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Friday, May 23, 2014

2015 This Round's On Us - 10 minute plays

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Nylon Fusion is accepting new works for our quarterly 2015 This Round's On Us festivals, each of which will focus on certain broad eras of the 20th Century (see below). 

The plays do not necessarily have to be set in these time periods, but they should at least be informed by the social, cultural and/or political happenings of the time. Whether you find inspiration in the movies, music or theater of a particular decade, the major events that formed the historical narrative or which have been ignored by history, or the everyday lives of the people of the bygone days of the not-so-long-ago. While the writer should be concerned with the theme in their submissions, there is no need to be overt and obvious in working them into the script. We will select and arrange the plays so that they work best together. Please, don't send us any 1-2 page plays or anything over 20 pages.

Plays should not be longer than 10 pages and/or minutes. Casts no larger than four and minimal props and costumes. Sorry, no musicals. The premise is up to you, but all plays must be somewhat linked to the theme. Original and never produced works please. Authors agree to permit Nylon Fusion to produce their submitted play if the company wishes to do so. The company is responsible for all aspects of production including selecting a director and casting. The author will retain full copyright and ownership of their play. Participation in the rehearsal process may be requested, therefore residence in the NYC metropolitan area is prefered but not will not be a factor in the selection process. Authors must be available via email/phone. Performances will be in NYC. No pay.

Please send a short cover letter with contact information and the full script with title and author’s name on each page in PDF to Alex Ferrill at nylonsubmissions@gmail.com with SUBJECT LINE: This Round's On Us: Time Travel [NAME OF PLAYWRIGHT.]


#1: Late 1900's through the 1920's (formally Valentine's day & Love and Civil Rights) DEADLINE: December 15th, 2015.

#2: '30's and 40's (formally April Fools) DEADLINE: February 9th, 2015

#3: 50's and 60's (formally Freedom & Independence) DEADLINE: May 11th, 2015

#4: 70's through the 90's (formally Halloween) DEADLINE: August 10th, 2015

For more information or to know more about the company: nylonfusion.org

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Echo Theatre submission guidelines

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Echo Theatre of Dallas Texas is always looking for new women's voices. They produce 3 - 4 mainstage shows a year, along with 6 readings.

If available, they would like the full text, a synopsis, and a little info on the playwright. There's no specific formatting that they look for. 

The only restriction is that is must be written by a woman.

If you have any plays you would like for to be considered for their upcoming seasons email Shelby-Allison Hibbs at shelbyallisonhibbs@gmail.com.

MITF Seeks Short Subjects for July 2014

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Dear Friend in the Theatre,

I'm still looking for new one-act plays for the Fifteenth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF), taking place from July 14 - Aug. 10 at the Theatre Building, 312 W. 36th St. in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Details are straightforward:
Dates for the Festival are July 14 - Aug. 10, 2014. (I'm looking for shows to fill out all but the last week.)
Plays should run 25 - 30 minutes, 30-45 minutes, or 45-60 minutes. Better short than long. The plays will be timed at tech and cannot go over.
Scripts should be submitted in standard playscript format.*
Any subject matter okay, including musicals.
All plays must be off-book. There will be no staged readings. We have no interest in shows that require projections or other special effects. Smoke and fire are prohibited.
Production requirements must be minimal: rehearsal cubes, a table or two, some chairs (all provided by the Festival), and your own props and costumes. There is some storage during your run only.
Tickets less than $20. There are no fees. The Festival pays shows half the net, defined as half the receipts from all tickets over 40% of a house.
Festival participants may see their own and other shows for free, seating permitting. Seating is reserved for producers, writers, and directors at their own shows. We honor press comps, by reservation. No comps may be transferred to anyone else. There are no other comps.
We prefer shows to be non-Equity. Equity showcases may be permitted under special circumstances.
The Festival will provide a press agent, marketing support, venue manager, house manager, lighting designer, and box-office manager. You must provide your own board op. (The Festival has a list of available qualified technical staff from which you may draw. They are competent and reasonably priced.)
While the Festival provides the venue and staff, you must provide the production. The Festival will provide discount rehearsal time, during "off-peak" hours, at The Network, 242 W. 36th St. 3rd fl., for $8 an hour.
There will be a tech rehearsal running 2.5 times the running time of your show.
There is no application fee, but there is a $100 participation fee, due on selection and signing of a simple contract.
Most performances will take place from 6 pm to 11 pm weekdays or 11 am to 11 pm weekends.
Each show will receive at least 3 performances, probably all in the same week. Shows that sell the most tickets in advance may receive more performances.
The Festival will provide a program "wrapper": you must provide a program specific to your show. Our staff will insert it into the wrapper for distribution to your patrons.
There will be a juried award ceremony after the Festival. Last year's awards were held in Sept. 2013.

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions; 1" margins all around.

I've presented a lot of festivals, and I have a special interest in one-act plays. They're an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to see your work on its feet. Before you submit a script, please fill out an online application. A link to the application is in the Festival Manual, available at www.midtownFestival.org, under "Application Process." As soon as you finish the application, send me the script as an attachment in .doc or .pdf format to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!


John Chatterton
Executive producer, Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival, Midtown International Theatre Festival, and Short Play Lab

Walden Theatre Seeking Submissions for Its Slant Culture Series

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The Slant Culture series presents new works by rising playwrights that feature complex teenage characters.


Walden Theatre, A TCG theatre and  training center for young actors ages 8-18 located in Louisville, Ky. is seeking submissions for our Slant Culture Series. In addition to our regular offerings of shows from Shakespeare to modern American classics, we produce one play a year in this series.The Slant Culture series presents new works by rising playwrights that feature complex teenage characters. The name Slant Culture comes from the laboratory practice of tilting a test tube to provide a greater area for growth, and Walden Theatre is using this series to challenge our young actors to approach character development by drawing directly from their own lives and those of their peers.

Since we are a private not-for-profit not affiliated with any school system, Walden is in an unique position to introduce to our students new work that they would not, otherwise have a chance to perform. Adult language and adult situations are something our students encounter every day in their real lives and therefore we believe, if the piece has value, we have a duty to present these pieces as a regular part of our season.

Submission Guidelines

Full length play, 6-12 characters - most, if not all teen aged.
Comedy or drama. Please no musicals
Unpublished. It can have had previous productions

Please submit scripts electronically ONLY in PDF or WORD document format.  Please Include one page synopsis and character breakdown.

Deadline for submissions: June 1 2014.

Performance dates: November 2014

There will be a $500.00 stipend to the chosen playwright.

Please submit scripts to:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bad Theater Fest wants your vote - smash vase / paint flower

As a way to promote the upcoming call for submissions for the Bad Theater Fest, co-founder Shawn Wickens is asking people to vote on whether he should "Smash a Vase" or "Paint a Flower"

MITF Presents Special July Short Play Lab - Cash Prizes

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Dear Friend in the Theatre,

By the time the end-of-season Short Play Lab rolls around (coming up May 31 - June 1), I'm usually ready to call it a year and focus on the next chore, the Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF). But this year a clever associate suggested we include a Short Play Lab in the MITF, as an extra flavor in that ever-evolving theatrical ragout.

Whether you've thought about doing a short play in New York but have never tried, or if you're a regular at such events around town, please give a thought to producing a show in the July Short Play Lab. Not only do you rub shoulders with your fellow short-playwrights, but you get to be promoted among 50-some other plays of all sorts. (Our audiences number in the thousands.) 

The rules are easy-peasy:
  • Deadline is July 1. Notification will be soon after submission, depending on number of submissions. The sooner you get your script in, the more time you have to prepare. Get that script in pronto! 
  • Unlike other Labs, this one will be performed on Fri. night and Sat. afternoon. 
  • Plays should be 1 - 10 pp. in standard playscript format.* (The shorter the better; shorter plays get priority.) Include a title page, as the first page of the script, with your contact info (preferred means of contact is by email). 
  • Submit scripts in MS-Word. 
  • You produce the play whether or not you live in New York. The SPL provides the theatre. This Lab will take place in the WorkShop Theater Company's Jewel Box, 312 W. 36th St. 4th floor, New York, NY 10018. 
  • Productions must be non-union: no showcases please! (And no Equity waivers, either.) 
  • Keep production values to a minimum: costumes and hand props are okay. We provide rehearsal cubes, chairs, and a table. You can't leave your stuff in the theatre overnight. 
  • We provide a board op, box office, and venue management. 
  • There are no fees. The SPL keeps the door. 
  • Tickets are $20. Each playwright and director gets to watch his/her show for free. There are no other comps. 
  • There will be a tech rehearsal in the daytime on Friday, July 25. 
  • Every play gets 2 performances, 1 on Fri. and 1 on Sat. Each play will be part of 1 of 2 programs: Program A or Program B, but not both. Program A takes place at 7:30 pm Fri. and 4:30 pm Sat. Program B takes place at 9:30 pm Fri. and 2:30 pm Sat. 
  • We don't do staged readings. Be off-book, please! Plays not off-book during tech will be removed from the line-up. 
  • THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCTION IN EACH PROGRAM RECEIVES A CASH PRIZE OF $75. Winners are determined by polling patrons after the performance. We reserve the right to break ties. 

*12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions.

The SPL is a lot of fun and a good way to see your work on its feet in a supportive environment. It's also a great way to see actors and directors at work, so you can recruit people for later productions.

To submit a script, send it as an attachment, in Word format, to john.chatterton@gmail.com. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an E-mail!


John Chatterton

Executive producer, Short Play Lab

Newspeak Theatre submission guidelines

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The Newspeak Theatre produces at least one new play from an emerging writer each season.

If you are interested in submitting plays or any written work to be to be produced by the Newspeak Theatre please send us a sample no longer than 10p of your work as well as a synopsis (max 700w)

Please send samples or inquiries to:


Online submissions should be in PDF or Word document format. Please put the name of the play in the subject line.

Hard copies may also be submitted. Please contact us at the above email address and we will send you the street address for submissions.


web site

Request for Proposals

Stickball Productions seeks a friendly neighborhood fringe theater company (incorporated or existing solely for this project) to produce a 10 minute play prior to a full production, Oct. 7-25, for 9 (nine) performances.

Stickball Productions will present Two Boys Lost, a full length play by Bill Doncaster from October 7 through 25 (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) at the Massasoit Elks Lodge, Cambridge, MA. We’re seeking the cooperation of a small or fringe company to do something a bit different – present a short, unrelated play, for early arrivers. The selected company will receive a negotiated percentage of box office receipts.

This is an experiment, born from a love of short plays and a dislike of traditional short play festivals, and a sincere desire to give our audiences something different and unexpected. Once upon a time, every movie was preceded by a short film, a cartoon or newsreel, and audiences enjoyed them and didn’t find it a distraction from the main features. The world of short plays is as fascinating (if not more so) as short stories in prose, and we seek to let new audiences know that “a good show” can be damned quick and expose them to some additional talent around town. What we would like is to open doors at 7:30 p.m., present a fully produced short play (under 10 minutes) at 7:40, with the main feature curtain at 8 p.m.

What we seek:

The main feature is a drama, so we’re inclined to think a comedy will work best, but we’re open-minded on that. The selected company or group will be responsible for all elements for production for 9 performances, including cast, director, props, rehearsal space, playwright royalties etc., and will need to work within an existing lighting plot for the mainstage production (some limited tech time will be available). This offering will be heavily promoted in all publicity about Two Boys Lost, so you will be committed to all 9 performances.

Ideally, the play will be low on set pieces – there will be a table and chairs available – but honestly the best short plays aren’t reliant on elaborate sets.

As a practical matter, this is an “add on” – offered to the audience members who arrive early for an 8 p.m. show. That said, patrons may well be entering DURING this performance, in a venue with a bar IN the performance space, and thus it will be an awesome challenge to command attention. Again, this is an experiment.

Additional obligations of the selected company or group will include sharing your participating of the show through your various social media outlets, i.e. helping to spread the word about the entire production.

Stickball will commit to the following: Highlighting your company’s offering at Two Boys Lost as part of the text in the box office language for ticket busyers (we WANT people there early to see your piece, and will work hard to encourage early arrivers), inclusion in all press releases and on our website about the mainstage production, a profile of your company and the project specifically on our website, and a negotiated percentage of the gross box office receipts. That percentage will be small, as there are fixed and other costs associated with the mainstage production and money’s tight, but Stickball is committed to paying people for their work, even if it’s nowhere near enough.

The selected company may also: Have literature available about upcoming productions available in the venue, affix a poster at the rear of the venue about cast/crew information and upcoming productions, receive a healthy number of comps (concentrated on opening weekend).

A couple of big “No no’s” – we allow no curtain speeches for any reason, before or after the piece, you present, you bow. No fundraising for your company (aside from standard “how to donate” info on literature you have available).

RFP submission process:

We don’t get too hung up on formality here. As a practical matter, we require you’re reasonably local.

Email the following to Stickball Productions at admin@stickballproductions.com:

A brief letter (under a page) that describes the piece and principle participants, and what you bring to the table in terms of promotions (twitter and facebook followers and the like). We don’t except casting decisions at this early stage, but we DO want to know a bit about the director and other key people who will “get it up” and we do hope to cross pollinate a bit in terms of marketing.

The text of the proposed 10 minute play – we encourage “new and unpublished” and, again YOU are the producer so royalties are your responsibility.

Projected fee and breakdown – Our plan is a box percentage, and we believe in paying people. That said, we’re on a limited budget with venue and lighting rentals, cast and crew for the main stage, and resources for this are really non-existent. In essence, we’ll be adding an amount to the ticket price to make this happen, and we’re as relentless as everyone else in seeking to keep ticket prices low.
Deadline – May 30, 2014.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Undiscovered Voices Scholarship 2014

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The Writer’s Center seeks promising writers in the Washington area earning less than $25,000 annually to apply. This scholarship program will provide complimentary writing workshops to the selected applicant for a period of one year, but not to exceed 8 workshops in that year (and not to include independent studies). We expect the recipient will use the year to make progress toward a completed manuscript of publishable work.

The Writer’s Center believes writers of all backgrounds and experiences should have an opportunity to devote time and energy toward the perfection of their craft.

The recipient will be able to attend writing workshops offered by The Writer’s Center free of charge. In addition, he or she will give a reading from his or her work after the close of the scholarship period (June 2014) and will be invited to join our community in ways most intereting to them.

To apply, candidates should submit:

a) a cover letter signed by the candidate that contains the statement: “I understand and confirm I meet all eligibility requirements of the Undiscovered Voices Scholarship.” The cover letter should include information on the impact this scholarship would have on the candidate.

b) contact information for two references who can speak to the candidate’s creative work and promise

c) a work sample in a single genre:
  • 8 pages of poetry, no more than one poem per page
  • 10 pages of fiction, double-spaced, no more than one work or excerpt
  • 10 pages of nonfiction (essay, memoir, etc), double-spaced, no more than one work or excerpt
  • 15 pages of a script or screenplay

These items should be sent in hard copy to

The Writer’s Center
Attn: Laura Spencer
Re: Undiscovered Voices Scholarship
4508 Walsh St.
Bethesda MD 20815

All submissions must be postmarked by June 20, 2014.

History Theatre (St. Paul, Minnesota) is accepting proposals and/or completed scripts

web site

History Theatre (St. Paul, Minnesota) is accepting proposals and/or completed scripts for our Raw Stages New Works Festival in January 2015.   

The Raw Stages New Works Festival is an opportunity for playwrights to workshop a script with a team of professional artists and receive audience feedback at a public reading. 

History Theatre focuses on TRUE stories which have a connection to Minnesota or the Midwest (we do not produce historical fiction).  Playwrights may submit an idea for a script (which has yet to be written) OR an already-completed script. 

One or two entries will be selected for the festival.  Playwrights will be awarded $1,500 and at the conclusion of the festival their script may be considered for a full commission and production in History Theatre's mainstage season. 

Playwrights should submit:
-       One-page treatment which includes plot synopsis, cast of characters, and a statement of why you believe the play would fit History Theatre's mission.  
-       Ten-page writing sample from previous dramatic work (or from the completed script being submitted.)

Treatment submission deadline: June 1, 2014
Playwrights will be notified by July 1st if their treatment is selected and will have until Dec. 15th to submit a first draft.  The Raw Stages workshop and reading will take place in the first three weeks of January 2015. 

Send submissions as an electronic Word or PDF document to the following address with "Raw Stages 2015" in the subject line:  newplays@historytheatre.com   

For more information about History Theatre, visit www.historytheatre.com

Saturday, May 17, 2014

National Newborn Festival

web site

April 1st - May 31st, 2014 (There is no reader's fee for plays submitted during these dates)
June 1st - July 1st, 2014 (Require a $10.00 reader's fee)

Plays submitted outside of the above dates will not be considered.

MTWorks’ NewBorn Festival sponsored by the Pyschology Club and Department of the City College of New York is our annual full-length playwriting competition and reading series. We celebrate today’s innovative playwrights that boldly take risks in theme, structure, time-period, location and diversity (ethnic, economic, geographic, gender, sexuality or creed). MTWorks’ mainstage productions are selected from the NewBorn Festival winners.

Finalists automatically enter The Living Room Series, a private cold-read performed by our exceptional MTWorkers.

The winning playwrights will be awarded:
  • One full reading of their work in a festival environment.
  • Assigned professional director and cast to work on their play.
  • “Playwright Spotlight” Newsletter received by over 3,000 members of the NY Theatre Industry. 
  • Networking "Meet the Playwrights" Event.
  • Complimentary tickets to MTWorks shows, invited dress rehearsals and other special events.
  • Artistic and professional support from the MTWorks staff.
  • Eligibility for the MTWorks Board of Director's Excellence in Playwriting Award.
  • Eligibility for MTWorks' Audience Favorite Award.
  • MTWorks' mainstage productions are selected from NewBorn.
  • Talk-Back Discussions.

We are currently only interested in full-length plays (at least 90min in length).

Applicants must submit the following:

  • A full copy of your play in word or pdf format.
  • A half (1/2) page synopsis.
  • If you applied for NewBorn before, you must submit a different play.
  • You can only submit one play per year per program (it is OK to submit one play to FIREWORKS and one play to the National NewBorn Festival the same year).
We are interested in plays that have not been produced in New York City (readings are OK)
All material must be emailed (all together in one email) to plays@mtworks.org with [NEWBORN: title of the play and your name] on the subject line.

If your contact information changes you are required to update your information by sending an email to plays@mtworks.org with [NEWBORN: updated contact information for-your name] on the subject line.

Submission Dates for The National NewBorn Festival:

April 1st - May 31st, 2013 (There is no reader's fee for plays submitted during these dates)
Finalists will be contacted around September. Winners will be contacted around November.

Stage Left Studio Free Rent Series

web site

It’s hard to make it in this city – costs are high, audiences are hard to get – what’s a hard-working artist to do?

Cheryl King, of Stage Left Studio, in her ongoing effort to make things possible for independent theatre producers, has created the Free Rent Series.
She’ll give away one night per month - rent free – to help new artists see their work on stage.
It’s easy. Fill out the submission form, send in your script, and if you are chosen, you’ll receive a free night in the performance space. You provide your own board operator, and get two hours of free rehearsal plus a night in the theatre – free. Additional rehearsal hours for the show will get a 50% discount off Stage Left’s very reasonable rates.
Stage Left will provide programs, and box office personnel. Ticket sales up to $300 go to Stage Left. Any box office proceeds above that amount go to you.
Here’s your chance to see how your show flies – and all you have to invest is your time, your talent, and yourself.
Click here to download application. Send completed application to stageleftstudio@gmail.com or to
Stage Left Studio
214 West 30th Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10001

The Civilians R&D Group 2014-2015 Application

web site

Applications due by June 1, 2014.
The Civilians' R&D Group meets biweekly for nine months, during which time each artist or team of artists develops a new piece of theater through a creative investigation of a topic chosen by each artist. The creative process may include interviewing, community engagement, research, or other experimental methods of inquiry. Led by Artistic Director Steve Cosson and R&D Coordinator EllaRose Chary, the artists share and discuss their methodologies and the resulting work.

Click HERE for blog posts by our artists about working with the investigative method and their projects!

Upload all required documents as PDFs.

Please Read These Directions Carefully BEFORE Completing the Application. Note: this application cannot be saved.

The Civilians R&D Group is comprised of theater artists from various disciplines (writers, directors, composers, etc.) interested in exploring different strategies for making investigative theater and being a part of The Civilians' community of artists.

We define "investigative theater" broadly, meaning any creative process of inquiry that feeds the creation of a work of theater. Methods may include research, a community-based focus, interviews, company-devised strategies, or other experimental strategies of the artist's design. The artists meet on a regular basis for nine months to share and discuss their methodologies and the resulting work with the group, R&D Coordinator EllaRose Chary, and Artistic Director Steve Cosson. The generative artists in the group (writers, composers, writer/actor, writer/director, etc.) are expected to attend all of the sessions; regular attendance is critical and should be considered when applying.

Additionally, a group of directors are chosen to complete the group. Directors are invited to meetings, but not expected to attend all; the directors become more active at the end of the season, with the direction of the public readings.

The intention of the group is that each writer will finish a draft for public presentation by May 2015. Given the nature of the process, it is understood that these drafts will be in various stages of development when they are presented.

To apply for the 2014-2015 R&D Group all applicants must complete the online application.

Additional Instructions for Writers/Composers/Actors:

In the box for your CV or BIO : please upload a one paragraph bio.

In the box for your STATEMENT : please upload a one to two paragraph proposal for an investigative project to be developed in the group that includes some thoughts as to why you are interested in working on this project in this particular group.

The project may already be in process or be completely new; however, it is important that the artist has the intention to be actively developing the work during the period of the group. A collaborative team of two people may apply together (writer and composer, for example), but in such cases, both artists must commit to full participation and must submit seperate applications.

Additional Instructions for Directors :

In the box for your BIO or RESUME : please upload your resume.

In the box for your STATEMENT : please upload a one paragraph statement discussing what you hope to get out of being a member of the Group. Also please outline your expected availability from September to May.

Deadline for applications is June 1st, 2014.

Please address all application questions to EllaRose Chary at rdgroup@thecivilians.org .

Actorly Productions seeks submissions from South Asian playwrights

web site

Actorly Productions is seeking play submissions from South Asian playwrights for their first set of productions in a downtown theatre this summer and fall (2014).

Actorly is looking for new ways to promote South Asian Talent

- Play involves characters who are in their 20s.
- 6 character limit

You can the plays directly at support@actorly.com

Deadline is June 7, 2014

8 x 10: A Festival of 10 Minute Plays

web site

NOTE: submission fee waiver is an option.

Returning for its third year is Lucky Penny's festival of new short plays. This years production will run January 16 - February 1, 2015, with eight original, unproduced ten-minute plays to be presented.

Scripts are now being accepted. Both plays and musicals will be considered. All scripts must be new, unproduced works. Minimalism in technical demands and staging is essential. Four characters or less, please. The author whose play is voted the “People’s Choice” will received a $100 honorarium.

Submission deadline: Must be postmarked by May 31, 2014
Evaluation period: June 1-June 30, 2014
Authors notified and selections announced: By July 15, 2014
Selection of director(s) and casts: By Oct 1, 2014
Rehearsal period: October 2014-January 2015
Performance dates: January 16-Feb 1, 2015 (3 weekends)


1. Submissions must be original, unpublished, unproduced 10-minute plays. Authors should write for an adult audience. Comedy and drama, both musical and non-musical will be considered. Musical submissions must include sheet music/score as needed. Legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the submitting playwright.
2. Scripts and related materials must be postmarked by May 31, 2014.
3. Sets, lighting needs and other technical requirements must be minimal. Since the winning plays will be produced, no play considered technically un-producible will be considered.
4. Maximum number of characters per play is four.
5. Running time is to be 10 minutes or less, which may mean 6-10 pages depending upon the density of dialogue. Authors are responsible for submitting work that is within the 10 minute running time limit. Cuts will be requested of the playwright for any selected play which runs over the limit regardless of the number of pages in the script.
6. Plays must be typed/word-processed, with pages numbered, and stapled. Do not use binders or covers.
7. Plays must be presented in proper script format. Please use a 12-point font. If you are not familiar with standard play script format, please learn more.
8. No electronic submissions will be allowed.
9. All submissions are judged blind and this requires two types of cover pages. One, a separate cover letter, will include your name, address, phone number, e-mail and the play title. The other will be on each copy, but only showing the title. There can be no identifying information on the script other than the title. Do not include the author’s name on every page.
10. There is no limit to number of plays that an individual may submit, but each play must be accompanied by the $15 submission fee and only one play per author may be chosen. Submission fees will be used to cover production costs.
a. Special note on submission fee: Lucky Penny Productions and Napa Valley Playhouse empathize with writers who object to submission fees for events of this type. Our intent in requesting the submission fee is to fund the productions of these new works and support our theater company. However, if you are opposed to submission fees on principle or cannot afford the fee, please include a note to that effect with your submission and it will be accepted with a fee waiver.
11. Scripts cannot be returned. Lucky Penny Productions assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged scripts.
12. The eight best plays will be selected from all entries. Notification to authors will be made by July 15, 2014. The eight selected plays will be staged in January 2015 in Napa for “8 x 10: A Festival of 10 Minute Plays.”

To submit your play:

Mail 3 copies of each script along with the two types of cover pages and a $15 submission fee per script (check or money order made payable to Lucky Penny Productions Incorporated) to:

8 x 10: A Festival of 10 Minute Plays
Lucky Penny Productions
1357 Foster Road
Napa CA 94558

The selection of directors, actors and designers for the selected plays is at the sole discretion of Lucky Penny Productions. An author may participate in the process if participation is requested by the producing companies or the director selected for the project.

Entry of a script into this festival grants to Lucky Penny Productions and Napa Valley Playhouse the right to produce the entered play only for this specific event in January 2015 and authors retain all rights to their work for future production or publication.
The producing companies reserve the right to remove and/or replace any play selected by the reading committee if, once in rehearsal, the play is found to be unproduceable as determined by the festival coordinator. Selection of a replacement play is at the sole discretion of the producing companies.
The producing companies reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the festival at their discretion if conditions beyond their control require it. In the event of a cancellation, author’s submission fees will be refunded.
Authors, if their play is selected for production, grant to Lucky Penny Productions the right to use their name, biographical information and photo for purposes of publicity and marketing during the period July 15, 2014 through the performances dates.
Submission of a script to this competition signifies the acceptance of these waivers and conditions.

Questions can be directed to Coodinator Barry Martin at info@luckypennynapa.com

Stagelight Magazine seeks submissions

web site

Seeking submissions 300-600 words in length on any theater topic, ideally with a focus on New York City theater. Pieces can be editorial in nature or more ‘straight news’. Stagelight is looking to feature writers offering fresh perspectives on the New York theater scene. Possible topics can include upcoming or current shows, breaking theater news, behind-the-scene looks, artist interviews, etc. Stagelight is aimed at readers of all levels of theatrical involvement – from the average New York theatergoer, to those in the industry, to tourists visiting New York for the first time.

Stagelight Magazine reaches over 20,000 readers each month. Stagelight has a strong interest in finding writers to work with the magazine in an ongoing capacity, however, one-time submissions are also welcome.

Please e-mail your submissions, along with a brief bio to submissions@stagelightmagazine.com.

Writers chosen to have their work appear on the Stagelight Magazine website will be given a Contributing Writer credit, as well as have their bio featured on the site. Those whose submissions are chosen to appear in print will receive a small stipend, as well as a Contributing Writer credit.

For more information on Stagelight, please visit www.StagelightMagazine.com. Please direct all questions to submissions@stagelightmagazine.com.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dover Little Theater seeks one-act plays with a holiday theme

web site

Dover Little Theatre is now accepting submissions for one-act plays that have a HOLIDAY THEME to be performed Dec 12, 13, and 14th of 2014. 

Should appeal to a broad audience, not a lot of cursing, no nudity.

Please email one acts to Sharon Moran at sharonstage@yahoo.com

Short Play Festival seeks 10-minute plays

Facebook Page

The 1st and 2nd of June the 92Y Resident Artists is going to hold a Short Play Festival. This a collaborative project that invites writers, actors, directors and musicians to put their craft together in order to create a unique performance. The deadline for the submission of the short plays is Sunday 18th of May at 6pm.

Guidelines for writers:

We are looking for good short plays of:

- 10 minutes at most
- with 2 to 3 characters
- set in a context in which (at least) one of them must be WAITING for something.
- minimal props and scene changes
- each writer can submit more than one play
- the plays do not have to be necessarily unproduced.
- we will only accept electronic submissions (pdf or word)

We will be selecting 6 to 12 plays to be performed in the festival. Moreover, this is a blind submission process, so please include TWO attachments in your submission e-mail:

1- A blind copy of the script with only the title of the play and the script itself.
2- A document including the playwright’s bio, contact information, and the title of the play.

Send your submissions to 92YResidentArtists@gmail.com. You have until Sunday 18th of May at 6pm!

Who are the 92Y Resident Artists? We are NY set-up art collective that is currently producing several events within the world of the performing arts; from cold readings, to short films and acting workshops. Everyday we are looking for new talent and projects to keep on growing as a NY artsy family!

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/92YRAE?fref=ts

Write your own ACT ONE

web site

Moss Hart's passion for the stage took him from the slums of the Bronx to the heart of the Great White Way. His autobiography, ACT ONE, is the ultimate showbiz story, and now it's a critically acclaimed play.

If you're a budding playwright, Lincoln Center Theater is offering you a chance to have your own Moss Hart moment. One talented writer will have his or her script read by Producing Artistic Director André Bishop, and will receive an evaluation of their work. The winner will also receive a pair of tickets to see ACT ONE at the Vivian Beaumont Theater and a copy of the Moss Hart memoir.

To enter, send a one-paragraph synopsis of your play (no longer than 200 words each), along with a one-page dialogue sample by May 16, 2014 to ActOneContest@lct.org.

The winning playwright will be announced on May 30, after which they will be invited to submit the complete play for Mr. Bishop to read.

See you at the theater!

Please note that Mr. Bishop will read the winning play, but neither a staged reading nor a production are promised by this contest.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


web site

Seeking never produced before original short 1 act plays
(cast, directed and ready to perform)

7 minutes to 20 minutes in length for:
Manhattan Repertory Theatre's
JUNE 11 and 12
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre,
303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

We are only accepting 1 act productions from the TRI-STATE area.

As part of our Community producing program we offer our EVENTS 4 to 6 times a year as a service to playwright/producers.

This is an opportunity to bring your NEW short 1 act play to life!

THERE IS NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, SUBMISSION FEE, PARTICIPATION FEE or any Manhattan Rep based Fees. We are just looking for passionate playwright/producers from the Tri-State area who wish to participate and try out a new short play in front of a live audience.

We are looking for NEW short plays, never produced before, 7 - 20 minutes, cast, directed, off book, put on their feet and manifested for the first time from playwright/producers in the Tri-State area.

In order to submit, you must be available on:
Monday June 9 from 8:30 pm to 11 pm for Tech rehearsal,
Tuesday June 10 from 8:30 pm to 11 pm for Dress rehearsal,

and for the performances:
June 11 at 9 pm,
June 12 at 6:30 pm.


We will supply a technician to run your sound and lights for your production.

Please know this Event is NON-EQUITY ONLY.

These Events are great fun! Please come and join us with your short one act play production. We put up a slick professional show at our theatre on 42nd St and 8th Ave in the heart of the Theatre District.

To submit your NEW, never produced before short 1 act play production please email:

The complete play,
a synopsis of the play,
the running time of the play,
the set and lighting requirements,
the playʼs history (readings if any, when it was written, etc etc.)
your mailing address,
and a creative team leader contact email address to:

by Monday May 19, 2014 at Midnight.Please put "THE JUNE EVENT" in the subject heading.

1 act play productions will be considered on a first - come first-served basis. (The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted.) If we fill up all production slots early on, we will end submissions earlier than May 19, 2014

Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance.

Again there are no Manhattan Repertory Theatre based fees of any kind.

If you have any questions about THE JUNE EVENT please drop us a line at the above address.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stella Adler seeks 10-minute plays about gender equity and/or violence against women

web site

Seeking 10-minute plays that address themes of gender equity and/or global violence against girls and women. Scripts should be a maximum of 10 pages and must be new, unproduced works. Select plays will receive readings.

Seeking 10-minute plays that address global warming and/or have an environment, conservation or ecology theme. Scripts should be a maximum of 10 pages and must be new, unproduced works. Select plays will receive readings.

Completed applications must include a required application form and a ten-minute play.

Please note: Your play submission should be “blind”. The cover page should ONLY include the title of your play. This copy will be shared with the committee of play readers who will not know the authors of the plays they are reading.

Completed applications must be received by Friday, May 30, 2014.

Send complete applications to: community@stellaadler.com with subject line TEN-MINUTE PLAYS/ENVIRONMENT or TEN-MINUTE PLAYS/WOMEN and GIRLS
Please note: Paper applications will not be accepted; all applications must be sent via e-mail tocommunity@stellaadler.com.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Northern Renewal seeks short works about Scotland or made in Scotland for publication

web site

We are now accepting submissions for our first ever ZINE: 10p Mix

Whether you think your piece is a soor ploom or a foam banana, we want it in our poke! The idea of the first issue is to dib-dab into the arts and to sample a variety of themes (read flavours). We will be picking n mixing your treats into our very first issue.

The closing date for all submissions is 16 May 2014 at midnight.

Each piece should be in English, Scots or Gaidhlig and be:

- about Scotland/Scottish works


- made in Scotland
- not published anywhere else

Cultural criticism, illustrations, poetry, photography, creative writing, reviews, scripts, interviews, journalism, comics and more are valid submissions, and we will keep an open mind when reviewing.

We advise that since our first issue is a zine, we will only be considering relatively short work! All submissions should be sent as an email attachment with the subject FORMAT – Name (for example: ILLUSTRATION – Cathy Lewis) to



ps. we will also be curating an online version, so if you have some work that is not print-friendly (eg. short film) please don't hesitate to send it along to us and we'll be in touch.

For further information, please contact submissions@northernrenewal.com or visit https://www.northernrenewal.com

The deadline is Friday 16 May 2014 at 23:59.


web site

The Rockford Area Arts Council and West Side Show Room seek submissions for their inaugural play festival. Selected plays will be presented as staged readings the week of August 2014 by professional actors and the Rockford Area Arts Councils ArtsPlace apprentices. Guest playwright, Nathan Alan Davis, whose play, The Wind and the Breeze, received the Kennedy Centers Lorraine Hansberry award 2012/13, will coordinate the festival. All playwrights entering the competition will be invited to a free playwriting workshop by Davis

Guidelines for submission:

Write a short play of no more than 10 minutes in length that relates to the theme: Beginnings. (10 pages)

There are two categories: Playwrights High School ages 14-18 and Playwrights ages 19 and UP. (State age category in cover letter)

Deadline for submissions: Friday, May 16

Electronic submissions are preferred. Send to: info@artsforeveryone.com

Something Incredibly Marvelous Happens Call for Scripts for Staged Readings

web site

Call for Scripts

We seek new work to feature in our Reading Series
July 15 – August 24, 2014.
Chicago area theatre companies will select scripts they connect with and host one-night-only staged readings or informal performances followed by discussions of the material and genre.
Something Incredibly Marvelous Happens will produce a Night of New Works featuring four 10-15 minute plays or excerpts from new works.
All collaborators have the opportunity to contribute to our blog with pictures, thoughts, notes, etc. to get even more people talking about their work.

Last year the festival featured work from The Fine Print Theatre Company, UrbanTheater Company, and 20% Theatre Company in addition to a Night of New Works with selections from playwrights Will Dunne, Barbara Lhota, Randy Wyatt, and Fiona Kyle.


Please email a pdf of your script of any length, along with a summary to:

Sarah Mayhan, Literary Manager at festival@somethingmarvelous.org by May 15, 2014.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


web site

ICWP 50/50 Applause Award for Play Writing Gender Parity Nominations Open May 1st 

The excitement is building as the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) is about to start accepting all nominations for its 50/50 Applause Award for the 2013-2014 theatrical season (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014). Nominations open May 1st and will continue to be accepted during the first three weeks in May.

Eligibility is based on the following:
  • At least 50% of the plays produced during the year must be the work of female playwrights. 
  • At least 50% of the total number of performances during the July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 window must be the work of female playwrights.
  • Theatres may not have the sole development of works for women as their main mission statement.
For the first time, the public is invited to nominate theatres for this award.

Once nominated, theaters will be asked to provide information confirming eligibility, and a committee of volunteers will verify that information. Complete award criteria are listed on this web page. http://www.womenplaywrights.org/award


Established in 1989, The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a virtual organization that exists to bring attention to the achievements of women playwrights and provide a place for peer support, knowledge-sharing, and play publication, with the aim of enabling more women playwrights to have their plays professionally produced on the major stages of world theater and to receive just recompense for their efforts. http://www.womenplaywrights.org

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Playwrights Realm is accepting submissions for its 2014-2015 Writing Fellows Program

web site

The Writing Fellows Program is at the heart of what we do—helping writers write. Four early-career playwrights will receive nine months of resources, workshops and feedback designed to help them reach their professional and artistic goals. Over the course of the season, Fellows develop a single new play. Monthly group meetings provide a collaborative, energizing setting for writers to share and refine their work. Individual meetings with the Realm’s Artistic Director and staff support each writer’s specific artistic process. Work with a director and cast over the course of two workshops allows writers to see their work come to life. Professional development resources are also an integral part of the program and are tailored to the Writing Fellows, providing them the information and experiences they decide are most helpful. Mentor opportunities, meet-and-greets and professional workshops are designed to shed light on the sometimes shadowy business of theater and empower the Fellows to be active, informed participants in their own writing careers. The Writing Fellows season culminates in a public reading of each fellowship play as part of our INK’D Festival of New Plays.

What We’re Looking For

Above all, we look for dedicated early-career writers who crave a long-term, rigorous development process. We value intellectual curiosity, imagination and bravery. We love plays with evocative language, plays that contemplate big, unanswerable questions, plays that embrace the complexity of life and demonstrate an understanding of the possibilities of dramatic storytelling.

Writing Fellows Receive
  • $2,500 Award
  • Internal workshop
  • Public reading
  • Borrowing Privileges at The Realm: mooch off our Wifi, use a spare laptop or perch in our conference room when it’s free.
  • A key to The Realm’s supply cabinet (copies, pencils and Post-Its galore!)
  • The occasional hug

Program Criteria
Playwrights must be able to attend meetings and workshops in New York City on a twice-monthly basis from October 2014 through May 2015.

Playwrights should identify as early-career. Those who have completed an MFA program are eligible, but not those who will be enrolled during the residency.
Plays to be considered for the fellowship should be complete drafts at a stage of development at which they would benefit from a nine-month rewriting and reading process. Plays should have no commitments to other theaters that will limit their development with Playwrights Realm.

Plays that have had a production outside of an academic environment are not eligible.
We are not looking for solo performance projects at this time.

Writing Fellows Application Components
Completed application form. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE.
Theatrical résumé listing all academic credentials and professional productions
Full draft of play that you wish to develop as a Playwrights Realm Writing Fellow in PDF format.
A list of references to call, or a recommendation from a teacher or theater professional (optional).

To apply, send the above materials to: writingfellows@playwrightsrealm.org.

The script must be submitted in PDF format with your name and the play title on a cover page.

All applications must be submitted electronically before May 11, 2014, 11:59PM EST.
Finalists for the program will be interviewed in late summer and final selections will be announced in September.

Core Artist Ensemble has begun accepting submissions

Facebook Page

Core Artist Ensemble has begun accepting submissions of new work for our 2014 season of SUMMER READINGS!

New York City area playwrights (18 and older) may submit up to three (3) unpublished short plays to lit.coreartistensemble@gmail.com by midnight of May 15, 2014, to be considered for presentation in our six-week short play reading series at the Barrow Group Theatre. Selected plays will be considered for inclusion in our fully produced FRESH SHORTS program in October. All themes are acceptable, and we encourage submissions of plays with minimal set requirements.

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines:
Submit each play individually as a PDF or Word file in standard play format
Include your name and play title in file name: e.g., PLAYWRIGHT_PLAYTITLE
Plays should not exceed 20 pages
Include your contact information (name, tel, email) on the title page
Include a character list (brief description, age range) and brief play synopsis

Selected playwrights will be notified by June 15, 2014.

Please feel free to forward this email to any playwrights who may be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

We very much look forward to reading your work!


Rachel Casparian
Co-Artistic Director and Co-Literary Chair, Core Artist Ensemble

Jane Elias
Co-Literary Chair, Core Artist Ensemble

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Playwrights Project - Playwrights in Process

Cygnet Theatre’s New Play Festival, produced in partnership with Playwrights Project

The deadline for submitting is May 16, 2014.
Playwrights Project, in association with Cygnet Theatre, requests original, full-length, un-produced plays for Cygnet’s 3rd Annual Playwrights in Process: New Play Festival (PiP). The Festival is three days of audience-focused workshops, readings, and post-show discussions. The festival takes place November 7 – 9, 2014 at Cygnet Theatre.

As part of PiP, chosen playwrights will be afforded an exciting opportunity to work with a dramaturg/director in a three-step development process from selection confirmation through the festival itself. Steps one and two consist of private table readings with professional actors provided by Cygnet Theatre. After each, the playwright will work with her/his mentor to further develop the play. The final step is a rehearsed, staged-reading of the final draft in front of a discerning theatre audience. Playwrights are required to attend one or two rehearsals as part of the development process. Through a facilitated post-show discussion, the audiences will provide the writer feedback to help playwrights further develop their plays with the ultimate goal of helping to prepare the works for future productions.

Playwrights are asked to submit their choice of 10-12 consecutive pages of a completed, full-length play that can be performed by five actors or fewer. The works can be comedies or dramas. Musicals, with the same cast-size restrictions, will be accepted, and the music must be able to be performed with piano-only and/or minimal instrument accompaniment. Each submission must be accompanied by a one-page (maximum) synopsis of the whole play; musical submission must also include a three song sample of the music. All works must be new plays (or musicals) that have not received a previous production. Additionally, playwrights must assure that they have full rights to the works submitted.

We seek writers with a strong commitment to developing their scripts, a collaborative attitude, and a self-motivated work ethic. Southern California writers are given a preference; however, playwrights outside of the geographic area are welcome to submit. As script development is a central tenet of Playwrights in Process, selected playwrights will need to attend the table readings of their work, commit to working collaboratively with their dramaturgs, meet revision deadlines, attend the staged readings, and participate in the post-performance discussions. While we hope to provide accommodations, stipend, and travel in the future, at this nascent stage of the festival, there is no funding for these allowances, hence, the preference for local/southern California playwrights. Playwrights outside of the area will be responsible for meeting rehearsal and performance attendance requirements.

Fill out the form and upload your materials online here: Submit to Playwrights in Process 2014

Selected pages, synopses, and submission forms must be submitted by 5PM, May 16, 2014.

After a review of the initial submissions, approximately ten writers will be asked to email copies of their full, completed scripts (and scores, if applicable). These must be received within 48 hours of the request.

Questions about submitting to the Playwrights in Process: New Play Festival may be directed to write@playwrightsproject.org.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Project

Every Tuesday from 4-7pm, dramaturg Jeremy Stoller and a different guest dramaturg each week will be hanging out at a public venue, available to answer questions, provide feedback, etc. to any writer or other theater artist who might be interested in stopping by. This is a free event.

Additional information (including location) is on The Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Facebook page, and at the blog link above.

InterAct 20/20 Commissions

web site

InterAct Theatre Company is pleased to announce the submission deadline for the seventh round of 20/20 New Play Commissions: Friday May 16, 2014.

InterAct is the flagship for new work in Philadelphia and a founding member of both the National New Play Network and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative.

Long established as one of the country’s preeminent producers of provocative new works, InterAct uses the 20/20 Commissions to fund plays that explore the most adventurous, complex, and engaging stories, ideas and issues in our world. We are invested in the wide range of stories that unfold when the larger forces of our world impact the individual and vice versa.

Eighteen commissions and development awards have already been given to plays ranging in style from hard-hitting drama to absurd comedy to magic realism. If you are considering a proposal, we encourage you take a look at both our recent commissions and productions to get a better sense of us.

Since inaugurating the 20/20 commissions in 2007, four commissioned plays and two development award recipients have all been produced on our main-stage. In addition two plays submitted as sample plays for 20/20 awards – IN A DAUGHTER’S EYES by A. Zell Williams and MICROCRISIS by Mike Lew – ended up receiving productions on our main stage. So there is additional value to submitting a proposal!

About InterAct’s 20/20 Commissions

There are two types of awards associated with the program:

• Development Awards - through which InterAct commits funds toward the further development of a play, including dramaturgical consultation, readings and workshops. Funds are typically used to pay for playwright travel and housing, and actor fees. Development Awards are given to works already in progress, but not yet production ready.

• New Play Commissions – through which InterAct commits a cash award of $5000 toward a new and wholly, or substantially, unwritten play.

In both cases, InterAct’s intent is to provide development support for plays toward eventual production in our main stage season, though this is, in no way, a guarantee.
How to Apply for an InterAct Theatre Company 20/20 Commission/Award

The application consists of three parts, which must be submitted simultaneously and received by midnight on Friday, May 16, 2014:

1. Statement of Interest

Please provide a description of the proposed project, including why the issues and themes of the project will be significant over the next twenty years, and what your goals would be should you be granted the opportunity to work with InterAct on the project’s development. If you are applying for a Development Award, you may additionally discuss the status of the current work and its development history. Statements of interest should not exceed 2 pages. We prefer proposals that are specific, concise, and as concrete as possible. We will not be reading any submissions prior to May 16, so please use the time wisely.

2. Up-to-Date Playwriting CV

Please be thorough and be sure to include the development history, if any, of the proposed work

3. For Commission Applicants – A Sample of your work in the form of a Completed Full-length Script

Sample scripts need not have received previous productions for submission, but should be production ready. If possible, please submit a script that falls within InterAct’s central mission. If you do not feel that you have a script suitable to our mission, then please send whatever script you feel best exemplifies your work.

For Development Awards – One Copy of the Proposed Script: Scripts need not be complete, although truly fragmentary works are difficult to evaluate. (An additional sample script is not necessary.)

Please note: We can only accept one submission per applicant – for either a Development Award or a Commission.

The deadline for completed seventh cycle applications is Midnight EST May 16, 2014, and InterAct will notify all playwrights of its decision via email in November 2014.

All parts of the application should be submitted as PDF’s to commissions@interacttheatre.org

Please label the PDFs clearly following this format:

(Your Name) Statement

(Your Name) CV

(Your Name) (Title of Sample Play)

(Your Name) (Title of Play) – DA

For example, for a commission:

Kittson O’Neill Statement

Kittson O’Neill CV

Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet

For a development award:

Kittson O’Neill Statement

Kittson O’Neill CV

Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet – DA

Only full-length plays are eligible for commission or development. Musicals and bills of related one-act plays will not be considered. Collaborations are welcome. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines cannot be considered.

For all 20/20 New Play Commissions, InterAct reserves the right of first production.

Be sure to email applications to commissions2014@interacttheatre.org

However, if you have questions, please email Kittson O’Neill, Artistic Associate.

- See more at: http://interacttheatre.org/new-plays/submit-for-commissions/#sthash.st5WpxDd.dpuf

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s NEW WORKS - Summer 2014

web site

Seeking never produced before original plays (cast, directed and ready to perform) 40 minutes to 90 minutes in length for: July 1 - September 6, 2014
at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

(PLEASE NOTE: We are only accepting productions from the TRI-STATE area.)

As part of our producing program we offer our New Works Play Series 4 times a year. It’s an opportunity to bring your NEW play to life!

We are looking for NEW WORK, first time plays, off book, put on their feet and manifested for the first time from playwright/producers in the Tri-State area.

To submit your play production please email: The complete play, a synopsis of the play,
the running time of the play, the set and lighting requirements, the playʼs history, (readings, when it was written, etc etc.) your mailing address, and a creative team leader contact email address to: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

by Tuesday May 27, 2014 at Midnight.

Please put “NEW WORKS SUMMER” in the subject heading.

Plays will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.
(The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted.)
If we fill up all production slots early on, we will end submissions earlier than May 27, 2014

Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance. There is no submission fee.


Each accepted play will be given a minimum of FIVE HOURS of TECH & DRESS rehearsal time weekday evenings or Saturday and Sunday days in the theatre you will be performing in on 42nd St and 8th Ave. NYC., and a each accepted play will be given a MINIMUM of THREE performances.

A refundable security deposit of $300 will be required upon acceptance which will secure the theatre for damages, and for an average of 10 audience members per performance (a total of 30 for three performances.)

2014 IGNITION Festival of New Plays

Victory Gardens Theater Artistic Director Chay Yew announces a call for submissions of new, challenging, and innovative plays to be a part of the 2014 IGNITION Festival of New Plays, which will take place July 21-27, 2014.

The fourth IGNITION festival will create a productive environment for both emerging and established playwrights to explore and develop their new work. The deadline for submission is Thursday, May 15, 2014.

IGNITION’s six selected plays will be presented in a festival of readings scheduled for summer 2014 and will be directed by leading artists from Chicago and around the country. Following the readings, two of the plays will be selected for intensive workshops during Victory Gardens 2014/15 season, and Victory Gardens will produce one of these final scripts in an upcoming season.

For More Information and Submissions 

Submission can be mailed to:
IGNITION, Victory Gardens Theater
2433 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614.

Work can also be submitted electronically to ignition@victorygardens.org

All submissions must be received by May 15, 2014. For more information about IGNITION Festival of New Plays, visit www.victorygardens.org.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lone Star Theater seeks Texas plays

web site

Lone Star Theatre company invites submissions of full-length plays by Texan playwrights or plays dealing with Texas subjects for full production or to be included in our 2014-2015 Texas Reads series in New York City.

  • You must be from Texas or have lived in Texas long enough to understand Texas life.
  • OR your play must be related to Texas themes. 
  • Submissions are only accepted electronically in PDF form.
  • Deadline to submit is Cinco de Mayo, 2014. (May 5)
  • Please also include a brief bio or personal statement telling us a little bit about yourself in 300 words or less.
  • No fee to submit. 
  • Applications must be e-mailed to lonestartheatreco@gmail.com

Stickball Productions seeks short plays

Stickball Productions presents MAN UP
Open national call for scripts from male playwrights (only).  No submission fee – all selected playwrights will share 6 % of box office gross.  Deadline May 30, 2014.

Stickball Productions will present MAN UP, a short play festival by male playwrights in October, 2014.

Our objective is two-fold.

First, to assemble a group of short plays that may or may not be thematically connected, but work together as a cohesive show interspersed with music (and probably a fair amount of beer).

Second, we acknowledge that there’s much discussion about the disparity in productions of plays produced according to gender lines.  We celebrate the numerous festivals and companies dedicated to producing the work of women writers.  This shifting of the theatrical landscape not only alter the roles of women but inevitably those of men. In a 90 minute show, we wish to explore changes in gender roles experienced as good, difficult, hilarious or indifferent.  We seek plays that explore issues of gender – whatever that means to you.

The guidelines
  1. Send us a play that glorifies violence against women and your work will wind up in the “asshole pile.”  Yes, we have one of those.  The reading panel is gender, age, and ethnically diverse.  You won’t make the cut with that crap, nor should you, you jerk.
  2. Proper script formatting.  All plays will be given an eyeball scan before going to the reading panel – not formatted in a standardly acceptable and legible format? It won’t be read.  Period.
  3.  The venue is a non-traditional space with a bar, with a 10 p.m. show time.  This means, practically speaking, we will not be casting any actors under 18.  It also means your play should be able to withstand the horror of the bartender dumping an ice bucket during the performance or the occasional person who just HAS to have a gin and tonic at the most emotionally naked moment of your play.  The bartender may forget the lime, and that might make said audience member angry.  In short, consider not sending us your quietest, most fragile piece.
  4. Time limit:  Our goal is a 90 minute show with some gaps between pieces with music (no intermission).  We have no time minimum for individual pieces, and prefer varied lengths of individual pieces throughout the evening.  One minutes, five minutes, 7.5 minutes, 20 seconds  – all fine if it works, but we sincerely doubt a piece a moment longer than 10 minutes will make the cut.  In short, send us plays UNDER 10 minutes – it does not matter how far under.  The royalty will be divided equally among all playwrights, regardless of individual page/time contributions to the total on the principle that time does not necessarily equate to impact – and because we suck at math.
  5.  As a practical matter, we will not be hiring a fight choreographer, and will not jeopardize safety in the execution of a piece.  Bear that in mind.
  6. Submission limit is two pieces of any length (see above) per playwright.  Submit in two separate emails. Your third submission will be deleted without reading.
  7. A word on our tastes.  Given the theme, and the “man only” thing, we anticipate plays about fatherhood, brotherhood, friendship, marriage, work, but our minds are open.  We expect to laugh a bunch, think a bit, and would like to offer our audiences something unexpected.  Given our goal, time of night and venue, works that jump right into stuff going on the first line is exciting, plays that take two pages to gain energy, less so.  Hit it.  Do it. We don’t have time to meander, and neither do you.
  8. No published plays, or plays that have had any performances in New England within FIVE years of this performance (October 2014) and no plays that have been produced at the Boston Theater Marathon at any time.  We would like to say “brand spanking new” – but it is enough for us to tell the audience we know, with reasonable certainty, this is new to them.
  9. No works with any underlying copyrights involved.  We don’t like lawyers.  You don’t like lawyers.  If you’re a lawyer and were offended by that statement, call our lawyer.
  10. Stickball Productions will claim zero rights on your individual plays future rights.  We may assess whether the collection is worthy of seeking a publisher, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, if we come to it, in full discussion with you.
  11. “Male only” means male, not “white male only” and we hope to see submissions from a diverse spectrum of writers of color, veterans, male identified, gay, straight, transgender, etc. The reading panel is very diverse (including women) the director is a woman, and the audition call will also require a broad spectrum of diversity.
  12. We are not afraid of musicals (we hear 10 minute musicals might exist… weird) – .  Include link to your ORIGINAL music if that’s applicable – do not mail cd’s, don’t come to our houses and sing.  We will not have a full orchestra and the musical component is, at this stage, unknown.  Might be a live guitar player, might have a small band – we expect the needs of the pieces and the final selected plays to guide us in those decisions.
Send the following with your submission, and if sending two submissions, send them separately with complete requested information:

The play (obviously) with your name and contact information on the cover sheet.
A brief bio in the body of the email, early career writers are most welcome, just tell us a bit about yourself.

Send it to stickballsubmissions@gmail.com Do not mail hardcopies.

No submissions will be accepted after Midnight, May 30, 2014.

Seeking plays for the Blueprint Series

web site

Blueprint Series 2014
Calling all playwrights!

We are now accepting submissions to participate in our 5th annual Blueprint Series. This program is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. If you have an idea for a play and want to work collaboratively to generate a script, you should apply.

Download the application and information sheet here:
Blueprint 2014 Application.

Submit signed form via email to info@brimmerstreet.org by 11:59pm on Saturday May 17th

Email us if you have any questions about Blueprint or if you want to be involved as a collaborative artist (actors, directors, designers, producers, and others)

The Brimmer Street & Blueprint Series

Brimmer St. Theatre Co. (BSTC) is a non-profit Los Angeles-based performance company with a commitment to develop original theatre and welcome artists whose work challenges established forms and expectations. The BSTC strives to form a close ensemble of these artists, craftsmen, students and benefactors to produce work of exceptional innovation and character. BSTC’s Blueprint Series is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. The series will culminate in public presentation of all or some of the projects selected for development. Each project will be given devoted time in our rehearsal studio to work with our ensemble according to a schedule that suits the need of each playwright.

Project Selection

Blueprint Series focuses on developing work from the ground up, starting with a solid idea for a play. Scripts that have already been written that are in need of revision are not appropriate for this particular effort. Projects will be selected by the BSTC ensemble based on the concept of the play (including genre, plot, cast, context, and so on) and the proposed development process and timeline. 

Submission deadline 11:59pm on Saturday May 17th.

Development Process & Timeline

The duration of development will be determined based on project selection, but will last roughly 10 weeks starting in July. The ensemble meets 1-2 times per week for 2 hours; these meeting times will be shared between all projects according to a timeline determined immediately following project selection, based on the proposed development process of each project. In addition to the concept of the piece, a major factor that the company will use to determine project selection is the intention of how the process will incorporate the ensemble of actors and other theatre artists. Playwrights can consult with ensemble members to determine a fitting development plan and timeline. 

Feel free to email us at info@brimmerstreet.org for a consultation.

Future Performance Rights

Applicants interested in reviewing the detailed letter of agreement can request a copy from info@brimmerstreet.org. Blueprint Series offers playwrights with a $100 stipend for their work on the project and in exchange for future performance rights of the developed script for up to 2 years. In recognition of Brimmer Street’s contributions to the play’s development through Blueprint Series, BSTC will have the opportunity for a world premiere production of the completed script within 2 years. If Brimmer Street does not choose to produce the play, the company will give up that opportunity to another interested producer.

Intellectual Property Policy

We encourage applicants to submit writing samples as part of your application. Note that no confidential relationship exists between you and BSTC, nor is there one intended or created by the submission of your application. BSTC will not keep your application on file. BSTC’s potential future use of material containing features and elements similar to those contained in your application (either because such features and elements were not new or novel, or were not originated by you, or because other persons (including BSTC members) have submitted or may submit material containing similar features and elements which BSTC has the right to use) shall not obligate BSTC to negotiate with you nor entitle you to any compensation if BSTC determines that it has an independent legal right to use such other material which is not derived from you.

Studio Players seek 10-minute plays

web site

Studio Players, Kentuckys Oldest Community-Involved Theater, located in Lexington, KY, is proud to announce a 10-Minute Play Festival, to be performed in August 2014. We are looking for 7 strong, entertaining plays to feature. As such, we are going to hold a competition.

This competition is for 10-minute plays only; it is open to any playwright. This year, the judges will be members of the Studio Players theater community: board members, directors and patrons. The rules are simple and are as follows:

1. Any playwright may enter; only one script per playwright.

2. The play must be a 10 minute play (meaning it will be approximately 10 pages long).

3. All plays should be emailed with a separate cover page with plays title, authors name, email address and phone number. The play itself should only have the title; no identifying information contained in or on the 10 page script.

4. All plays must be received by May 10th.
5. The contest is open to the first 150 entries received.
6. Winning entrants agree to a full production of their scripts.

Thats it! The top 7 scripts (as determined by the judges) will be performed by active members of the Bluegrass theater community. Each play will be fully realized, staged productions; each performance showing all winning scripts. The 7 Selected playwrights will each receive $100 in prize money.

All entries should be sent to: sweftdart@yahoo.com with 10-min play fest in the header.

NYCPlaywrights January 2014 Play of the Month: THE PORTRAIT COMMISSION by Marlene Fanta Shyer

Marlene Fanta Shyer on her monologue:
To tell the truth this piece is absolutely fictional, except for the '"bad" portrait I once commissioned from a Boston artist, someone who had done me a big favor. Instead of a picture of me, I requested a portrait of Elvis Presley that turned out to look like a quirky Mohammed Ali. 
Mustafa is the name of the nice African boy who delivers groceries from Food Emporium, and it was my father who played accordion--and you know what everyone thinks of accordion music!

For more information about the author and the actor see the NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month Page.

The second monologue selected, US by David Copper, will be posted soon.

Bully Awareness Month 10-minute plays

web site

SEEKING: Ten minutes plays to be produced as staged readings in October 2014 as part of the Bully Awareness Theatrical Event and to coincide with October's Bully Awareness Month.  School bullying is a national problem both in person and through cyber space. Each year scores of young people take drastic measures to avoid bullying that often end up being fatal.  Help us make the public aware of this national issues and at the same time let's make a difference in the lives of young people.

This mini festival of new works will showcase a series of ten minute plays on the subject of bullying.  Plays may be of any content but with limited technical support.  No more than five characters.  Plays must be no longer then 10 pages long not including title page and be presented in Courier Font, 12 point font.  Please include title page, character description and full script in PDF form.

A portion of the proceeds will go to www.Bullyfree.com to help educate and combat school bullying.

Send 10 minute plays with plot description and character breakdown to MatthewThompson1971@gmail.com.

Submission for deadline is May 30, 2014 and participates will be notified by August 31, 2014.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dramatists Guild Fellowship and Musical Fellowship

web site

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for the program commencing in Fall, 2014 must be received by the Guild no later than 5:30pm on May 5, 2014. Please read all of instructions carefully.

**IMPORTANT CHANGES: This year, we will be accepting electronic submissions ONLY. E-mail all submissions to fellows@dramatistsguild.com.

We are also expanding eligibility to include writers who have had one or more professional productions.**

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants will be eligible for the program with any of the following qualifications: 1) Participation in a graduate program in theatrical writing within the last five years; or 2) Participation in an organized theatrical workshop within the last ten years; or 3) Comparable experience, such as one or more professional productions, and a recommendation by a theater professional or theater educator; or 4) Pertinent, documented practical experience. All applicants must be residents of New York or the surrounding metropolitan area for the time of their fellowship. Applicants must also be prepared to meet on alternate Monday evenings of every month, and to make themselves available, if possible, to participate in observerships, assistantships, etc. when those opportunities arise.


Please submit a cover letter answering the following: Describe an experience in which somebodys input on your work as a writer affected or inspired you; a resume containing pertinent contact information for you; 20 pages of a script you have written. Please name submission as follows: LastNamePlayTitle (for example: NottageRuined.pdf. The document(s) must be e-mailed as a PDF.


If you are applying as a Musical Theater Fellow and you write both music and lyrics, you may apply alone as a self-contained writer. Members of collaborative teams must apply together. Collaborative teams with composer and lyricist should also consider applying with their librettist partner, or, at the very least, make their librettist partner available whenever that project is being discussed. Unfortunately, we cannot accept people who write only lyrics or only music or only libretti without a writing partner, as we cannot pair collaborators. The cover letter and materials submitted should make it clear whether you and your collaborator(s) are applying as a team or whether you are applying as a self-contained writer.

Please submit a cover letter; a resume containing pertinent contact information for you; mp3 files of four (4) songs with lyric sheets; a brief description of each song as to its plot placement, a brief synopsis of the musical, and the complete libretto, if one exists. Musical submissions need not be elaborately produced; piano and voice is sufficient. Please note that we can only accept music in the mp3 format. PLEASE E-MAIL EACH SONG SEPARATELY and name them as follows: LastNameMusicalTitleSong# (for example: FlahertyRagtime#1.mp3) The other documents must be e-mailed as a PDF.

Tomorrow & Tomorrow Theater Co. seeks submissions

web site

Tomorrow & Tomorrow Theater Co. seeks submissions for its 2014 Fall Production. The ideal candidate seeks a highly collaborative environment and to be an integral part of a multidisciplinary experience.


For the company’s inaugural production, the application fee has been waived.

The following guidelines must be followed in entirety for consideration.

1. Submissions must be original, unpublished, full-length plays (no more than 90 minutes in run time).

2. Plays must be unproduced and should not be scheduled for production at the time of submission. Our mission is to provide support for emerging playwrights. 
*Plays that have had a reading will be considered.

3. Plays must be typed/word-processed, page-numbered, and in standard professional play format. Please include your full name and the title of your work in the footer of the document.

4. The maximum cast is 8 actors.

5. Due to the small size of our staff and the sheer number of scripts we receive, we are only able to accept one script at a time from each author. 


Please mail your script with a completed submission form to the address below.

Tomorrow & Tomorrow Theater Co.
173 23rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Submissions for the 2014 production must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2014.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Center for Spiritual Living seeks short plays

web site

The Center for Spiritual Living – Princeton is hosting a playwriting contest for playwrights from NY, NJ and PA.
- Plays should be on the theme: A decision or choice that changes everything

- Plays should be between 15 and 20 minutes long

- Please include a cover page with your contact information

- Plays should use family-friendly language

- Winners will get a concert reading of their plays by local actors

- There is no fee to submit

- First prize is $100, second and third prize, $50

- Playwrights from NY, NJ and PA are welcome to submit. If your submission is one of the top 3, you will be expected to attend the reading

- There will be a talk-back after each presentation, in a very positive, supportive environment

- A form with questions partly chosen by the playwright will be filled out by audience members to help the playwright.

- Please submit in .pdf, .doc or .docx format. Plays will be accepted digitally only. Do not send a paper script.

- Please send submissions to cslprincetonplays@yahoo.com.

- Plays need not have anything to do with the teachings of the Center for Spiritual Living. If you would like to know anything about the organization, you will find it at http://www.cslprinceton.org

- Submissions must be in by May 15, 2014. Winners will be announced mid-August 2014 with the reading on a Sunday afternoon (TBD) in September, 2014

Rover Dramawerks seeks full-length & 10-minute plays

web site

Rover Dramawerks announces our inaugural playwriting contest! We are seeking full-length comedies or farces and 10-minute plays (also of the funny variety) to be a part of our Fifteenth Season.

· Submissions will be accepted from April 15 to May 15.
· Only the first 150 full-length plays will be accepted.
· Only the first 300 10-minute plays will be accepted.
· No musicals.
· Plays may have been produced previously but not in the DFW Metroplex.
· Plays may not be published.
· Playwrights may submit only one full-length play and one 10-minute play. Additional plays submitted by a single person will result in disqualification.
· Submissions will only be accepted via email to submissions@roverdramawerks.com.
· Please include a cast list and brief synopsis.
· Only PDF files will be accepted.
· Please include your full contact information on the coversheet

One full-length play will receive a cash prize of $500 and a full production by Rover Dramawerks in their Fifteenth Season.

The first place 10-minute play will receive $100, second place will receive $50, and third place will receive $35. These plays will be given a minimum of two full performances as part of Rover’s “Adventure Nights” series.

Rover Dramawerks performs in a reconfigurable black box theatre that seats 90-130. Please take this into consideration when presenting your work to us for consideration. Feel free to check out our website at www.roverdramawerks.com to see the types of plays we generally produce.

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