the most popular shows, 1 from each program. Each show receives no more than 20 min. of tech rehearsal.

For all shows, the Festival provides a theatre (the WorkShop Theater Jewel Box), shared scenery (rehearsal cubes, a table, and 4 chairs), front-of-house staff, a board op (NOT a lighting designer), and a keyboard plus amp if necessary. Shows must be fully produced (off book!).

In addition to the fully produced shows, there will also be staged readings on weekday afternoons. Producers wishing to present a staged reading must make sure their reading doesn't exceed 3 hours and must pay a $100 fee. The Festival doesn't provide a board op or any technical rehearsal to speak of.
To submit a project, mark it clearly "MITF AutumnFest," and let us know whether it is a short play or musical, a variety act, a 10-min. play, or a staged reading. We'll curate the entries as they come in, so you can start working on them as soon as possible. Please send all playscripts and all Variety submissions (video reels, youtube, etc.), to: john.chatterton@gmail.com
We look forward to your submissions!

Submission Deadline For Short Subjects Is October 15.
Submission Deadline For Short Play Lab and Variety Is October 22.
*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions; 1" margins all around.

Ninth Annual Original One­Act Festival

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Stage Door Productions, Inc.
Ninth Annual Original One­Act Festival
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Festival prizes to be awarded: Six plays shall be selected for production in the spring (March/April) of 2016. Of those six selected, one shall win the Grand Prize $150 and one shall win runner up $100 as determined by the festival play readers. Of the remaining four, one shall will an Audience Favorite Prize $100 to be determined by the audience attending the festival performances.

Guidelines for submission:

All submissions must be original, unpublished one act plays of 20 pages or less.
Submissions must be received by email between August 1, 2015 and November 1, 2015
Any submissions not adhering to the following guidelines may be eliminated from consideration. 

Additional information and guidelines:

All scripts must be submitted electronically via email in .pdf format.

All scripts should include a short biography of the playwright for publication on website, programs, and publicity materials to be considered for evaluation.
Playwrights will be notified via e­mail when their manuscript is received. 

Scripts should include:
A separate title page with name of the playwright, address, telephone number and e­mail address

A cast of characters with descriptions

A brief synopsis

Numbered pages

Playwrights shall not submit more than two plays to be considered per festival year.

Playwrights will be notified by February 1, 2016, if their play has been selected for production.

Plays selected for production will be listed on our website, www.stagedoorproductions.org

All production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.

Stage Door Productions shall have the right to produce selected scripts without payment of royalties.

Production will be at the discretion of Stage Door Productions.

Only stage plays will be considered. Musical, film or TV scripts will not be selected for production.

All submissions must be original and unpublished.

Scripts will be judged on concept, dramatic action, characterization, cast size, and dialogue. Technical requirements will be noted.

Critical analysis or feedback will not be provided.

Playwrights should be aware that the size of our stage is limited. There are no opportunities for elaborate scene  changes.

Please consider our audience and do not send sexually explicit or gratuitously violent scripts.

Jewish Playwriting Contest

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Artists can submit projects to be for considered for the Jewish Playwriting Contest, our competition for full-length plays dealing with contemporary Jewish themes; for OPEN: Festival of New Jewish Theater at the 14th Street Y; and other developmental and advocacy opportunities as they arise.

To date, the JPP has advanced 23 new plays, 11 of which have gone on to production in New York, Boston, Detroit, Tel Aviv and around the US (see www.jewishplaysproject.org/success for more). Together with the OPEN Festival, the JPP has featured some of the country’s most exciting next-generation artists (Daniella Topol, Robert Askins, Brooke Berman, Jonathan Caren, Marc Bruni, Resident Director Benjamin Kamine, and tons of others).

IMPORTANT NOTE: SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN TO ARTISTS OF ALL BACKGROUNDS, DENOMINATIONS, FAITHS, CREEDS, RELIGIONS and other IDEALS. We believe that Jewish identity and culture are specific manifestations of universal human cravings for spiritual, ethical, moral and worldly joy. “Matrilineal descent” is neither important nor necessary.

CONTENT PREFERENCES: The JPP seeks plays that find the intersection between Jewish identity and global self. We want to look at the places where Jewish ideas, traditions, stories, myths, culture (and yes, religion) impact, inform, and hopefully improve our lives.

While we value history, we will always lean toward plays that tackle vibrant strands of today’s world: social justice, economic justice, diversity, strong women in Jewish life, LGBTQ inclusion, new perspectives on Israel, environmentalism, and interfaith relations.

Be bold. Think differently about what Jewish theater can be. Strive for epic size and impact. Embrace the emotional, mystical, the theatrical. Tackle the challenging, the controversial, the provocative. We are unafraid to walk these roads with you.

SUBMISSION: Entries are due by October 18, 2015 at 11:59 pm. Each submitting playwright must fill out the Project Application form (www.jewishplaysproject.org/submit). Playwrights will upload their play to the form as a PDF with their name removed (all plays are reviewed blind). There is no fee to submit, but there is a one (1) submission per person rule.

ELIGIBILITY: Full-length plays that deal with contemporary Jewish themes that have never been produced in New York City. The following must be true of a submitted play:

1. It contains significant Jewish themes, characters, content, or points of view.
2. It is not a Holocaust play (stories that deal directly with the history of the Shoah, its survivors and their children, or the World War II period more generally).
3. It does NOT fall into the beloved category of "ethnically stereotypical comedy" (No 'Yiddishemammeh" plays, no "My Afternoon With Bubbe", no "Jewtopia")
4. It is in English. (We welcome translations).
5. It runs at least 75 minutes.
6. It has not had a full production in the NY Metro region, or a major regional theater (LORT C or above).

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Torrent Theatre is seeking 10-20 minute plays

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Torrent Theatre is seeking 10-20 minute plays for its 2015-2016 Season. All selected plays will be fully produced as part of Torrent's short play festival.

Torrent Theatre, a collaborative of young artists, strives to push social boundaries and spark a discussion amongst their audience, examining our every-day decisions and challenging the status-quo. What has come to be expected of us? Have we fallen into a trap - a vicious cycle of repetitive motions? Do we embrace the status quo and cling to tradition, or do we choose to resist that cycle and make waves in order to strive for something better?

The collaborative was founded by Albright College alumni Sheldon Carpenter and Ilyssa DePonte in January of 2015 and made their sold-out NYC debut with Neil LaBute's Reasons To Be Pretty in September.

Application Instructions

Please send submissions in PDF format as well as a 50-150 word summary of your play to TorrentSubmissions@gmail.com

Rover Dramawerks 10-Minute Play Contest

web site

Rover Dramawerks announces our second annual 10-Minute Play Contest, We are seeking 10-minute comedies or farces to be a part of our SWEET Sixteenth Season.
  • Submissions will be accepted from September 20 to October 20.
  • Only the first 300 10-minute plays will be accepted.
  • No musicals.
  • Plays may have been produced previously but not in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • Plays may not be published.
  • Playwrights may submit only one 10-minute play. Additional plays submitted by a single person will result in disqualification.
  • A cast list and brief synopsis must be included.
  • Only PDF files will be accepted.
  • Name and contact info must not appear anywhere on the script (i.e. this is a blind submission process). 
  • Submissions will ONLY be accepted using the form provided: http://form.jotform.us/form/52236320223138
  • There is no fee.

Five to eight plays will be chosen to be a part of Rover’s 10-Minute Play Festival, June 30 - July 9, with all winners receiving a $50 prize. The audience will also vote on the “Best of the Fest,” and that overall winner will receive an additional $100.

Rover Dramawerks performs in a reconfigurable black box theatre that seats 80-120. Please take this into consideration when presenting your work to us for consideration. We recommend that you check out our website at www.roverdramawerks.com to see the types of plays we generally produce.

Please note: The judges reserve the right not to award prizes or productions if they feel the caliber of plays received does not warrant a winner.

Monday, October 5, 2015


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San Francisco Theater Pub is pleased to announce that our popular PINT-SIZED PLAYS event will be returning for a sixth year but first, right now, we are accepting script submissions from playwrights for THE MORRISSEY PLAYS.

Disappointed? That’s fine. MORRISSEY doesn’t need your love. Yours, or anybody else’s.

Conceived by head writer/director Stuart Bousel (from an idea by Nirmala Nataraj), THE MORRISSEY PLAYS is an evening of short plays that take place in a bar and involve people drinking heavily and talking about MORRISSEY, and/or living the way MORRISSEY would want them to live, if he wanted anything from anybody. Which he doesn’t. The 2016 MORRISSEY PLAYS will happen January 18, 19, 25, and 26 at PianoFight in downtown San Francisco.Because PianoFight is where Theater Pub performs and because January is the saddest month of the year.

The Rules:

* Plays must be no longer than the time it takes MORRISSEY to take off his shirt at a concert. This means plays may be as short as a few seconds, but no longer than two songs from “Vauxhall and I” (i.e. 10 minutes, or 8 pages). Additionally, each play should be titled after (and ideally inspired by) a MORRISSEY song. Yes, Smiths songs are an option. Duh.

* Plays must require no more than four actors. None of those actors can or will be MORRISSEY. None of the characters should be either. This isn’t a MORRISSEY drag show. Though if you’re the sort of person who would buy tickets to that- PLEASE APPLY.

* All of the characters in the play should drink. Sober conversations about MORRISSEY are the worst. At least half of them should smoke too, but we can’t smoke in bars any more. THANKS PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LIVE.

* Plays must take place in a bar. The kind of bar MORRISSEY fans would hang out in. This is for both thematic and logistical reasons. The plays will be performed in the bar space of the PianoFight building and the only set items we can guarantee are tables, chairs, and drinks. We can not and will not guarantee MORRISSEY.

* Plays must respect the bar space. PianoFight is incredibly supportive of our company, but in return, we need to be worthy of their trust. Don’t demand that actors do anything in your play that you wouldn’t do in a bar yourself. Except maybe talk about MORRISSEY. These plays aren’t about YOU, okay?

* Submissions should be emailed to theaterpub@atmostheatre.com, with the subject line “Last Name, First Name – Title of a MORRISSEY song”. Attach the script to the email as a PDF or Word doc. All scripts should include playwright’s name and contact information.

* Submission deadline is midnight Pacific time, October 25, 2015. Midnight is the time which suits MORRISSEY best because wistful sighs are loudest at midnight, and the light that shines from your window as MORRISSEY stares longingly at it from the shadows has the highest contrast. Selected plays will be announced in November “Spawned A Monster” 2015. (please note: MORRISSEY is the monster).

The Suggestions:

*MORRISSEY is a vegetarian. We are sincerely hoping at least one show is titled “Three MORRISSEY Fans Eat Hamburgers And Talk About MORRISSEY.”

*MORRISSEY is super divisive. You don’t have to like MORRISSEY to submit to this project. You just have to have an opinion and a good working knowledge of the MORRISSEY songbook. Don’t lie about this. We’ll know.

*Extra points if you can actually justify any song on “Kill Uncle” or come up with an explanation for the track list on “Hatful of Hollow”.

*Monologues are totally accepted. Particularly ones that open or close with “Fuck MORRISSEY.”

*MORRISSEY is a romantic poet’s wet dream and one witty-ass motherfucker- the 20th century’s answer to Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron, blither than Annie Lennox, sulkier than Lana Del Rey, too dark to be pop, too lazy to be goth, gayer than Suede (both Suedes), more hetero-depresso than Roy Orbison, the spiritual love child of Chris Isaac and Freddie Mercury, built by God to outlast even Madonna and most definitely Lady Gaga, able to hold the hands of Taylor Swift fans everywhere, look deeply into their eyes, and gently diagnose them as the human failures they are. So we’ll be looking for lyrical, dia-logo-magical stuff here. Or stuff that’s just really funny. I mean, seriously- how can anyone take MORRISSEY seriously? Especially post Johnny Marr. DONT YOU DARE SAY SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT MORRISSEY! Or Johnny Marr.

*This is an INCREDIBLY CONCEPTUAL project, and applicants should be open to crafting their pieces to fit the project. This could mean trimming, shaping, expanding, revising, etc. Nothing will be done without the playwrights’ permission and everybody will be asked to make whatever changes are needed themselves, but you need to be open to feedback and continued shaping as we work together to create an evening of droll and melancholy but also cohesive and entertaining pop theater. Imagine we’re all writing songs for an album, an album sung by MORRISSEY, only MORRISSEY is played by 6-10 actors who will at no time actually play MORRISSEY. The object will be to create material these actors can play- ideally without any of them doubling characters. This is an “in world” festival, for lack of a better terms. So come in knowing we may/probably will ask you to adjust material to fit better into the world of the evening.

The Legalese:

* Anyone may apply. MORRISSEY doesn’t believe in boundaries, except the unsurmountable one between the lover and the beloved one.

* There is no fee to submit a play for consideration. MORRISSEY knows you’re poor.

* Selected playwrights will receive a small stipend and the opportunity to have their play produced by San Francisco Theater Pub for four performances in January. Small stipends may also be cups of tears.

* San Francisco Theater Pub will handle all production responsibilities for the selected plays, including the director (Stuart Bousel). We reserve the right to choose actors for each play as we see fit.

* The submitted plays, whether chosen for production or not, remain the intellectual property of their authors. San Francisco Theater Pub makes no claims to these scripts and will not cut, edit, or otherwise change the playwright’s dialogue without the writer’s express permission.

* If you have additional questions, please email theaterpub@atmostheatre.com.

We’d look forward to reading your submissions, but we’re sort of laying around the place feeling all sad for ourselves so… whatever.

Reva Shiner Comedy Award

web site

Guidelines for Submission

The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. 

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2016-17 Reva Shiner Comedy Award (deadline Oct. 31, 2015). The top 10 finalists and the winner of the 2016-17 Reva Shiner Comedy Award will be announced at the end of March 2016.
  • "Full-length" plays will have a complete running time of between 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) to 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes).
  • Plays submitted must be unpublished at the time of submission. Plays that have received developmental readings, workshop productions, or productions at small theatre companies are acceptable. No scripts with previous productions at major regional theaters will be accepted. Once entered, subsequent activity does not change the acceptability of the script.
  • Each submission must include a synopsis (1 page or less) including the cast size. A separate page should include a brief bio of the playwright, and production/development history if applicable.
  • Each submission must include a cover letter with contact information and a $10.00 reader fee. Agent submissions require no fee. The fee will be waived for Dramatist Guild members with an enclosed photocopy of a membership card. 

Make sure to note with your submission that you have paid the reader fee online.
It is preferable for musicals to include a demo CD. The complete score is not necessary but may be included. All plays are read by BPP's literary personnel led by and including the Literary Manager and Artistic Director.

We do not accept e-mail submissions. Scripts will not be returned. Blind submissions are not necessary. Please include all contact information. Plays submitted in previous years will be accepted.
The BPP reserves the right not to name a winner and/or name a winner but not commit to a reading or production.
Send to:
Reva Shiner Comedy Award
Bloomington Playwrights Project
107 W. 9th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
Scripts must be postmarked by October 31, 2015, and received no later than November 10, 2015. We are not responsible for postal delays, and recommend you not choose to send Media Mail unless you are submitting several weeks in advance.
For further information, write BPP, Attn: Literary Manager, 107 W. 9th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404. For faster replies, please e-mail us at literarymanager@newplays.org

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Ruby Slipper Fringe

web site

The Ruby Slipper Fringe will provide independent female artists representing a wide range of demographics with a platform to be seen and heard by a supportive group of colleagues and to be introduced to a wider community of audiences. The Fringe will present new and in-process works that speak to a wide range of experiences, artisitc styles and genres while shining light on the lack of women's voices inherent in the worlds of playwrighting, dance, filmmaking, literary arts, music, visual arts and more. With the theme of parity in mind, programming will be made accessible to all members of the community through culturally sensitive curating that includes voices from an array of backgrounds and through socio-economically inclusive events which will be free and open to the public.

FEBRUARY 18 - 21 AND FEBRUARY 25 - 28, 2016
251 Spruce Street, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27101
(Detailed Schedule to be posted December 2015)

Applications Accepted: September 28 – November 30, 2015

Deadline for Applications: November 30, 3015

Artists notified regarding the status of their application: December 16, 2015

Artists Accept and Confirm Participation: No later than December 18, 2015

Fringe Schedule Confirmed (artist performance slots): December 30, 2015

Ruby Slipper Fringe Festival: FEBRUARY 18 - 21 AND FEBRUARY 25 - 28, 2016

Stage Left Theater call for 1-minute plays for Fast & Furious

web site

Stage Left Theater, of Spokane, WA, is pleased to announce its call for 1-minute scripts for Fast & Furious, a staged reading of really short plays, in February 2016.

*What? 1-minute plays (2 page maximum for dialogues, 1 page maximum for monologues)
*Two scripts maximum.
*All genres welcome (no children’s plays or musicals)
*Playwrights can be from anywhere, but plays must be in English.
*Standard play format preferred.
*There are no restrictions on content, but our audiences prefer more PG-13 fare.
*Cast size, no restrictions
*Deadline: November 1, 2015
Notification: January

Submission procedure: 
1. Fill out the submission form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8ZZ87VB
2. Send the full script with your contact information and character breakdown. Include all the information in one document. The document should be labeled the play’s name_your last name (i.e. Hamlet_Shakespeare).
3. E-mail your script as a Microsoft Word document or PDF to sandrah@spokanestageleft.org. The subject line should include Fast & Furious Submission  and the title of the play.
4. Include your name and email address in the body of your email.
Fee? None. No payment to writers as this is an all-volunteer event.
Questions? Contact Fast & Furious coordinator Sandra Hosking at sandrah@spokanestageleft.org.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your work.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

CLOCKHOUSE Submissions

web site

Clockhouse accepts works of poetry, fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, and dramatic works for stage or screen. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging writers. (Current students of Goddard College are ineligible to submit to Clockhouse, but we look forward to reading your work after you graduate.)

Submit to Clockhouse


All submissions must:
  • Be original, unpublished work written by the author
  • Follow the industry-standard formatting guidelines appropriate for the genre as well as the applicable guidelines below:
  • Fiction: Short stories and self-contained novel excerpts in a literary style. Genre fiction will be considered only if it sustains literary merit (Up to 5,000 words)
  • Poetry: All poetry in traditional and experimental styles including prose poetry (Up to 250 lines)
  • Memoir and Creative Nonfiction: All memoir and creative nonfiction in traditional and experimental literary styles. No academic or scientific essays (Up to 5,000 words)
  • Dramatic Work for Stage or Screen: Short dramatic works in traditional and experimental styles, either a standalone piece or an excerpt from a one-act or full length play or screenplay (Up to 15 pages)
  • Include a short bio of approximately 100 words or less
  • Include a brief artist statement: a few sentences about your work as an artist (i.e., not a “pitch” for this submission, but rather a statement about what you’re interested in writing about now, what drives your writing, or how your writing is reflecting or influencing the world at large, etc.)
  • Be submitted only through our online submission manager (see link at bottom of page). No email submissions will be accepted

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be discarded unread.

Submission period for the Summer 2016 issue opens on August 15, 2015 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on December 1, 2015.

Responses to submissions

Please expect to wait up to four months for a reply. After that time, if you have not yet received a reply, please check on the status of your submission by sending an e-mail to submissions@clockhouse.net. Indicate the title of your piece, the genre, and the original date of submission.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


web site

For this commission, please consider the work of Maria Irene Fornes, a godmother of formally innovative playwriting in the U.S.

Please take a look, specifically, at The Danube and Fefu and Her Friends. (If you have not read the work of Maria Irene Fornes you might want also to dip into Mud, Abington Square, The Conduct of Life, and Promenade — or others!)

In crafting the idea for the play you wish to propose, please utilize the following:
  • a cast made up entirely of women
  • a play broken into 5 scenes, at least three of which are set in different locations
  • voices from people who are not in the room, and the faces of people who are not in the room 
  • (cannot be puppets or language tapes)
  • (probably avoid screens or screen containing devices)
  • a singalong
  • a scene which is repeated

And please begin your play (ala Fornes) with one of the two sentences:
“Something like that could never happen.”
“That’s why they left.”

Finally, some helpful thoughts from Ms. Fornes:
  • Be always true to the character, respectful of the character.
  • Something inside you eventually shifts into the perspective of the character.
  • It’s important not to be seduced by style.

Please submit the following through the online application:
(this is a BLIND submission, see notes below)
  • completed information form
  • a one-page letter of intent telling us about your proposed project
  • 10 exploratory pages from the proposed project (either contiguous or from different sections of the proposed play – your choice)
  • a completed play you’ve written in the past (see note below)
  • a resume


No names please, on the letter, the 10 page sample or the complete play. The panel reads all submissions BLIND — the only place your name should appear is on the info form and on your resume.

The letter of intent should briefly map out the proposed piece and, if need be, orient the reader to the excerpt’s relationship to the whole. You needn’t explain or repeat anything that your 10 page sample makes clear. Then give us an idea of where the piece is coming from and where you think you want to go with it.

We are requesting a completed play you’ve written in the past so that our readers can get a greater sense of your voice, if they feel they need to. Please note (where prompted in the info form) any relationship or similarities the completed play has to the proposed project, and recommend 10 pages for us to look at for reference.

One last thing: this is a commission for Clubbed Thumb. So look around our website at our parameters and history for reference, if they are not familiar to you.


DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 30th at 11:59pm.

The proposals will be read and adjudicated over the course of the fall, and the commission(s) awarded by the end of 2015.

The $15,000 commission — which might be split between writers if the panel so elects — will be paid out in three installments every six months, with the first installment following the signing of a contract. Send questions to info[at]clubbedthumb.org

Click here to fill out an application.

The Fine Arts Association seeks 10-minute plays


The Fine Arts Association will once again showcase original, never been published 10-minute plays. Those chosen will be fully produced as part of the 20th Annual One Act Festival —The Originals in April 2016 at The Fine Arts Association.

Submissions of original ten-minute plays will be accepted beginning August 1, 2015.
Submission deadline is Thursday, October 1, 2015.

NEW THIS YEAR: Up to TWO 10-minute submissions will be accepted per playwright.

The number of plays to be produced will be at The Fine Arts Association’s discretion and will depend on the mix of qualified submissions. Original plays accepted for the Festival will be announced between January 8-18, 2016. The plays selected will be given full production within the capabilities and budget of The Fine Arts Association. There will be no monetary stipend for plays used in the Festival. There are no submission fees for this Festival.

Playwrights' Roundtable seeks 10 minute plays

web site

LAUNCH 2016 Script Call Now in Full Effect!

It's time for our annual LAUNCH call for scripts! We are seeking seven original ten-minute plays for our Launch production in January 2016, which will be presented at the Orlando Shakespeare Center's Santos Dantin Studio Theater.

Please check out the guidelines before submitting. We look forward to seeing your plays!

  1. Please submit no more than 2 plays per writer. There is no charge to submit a play; however, there is also no pay involved for the writer. Writers WILL receive video copies and photography of the event for their records.
  2. Plays should be 10 pages long, or approximately 10 minutes. Plays must be original works. Plays that have been previously workshopped, presented as a staged reading, or have not been locally (Orlando) produced are acceptable.
  3. Scripts should be properly formatted and submitted electronically in .DOC (MS Word 2003), DOCX (Word 2007 and later) or PDF format. Please number the pages. Other file types are acceptable, but we may ask you to convert them to a new file type if we can't open them.
  4. Please send TWO copies of your script - one with full authorship information, and one "blind" copy, which omits the name (this is the copy our readers will see). Please include the following information on the title page of your main submission: name, e-mail address, contact phone number, city/country of residence, and a brief synopsis of the play. You may also include a resume or CV, in a separate attachment from the play submission. 
  5. The selected plays will be performed in a small 60-seat black box, so please keep your set requirements very simple. Remember that 7 plays will be presented in one evening, so plays that have minimal tech and set requirements are preferred. 
  6. Plays should be emailed to submissions@theprt.com. The deadline for consideration for the script call is 11:59PM on September 30th. If you experience difficulty e-mailing scripts or attachments to this address, as a backup, please send them to info@theprt.com or charlesrdent@hotmail.com. 
  7. The writers of the selected plays will be notified via email, and granted the option of being produced. If the playwright is not currently a PRT Member, they are required to join PRT prior to production for a minimum of one season. However, for this current script call, dues are not required. If the playwright does not join, the play will be replaced in the lineup. 
  8. PRT in conjunction with Orange Television (Orange County FL Public Access TV) MAY film the production of any and all plays selected for Launch 2016. In the event of this occurrence PRT reserves the right to modify any language in your submission to conform to a loosely defined "Community Standard. This generally involves removal of common profanity and demeaning sexual or racial terms. By submitting to Launch 2016 the Author explicitly agrees to this condition. The author further agrees that PRT and Orange TV and their sucessors and assignees may make any use of the film they desire with no remuneration to the author. If filming occurs, the author will be given a copy of the final edited film, and the author may make use of such film in any way they desire. No remuneration shall be provided to expected from any party involved in this filing, including but not limited to the Author, PRT, or Orange TV.
If you have further questions regarding this call, please contact us at info@theprt.com. We look forward to your submissions. Good luck, everyone!

Monday, September 28, 2015

M. T. Pockets Theatre Company 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest

web site

Must Enter Online
Submit Entry

October 1, 2015 Deadline for submissions. 

All entries MUST be submitted online.

Novemer 6, 2015
Winning submissions will be announced.

November 15-27, 2015
Auditions for all productions and casting.

January 23, 2015
Production Date
Limit TWO entries per playwright.
Each entries must:
  • be unpublished, with less 3 or less productions (excluding readings, self-productions and/or contest productions);
  • require two to four (2 to 4) characters and minimal props and costumes;
  • excluding the title and cast pages, be no more than ten (10) pages long.

Six to eight finalists will be chose for production in our annual One-Act Play Festival to be held in January 2016.

Winning playwrights agree to permit M. T. Pockets Theatre to produce their play without compensation. Authors will retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.
Audience members will have the opportunity to vote for the favorite 10 minute play at the festival.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mabou Mines/Suite Resident Artist Program

web site


Mabou Mines/Suite, established in 1991, is the company’s resident artist program, a laboratory for experiments with performance ideas developed with the particular needs of emerging artists in mind. Once emerging artists ourselves, we understand the formidable pressures upon early career artists and how difficult it is to find a non-academic setting in which to explore new ideas, We believe that process-focused development is the best way to create original work and that the opportunity to work this way can prove crucial to an artist’s career. Mabou Mines’ artistic directors see it as our privilege and responsibility to guide new artists along the path we have found so rewarding.

Mabou Mines/Suite is open to small companies and individual artists in all fields – playwrights, directors, performers, poets, dancers, acrobats, dramaturgs, composers, painters, sculptors, photographers, singers, choreographers, film & video artists, digital & computer artists – anyone with compelling performance ideas in need of investigation.

In the past, all resident artists have received mentoring, rehearsal space and a stipend. A public showing of the work is presented at the conclusion of the residency. 2015-2016 PROGRAM - CONTINGENT UPON FUNDING.

This program is only open to emerging artists living in the 5 boroughs of NYC or Minnesota.
The program is not open to students.

This program is made possible through generous funding by:
The Jerome Foundation
and with public funds from the City of NY Department of Cultural Affairs
and Materials for the Arts.


web site

THEATRE ROULETTE is MadLab’s annual shorts festival. In its first year, THEATRE ROULETTE began a tradition of an annual shorts festival that has lasted more than 10 years. The first year was an “invitation-only” festival, from there expanded to taking local submissions to taking submission from across the United States to now, receiving almost 1000 scripts every year from every corner of the world.


To maximize your chance of selection, please read all the guidelines carefully before submitting.

All submissions should be send to andy@madlab.net

Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

Theatre Roulette is a juried festival.

Submissions must arrive no later than October 1st, 2015. 

Submission will be chosen and applicants informed if his/her piece was chosen on/or before January 2nd, 2016.


Scripts should be between 5-30 minutes in length. Scripts of greater lengths will be considered, but due to time constraints, it is unlikely that unsolicited full-length plays will be selected for the festival, unless you are a Nobel or Pulitzer winning writer, in which case, your script will automatically be accepted for production as long as you waive your standard royalty, which would probably be more than the budget for the entire festival. If you are not sure whether or not you have won a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, please find out through the glory of the world wide web and let us know.

You may submit multiple scripts. If you are submitting multiple scripts, please include them all in a single email.

Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address in the body of your email message.

MadLab will also be accepting full collections of shorts. This would be a group of plays that are meant to be performed together and would constitute a complete night of plays.

You may submit multiple scripts.

Script submissions WILL NOT be returned to the applicant; MadLab will destroy all evidence of your creative instincts upon a funeral pyre at an undisclosed location in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty. Ashes will NOT be returned to you unless you purchase a commemorative urn from MadLab at the bargain basement price of $999.95.

Due to our environmentally conscious president, you must email your script to us. Please send your script attached as a Microsoft Word document or PDF format. Scripts should be emailed to andy@madlab.net. Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” in the subject line. If “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” is not in your subject line, your submission may not be received. All submissions will receive a reply email to ensure that your submission was received.

For ROULETTE, MadLab pays $50 to each playwright.

If you’ve made it through all of this, congratulations. At least you’ve got the potential patience to deal with the travails of theatrical production. If you have any questions, please email them to Artistic Director Andy Batt at andy@madlab.net

Thanks for your interest. Good luck with your submission, and regardless of the outcome here, be sure to keep writing and producing new works.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lourdes University Drama Society 2015 One-Act Playwriting Competition

web site

NOTE: No entry fee necessary with copy of Dramatists Guild membership card

Cash awards of $250 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place will be presented. Winning plays will also be produced by the Lourdes University Drama Society.

To enter please send the following items to the address below:
  • Completed entry form 
  • Bio of the playwright(s) – must be 100 words or less 
  • Play synopsis including character descriptions 
  • Three copies of the script 
  • $5 entry fee or copy of current Dramatist Guild membership card 
Mail to: 

Keith Ramsdell
Lourdes University Drama Society
One-Act Playwriting Competition 6832 Convent Blvd
Sylvania, OH 43560

Competition Rules:

The competition is open to all playwrights 18 years of age and older. Only one play per playwright may be entered per year. Plays may be co-written by more than one playwright, but the names of all playwrights must appear on the entry form.

Entries must be one-act stage plays with performance times of 8 to 15 minutes. Full-length plays, musicals, children’s plays, film and TV scripts, and plays previously entered in this competition are ineligible.

Submissions are restricted to original dramatic works – no adaptations – that have not been previously published or produced outside of an academic environment.

While all reasonable care will be taken, Lourdes University Drama Society does not assume any responsibility for lost, misplaced or damaged scripts.

There are no restrictions on genre or theme.

Scripts will be judged on concept, dramatic action, characterization and dialogue. Preference will be given to plays with 2 to 4 characters, limited staging requirements, and content/language sensitive to the traditions and values of Lourdes University. The decisions of the judges are final. No critiques will be given, and no scripts will be returned.

Lourdes University Drama Society will produce the winning plays royalty-free during its Festival of One Acts 2016. This includes the right to make rehearsal copies of the script, to use the title of the play and the author’s name in publicity and promotion, and to videotape the play for archival purposes. The playwright will receive a program and DVD from the production. All future production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.

The deadline for entries is a postmark of October 1, 2015

Late scripts will not be accepted, and revisions cannot be made once a script has been submitted. Winners will be announced and notified by the end of the calendar year.

Formatting Instructions:

To ensure anonymity during the judging process, no personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted script. The entry form will contain this information.

All scripts should be printed on 8-1/2” x 11” white paper, typewritten on one side only and submitted in acceptable play manuscript format. Each copy should be bound with a staple. Pages must be numbered, and the name of the play should appear on each page.

The entry form, bio, synopsis and fee or copy of DG card should be clipped together.

Incorrectly formatted entries will be disregarded.

More Information:

Please contact Keith Ramsdell at dramasociety@lourdes.edu with any questions. You may also visit us on the web at www.lourdes.edu/dramasociety

Metropolitan Playhouse Living Literature Festival: January 2016

web site

The Transcendentalists

Deadline - September 30, 2015


Metropolitan Playhouse presents its 10th Annual Living Literature Festival, devoted to Transcendentalists.

Scheduled for January 11th through January 24th, 2016, the festival is a collection of new plays celebrating the spirit of the artists, philosophers, and social experiementers who sought a way through the mundane to live in spiritual harmony. The transcendental movement of the early 19th century included varied thinkers and artists, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau being two of the best known, but embracing Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Lane, Walt Whitman, Margaret Fuller, William Henry Furness, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, and many others. Ventures included the utopian communities of Brook Farm and Fruitlands, Thoreau's experiment at Walden, and publications ranging from sermons to pamphlets to books to the journal The Dial. Meanwhile, detractors such as Mark Twain and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote memorable satires of the movement. Beginning with any of these figures or writings, adaptations of author's works, biographical pieces exploring their lives, or works inspired by their aspirations are all welcome.

The annual festival is a co-production of Metropolitan Playhouse and the participating artists. Metropolitan will curate, host, and promote the festival, while the participants will create and perform the plays in the festival. There is no fee for submission or participation, though costs of rehearsal, costuming, and equipage are born by the participants. Proceeds will be divided evenly between Metropolitan and the participants.

Submissions are welcome from individual artists and performance companies alike. Co-producers will take responsibility for conceiving and creating their contribution to the festival, with use of Metropolitan's space and physical resources. Metropolitan will coordinate and promote the festival as a part of its 24th Season.

Submissions may be solo-performances, one-acts, or full length performances (though none longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes). There are no restrictions concerning style. Adaptations, biographies, fantasies, and treatises, as well as song/poetry/dance cycles will all be considered. Selection by Metropolitan Playhouse will be based on artistic quality, feasibility of production, relationship to literature and lives of the Transcendental movement, and suitability for the venue.

No scripts alone! Please note, we are seeking submissions of performances which we will present. We are NOT seeking scripts for Metropolitan to produce. We will not provide directors or actors for productions.


Submissions will be accepted by e-mail or snail mail.
E-mail submissions MUST be pdf documents (all others will be discarded unopened).

Include in submissions:
Cover sheet with
Name of Company/Artist taking responsibility for producing the work

Project Title
Author, Person, or Subject who inspired the work (and specific titles of inspiring works, as applicable)
Performance Length (Max. 1 hr, 45 min. This is extremely important for scheduling.)

Contact Person
Telephone Contact
E-mail Contact
Project narrative of no more than 2 pages
Key artist biographies and, if applicable, company history
Sample text (may be the script for the proposed performance or a comparable work by the key artist(s))

Submission Deadline: September 30 , 2015

Mail to:
Metropolitan Playhouse
220 E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10009
Attn: Living Literature

E-mail to:

Metropolitan will invite collaborators to be a part of the festival within two weeks of submission deadline.

Contact Alex Roe at (212) 995-8410 or transcend@metropolitanplayhouse.org.

Friday, September 25, 2015

PlayPenn accepting applications for 2016 new play development conference

web site

Beginning September 1, PlayPenn will be accepting applications for its 2016 new play development conference; we are pleased to request your full length, unproduced script for consideration. Please review the guidelines carefully and completely before making application. Application materials will be accepted between September 1 and September 30, 2015. Your application must be uploaded and complete by September 30, 2015 or it cannot be considered. Currently, PlayPenn is not considering musicals or plays for young audiences.

The 2016 conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA from July 7 – 26 at The Drake, our new home in Philadelphia, PA. Invited playwrights will have the opportunity to work with a director, dramaturg and Philadelphia-based, professional actors over a 20 day period that allows for 29 hours of rehearsal and staged reading time along with ample time to reflect and write. The work will be preceded by a three- day pre-conference roundtable (July 5 - 7) that will help in laying the collaborative groundwork for the development time ahead.

Playwrights will have the opportunity to hear their plays read aloud in three distinctly different scenarios: 1) by collaborating artists during the roundtable; 2) in a first public reading before an audience midway through the process; 3) in a second reading at the end of the process before an audience. The two public staged readings are intended as a part of the process, giving playwrights an opportunity to measure the efficacy of their work and to provide an opportunity to gauge the work ahead.

PlayPenn will provide travel for casting for both writer and director, travel to and from the conference, housing, per diem and a stipend.

Applicants should be aware that we are a development conference rather than a festival or showcase for new work. The distinction is important and meaningful to us in the current climate of the increasing commercialization of play development. We work to avoid participation in what has become known as "development hell" by fostering an environment in which risk is rewarded and honest assessment is provided and encouraged. TO THAT END, WE FOCUS ON THE NEEDS OF THE TEXT. THE MID AND END-OF- CONFERENCE READINGS ARE INTENDED TO PRESENT A GLIMPSE INTO HOW THE TEXT LIVES OFF THE PAGE RATHER THAN HOW THE PLAY MIGHT BE STAGED IN PRODUCTION.


Please follow the instructions to upload your play into our system. Because the database identifies you through your registration, NO NAME SHOULD BE INCLUDED ON ANY DOCUMENT, except your resume. Please send us the following:

1. An original script in .pdf format with no identifying information (no name or affiliation information anywhere on the document).

Applications that are submitted in non-pdf format will not be considered

2. Your current resume (pdf)

3. A casting breakdown and the number of actors required (pdf) (no name on the document)

4. The play's development and production history (pdf) (no name onthe document).

Plays that have had readings are eligible.

Plays that have been produced or that have been through an extended development process are not eligible

5. An articulation of your goals for the development process using the resources offered by PlayPenn. (pdf) (no name on the document). Please be specific with regard to what aspects of your text you would like to focus on during the course of the conference.

PlayPenn does not accept applications by agents.

Your application must be uploaded and complete by midnight

September 30, 2015 or it cannot be considered.

We look forward to reading your work.

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