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Saturday, October 27, 2012

One-Act Plays: Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre Seventh Annual Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest

web site

NOTE: only for residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

This is the seventh year of premiered staged readings of three winning one-act plays in showcase at the Brick Box Theatre housed in the beautiful Paramount Theatre in downtown Rutland, Vermont.  Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre is in its eighth season. The Nor’Eastern Showcase winners will receive an intense day and a half of work on each play and two nights lodging with our sponsor at the Holiday Inn: Rutland/Killington.

The Nor’Eastern Showcase performance dates for this year will again be in May.  Each script goes through a rigorous screening process of three readers.

The scripts with the highest scores are submitted to a second panel, and then the finalists are read by a single reader who then selects the three scripts to be showcased.


This contest is open to playwrights of all ages and experience who are residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

One-act plays must be able to be read in showcase in 30 to 45 minutes.

Readers are instructed to disqualify plays that are, or appear to be, longer.

Submissions must be original, unpublished, one-act plays.  Plays that have had staged readings may be submitted, however, plays that have received Vermont productions or readings may not.

Legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the playwright.

Individual playwrights may submit a maximum of two (2) entries per year.
The author will maintain all literary rights to his or her own material.

All submissions are judged blind. We require four (4) copies with four (4) cover pages:

All four (4) with the title of the play, BUT ONLY ONE with the author’s name, address, e-mail & phone numbers.

If you would like your scripts returned, you MUST include an S.A.S. mailing envelope covering the FULL return mailing costs with your submission.  If no S.A.S.E. is included, your scripts will be recycled.

Plays must be processed, page numbered, and securely bound in an ably bound soft cover, in standard professional play format.  Write to Samuel French Inc., 45 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010-2751 for their format guidelines, or copy them from www.vcu.edu/artweb/playwriting/format.html on line.

All submissions will be handled with care.  However, Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged scripts.

Submission fees:  Following the guidelines of the Dramatists Guild of America there is no entry fee.

Scripts are not accepted on-line due to the costs of printing.

Mail four (4) copies of your script(s) to:

Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest,
Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre,
PO Box 580, Rutland, Vermont 05702-0580.

Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2012, notification of winners will be March 5, 2013 and the staged readings in Showcase will be in May, 2013, with playwrights expected to be there one night early for rehearsals.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Disreputables are now accepting submissions

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The Disreputables are now accepting submissions of short works for black&blue, a festival of staged readings and community action inspired by the many faces of domestic violence: physical, sexual, emotional, psychological; subtle to blatant; from red flag to black veil. black&blue is the second installment of the UNmute! Reading Series, a season-long project aimed at raising the volume on stifled voices. We are seeking original plays, musicals, and monologues from 1-20 minutes in length. black&blue will be presented in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in January/February 2013. 

Submissions are due by November 15.

For full guidelines, visit our website: http://www.disreputables.org/how-to-submit.html

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lecture at the New York Society Library

The results are in...

The polls are now closed* for voting on the question of whether or not to include calls for screenplays on the NYCPlaywrights web site and... the nays have it by a wide margin - the NYCPlaywrights web site readership has rejected the screenplay question and so we will stick to theatre scripts only.

Thanks to everybody for voting - we had a great response!

*We closed a day early due to a malfunction in the Blogger polling widget which set the count back to 0 suddenly and inexplicably. Apologies if you waited for the last day to vote.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

YOU'VE GOT HATE MAIL 2 pairs of free tickets and special discounts for November 2 show & talk shop with the playwrights

Special Offer for NYCPlaywrights Web Site Visitors

You are invited to the Friday, November 2 performance of YOU'VE GOT HATE MAIL at the Triad Theater in NYC.

Following the performance, join the playwrights for an informal meet and greet. Say hello...talk shop...get some great playwrighting tips. Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore are the authors of 23 plays published worldwide with Samuel French and translated into multiple languages around the globe. Van Zandt’s solo play “The Property Known as Garland” broke house records at The Actor’s Playhouse in its initial Off-Broadway run.

Performance Friday, November 2 at 7pm ~ @Triad Theater - 159 West 72 St.

TICKET GIVE-AWAY In addition to the discounts for the November 2 performance NYCPlaywrights will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the November 2 performance on a first-come, first-serve basis at 8PM on Saturday, October 27. The first two emails sent to info@nycplaywrights.org at that time/date will receive the tickets. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL FOR TICKETS BEFORE THEN.

"The perfect bedroom farce...expertly directed...riotously enacted by a five-person ensemble!" 
- NY Post
For theatergoers seeking a fun evening of non-stop laughs and pure entertainment, it doesn’t get better than this!"
- Show Business

Enjoy "NON-STOP LAUGHS!" plus a special meet and greet with two of  the most-produced playwrights in the world for only $14.50!
Playwrights Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore star in their hilarious comedy about on-line hook-ups and break-ups, now in its third year at the Triad Theater. In “You’ve Got Hate Mail,” love ‘bytes’ all when an extra-marital affair goes horribly wrong, after a juicy email is sent in error.

Special discount tickets available with code: WRITER1
By Phone: Call SmartTix at 212- and mention code WRITER1
Online: Click HERE for discount tickets.

Note: Contains Adult Language. The Triad has a two-drink minimum and is a cash-only venue

Sixth Annual Original One-Act Play Festival

web site

Stage Door Productions presents:

Opportunity Info
Stage Door Productions, Inc. Announces Sixth Annual Original One-Act Play Festival June 2013 Fredericksburg, Virginia Prizes will be awarded: Grand Prize $150 Second Place $100 Third Place $50
Guidelines for Submission:

All submissions must be original, unpublished one act plays.
Submissions must be postmarked or received by email between August 1, 2012, and November 1, 2012. 

Additional Information:

1.      Send a duplicate copy, not the original.
2.      All scripts should include a short biography of the playwright for publication on website, programs, and publicity materials.
3.      All scripts submitted electronically via email should be in .pdf format. 
4.      All scripts submitted via mail should be legibly typed, bound and of a standard size.
5.      Hard copy of scripts will be returned only if accompanied by a manuscript size, self-addressed,      stamped  envelope. 
6.      Playwrights will be notified by e-mail when their manuscript is received.
7.      Scripts should include:
    a.      A separate title page with name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
    b.      A cast of characters with descriptions.
    c.      A brief synopsis.
    d.      Numbered pages
8.      Playwrights will be notified by February 15, 2013, if their play has been selected.
9.      Selected plays will be listed on our web site, www.stagedoorproductions.org 
10.   All production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.
11.   Stage Door Productions shall have the right to produce selected scripts without payment of royalties.
12.   Production will be at the discretion of SDP.
13.   Only stage plays will be considered. Musical, film or TV scripts will not be accepted.
14.   All submission must be original and unpublished. 
15.   Scripts will be judged on concept, dramatic action, characterization, and dialogue.  Technical requirements will be noted.
16.   Critical analysis of scripts will not be provided.
17.   Playwrights should be aware that the size of our stage is limited. There are no opportunities for elaborate scene changes.  Utilizing existing walls in the space and minimal set pieces is encouraged.
18.   SDP suggests that scripts have running times of between 15 to 30 minutes.
19.   Auditions will be held in March.
20.   Please consider our audience and do not send erotica or gratuitously violent scripts.

Submissions should be sent to:

Stage Door Productions                                                                                                           
P.O. Box 8451
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22404
Attn:  One Act Festival

Monday, October 22, 2012

Playwright Deanna Jent responds to questions...

As promised here are the responses from FALLING author Deanna Jent to some of the questions submitted from NYCPlaywrights web site visitors and mailing list members:

Q. As I believe you have first hand experience as resource to draw on for your play, what was one or two of the more surprising elements that sprung up or developed unexpectedly in the life of its progression, either in character or storyline?
~ Michael E.

JENT: I was surprised by how important the idea of the "dreams we have of/for our children" became.  In my life, the grief for "lost dreams" and the creation of new dreams has happening and is ongoing; I was surprised when I realized that Tami (the Mom character) had not yet dealt with that.  That character discovery showed me the way to the ending of the play, when she realizes that she has to "let go" of many things she's holding onto in order for their lives to move forward.

Q. How do you know what's best for your play when you're writing from an experience so personal? How do you separate yourself from the play so that you know you're crafting a work with compelling growth and conflict that works as a piece of theatre?
~  Michael P.

JENT: It is indeed very difficult to separate real life from dramatic life.  My process was to start with a few real-life scenes and then take those characters into new conflicts and conversations.  Through that I was able to differentiate between the characters and the people in my life.  Much of my focus in writing the play was on how I could theatricalize, or show, the truth of this family.  For example, the "feather box" that Josh uses in the play doesn't exist in my house -- it's a theatrical "device" to give the audience important information about Josh and this family.  The final thing is that I had many colleagues read my word (privately and aloud) and really listened to their questions and critiques.

Q. How close is the play to your actual experiences? Obviously you've had to fashion a dramatic work to hold an audience's attention. Was much lost in that transition, or, perhaps, was something gained in telling your story? 
~ Ken J.

JENT: The play is very close to my life as it was several years ago; thankfully my son is rarely aggressive now, but we still do face the very real problem of finding appropriate housing/living arrangements for him as he gets older (he's 18 now).  I gained many things in writing this story -- it allowed me to explore and experience the events of the play from each character's point of view, which gave me some insight into relationships in my life.  I was also able to have the characters say out loud some things that I'd never had the courage to say!

Q. When you write a play, do you start with an outline or do you just start at the beginning and keep writing until you come to the end?~ Elizabeth C.

JENT: Thanks for your question, Elizabeth.  I have done both things -- I think it depends on the play and on the way in which your are most comfortable writing.  For FALLING, I started with ideas for a few scenes and had an idea of a final image, but I wasn't sure how any of it connected.  So I just dove in and wrote many scenes exploring the life of these characters and eventually the dramatic shape of the story came together.

Thanks to everybody who participated in this project - Mike, Mike, Ken, Elizabeth and Deanna Jent and Jessica Ferreira.


web site

Seeking fully produced original plays (cast, directed and ready to perform)
40 minutes to 120 minutes in length for MRTʼs NEW WORKS PLAY SERIES 2012 - Dec. 1 thru Dec. 21, 2012, at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd St. (at 8th Ave) NYC

To submit your play production please email:
  • The complete play,
  • a synopsis of the play, 
  • the running time of the play, 
  • the set and lighting requirements, 
  • the playʼs production history (if it has been produced before and where) 
  • and a creative team leader 

Contact email address to:

manhattanrep@yahoo.com by Thursday October 25, 2012 at Midnight.

Please put “New Works Submission” in the subject heading.

Applicants will be contacted by Monday October 29 , 2012 as to their acceptance.

There is no submission fee. NON-EQUITY ONLY.

Each play will be given a MINIMUM of THREE performances.

A refundable security deposit of $300 will be required upon acceptance.

Manhattan Rep’s New Works Play Series Guidelines:

46 seat theatre space for at least 3 performances
2 Tech/Dress rehearsals in the theatre
Our stock furniture for your show
Web flyers.  Web site support.
Theatre production consultation
Reservation Service, House management and Box Office


An 8 dimmer lighting board with 16 instruments
A 4 speaker sound system
A 5 CD changer with support for IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE and Laptop
1 dressing rooms

Casting the production

Directing the production

Stage Manager and or Board Op to work lights and sound

Outside rehearsal space

Program design and copies of their program

All other miscellaneous production costs – costumes, props, etc.

Inviting friends and family. (EACH CREATIVE TEAM IS REQUIRED TO BRING IN AN AVERAGE OF 10 PAID AUDIENCE MEMBERS PER PERFORMANCE - If the creative team brings in less than an average of 10 paid audience members per performance the security deposit will be forfeited - see below)

Each production must secure and/or pay for the rights for any published or copyrighted play where applicable.
A copy of the documentation of the payment of rights must be given to Manhattan Repertory Theatre within 14 days after acceptance into the festival.

If you are applying with a published or copyrighted play,
please contact the publisher or author to see if the rights to do the play in Manhattan are available and affordable BEFORE you apply.

All participants must be NON-EQUITY
There is NO PAY

Please do not submit MUSICALS unless staged with pre-recorded music. (We have no room for an orchestra.)

All Productions must run between 40 minutes and 120 minutes with simple sets which can be easily struck.

NO NUDITY. (unless OK-ed by MRT)
NO SMOKING in the play!
No LIGHTING OF ANYTHING! (Candles, cigarettes, etc.)
No FURNITURE is to be brought into the theatre for any reason.
We supply more than enough stock furniture for any show.

Props and costumes can be stored at the theatre for the duration of your run.
(You do NOT have to load in and load out every night like at other theatre festivals.)

Participants must keep space clean and organized and treat fellow artists with respect.
Any unruly Creative Teams will be immediately terminated from the Festival and their security deposit will be forfeited.
Any intentional damage to the theatre caused by a production will result in immediate termination of their entire production.

Ticket price will be $20.00
(All ticket sales will go to Manhattan Repertory Theatre.)

We comp ALL Casting Sheet (Ross Report) Casting Directors and Agents with business cards.
We comp reviewers from established papers with business cards.

There are NO personal comps.

A refundable security deposit of $300 is required upon acceptance to participate in the festival. This security deposit will NOT be refunded if any excessive cleaning costs or any damages are incurred to Manhattan Repertory Theatre during your performance week by you or any member of your creative team or if you fail to bring in an average of 10 paid audience members per performance. This deposit will be returned within one week after your show closes, if you meet all of the above requirements. Also, after your acceptance your deposit will NOT be refunded if your show is canceled for ANY reason.

There is no videotaping during live performances due to complaints from audience members.
(Our theatre is only 43 seats.)
All videotaping must be done during your dress rehearsal.

Your play may not be produced anywhere between the time of your Festival acceptance date and your Festival performance dates. Also, your play cannot be produced within 30 days AFTER your festival production closing date. If this guideline is broken, your production will be immediately pulled from the festival and your security deposit will be forfeited.

Manhattan Repertory Theatre retains NO (0%) percentage of play’s future productions outside of Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Please know that Manhattan Repertory Theatre reserves the right to change our policies at any time in order for the Festival to run more effectively.

If you have any questions about producing your play at Manhattan Rep,
feel free to e-mail us at manhattanrep@yahoo.com.

Over 8000 theatre artists have developed their work at Manhattan Rep since September 2005.
We hope to work with you this December!


Jennifer Pierro
Director of Productions

Ken Wolf
Artistic Director
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seeking full-length plays dealing with contemporary Jewish themes

web site

Carol Berman, Director of the Arts at JCC MetroWest and David Winitsky, Artistic Director of the Jewish Plays Project are excited to announce the return of their competition for full-length plays dealing with contemporary Jewish themes. Using a curated jury process followed by a series of live selection events, the Contest will give equal voice to Jewish audiences and artists in creating Jewish theater for the 21st Century.

IMPORTANT NOTE: THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO ARTISTS OF ALL BACKGROUNDS, DENOMINATIONS, FAITHS, CREEDS, RELIGIONS and other IDEALS. We believe that Jewish identity and culture are specific manifestations of universal human cravings for spiritual, ethical, moral and worldly joy. “Matrilineal descent” is neither important nor necessary.

ELIGIBILITY: Full-length plays that deal with contemporary Jewish themes that have never been produced in New York City. The following must be true of a submitted play:
  1. It is not a Yiddish play.
  2. It is not a Holocaust play. (We have a separate category for those. See http://www.jewishplaysproject.org/shoah)
  3. It contains significant Jewish themes, characters, content, or points of view.
  4. It does NOT fall into the beloved category of "ethnically stereotypical comedy" (No 'Yiddishemammeh" plays, no "My Afternoon With Bubbe", no "Jewtopia")
  5. It has not had a full production in the NY Metro region.
  6. It is NOT a musical (plays with music may apply).

SUBMISSION: Entries are due by November 1 at 6 pm.

There is NO fee to apply, but there is a one (1) submission per person rule. Plays that were submitted to the 2012 Contest ARE eligible.

For the full Contest RFP, visit: www.jewishplaysproject.org/jpc
Or contact:
David Winitsky, Artistic Director: david@jewishplaysproject.org

THE PRIZE: The winning plays will be developed in the spring of 2013 by a company of stellar actors, directors and designers. During the JPP’s OPEN Residency in June, 2013, a final New York City Contest will be held, with the ultimate winner continuing directly on to a 2-week workshop and 2 performances.

ABOUT THE JEWISH PLAYS PROJECT: The Jewish Plays Project puts bold, progressive Jewish conversations on world stages. The JPP’s innovative and competitive development vehicle invests emerging artists in their Jewish identity; engages Jewish communities in the vetting, selecting and championing of new voices; and secures mainstream production opportunities for the best new plays.

The Richard Rodgers Awards 2013

web site

Created and endowed by Richard Rodgers in 1978 for the development of the musical theater, subsidize full productions, studio productions, and staged readings by nonprofit theaters in New York City of works by composers and writers who are not already established in this field.  The winners are selected by a jury of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.


1. The term "musical theater" is understood to include musicals, plays with songs, thematic revues, or any comparable work. The submission of innovative and experimental work is encouraged. The work submitted must be of significant length to fill an evening, and it may consist of a group of smaller, related pieces.

2. The jury will consider only completed works.  Care should be taken to submit the work in its best possible form as it may not be submitted again, in another year, even if substantially revised.

3. Only one submission by a collaborative group or a sole creator will be accepted. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

4. Works by members of the Academy and previous winners of the production awards are not eligible for consideration.  Former winners of Richard Rodgers awards for staged readings or studio productions may submit new works.

5. An applicant whose works in the musical theater have received professional or amateur productions in New York City or out of town is eligible unless, in the judgment of the jury, the applicant has already achieved significant recognition in the field of musical theater through the work submitted or through any previous work.  Under special circumstances and at the discretion of the jury, applicants who have achieved recognition in fields outside the musical theater may be eligible.  Works which have been produced by professional theater companies before a paying audience are eligible only if such productions received no more than 21 performances by a for profit company or 50 performances by a nonprofit company.


1. The name(s) of the author(s) must be blocked out on each of the items submitted, with the exception of the application form.  Write only the title of the work on the script, plot summary, CD.

2. Entry must include four items:
a) Script with lyrics, preferably with no binders or metal clips.  Do not send score, videos, or visuals. 
b) Half-page synopsis of the action, and a list of characters. 
c)  CD must contain at least 45 minutes of music, including a minimum of eight songs, recorded in chronological order.  Orchestrations are not necessary; piano and vocals are sufficient.  Songs must be in sequence on the CD and each song clearly keyed into the script.  Please include a separate track sheet of recorded songs with page numbers indicating where they appear in the script, and specify the total number of minutes recorded.  
d)  Application form signed by all collaborators in a sealed envelope with the title of the work on the outside.  Applicants submitting work which has already been produced must give full information concerning these productions, including programs.  A work is not eligible if one of the collaborators is deceased.
3. If the submitted work (or a portion thereof) is an adaptation of material which is not in the public domain, candidates must submit licenses, permissions, or authorizations necessary to permit the work to be produced in conformity with applicable copyright laws.  The music must be original.

4. Materials will be returned if a self-addressed, stamped mailer is enclosed.
Addresses must be valid for at least six months.  The Academy will take all due care of materials, but it cannot be held responsible for their safe return.

5. Applicants will be notified of the jury's decision by March 2013.


1. All rights to the material submitted shall remain the property of the author(s); the Academy will not
retain any control over, or rights in, the work after the award production.

2. The decisions of the jury will be final as to eligibility and all other matters.


Go to their web site for the application form.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


web site

Towne Street Theatre is ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS  for our 6th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival

Date: February 2013 

Location: Stella Adler Theatre

*Theme: "The Black Experience – Past, Present, & Future" 
Please submit plays that are relative to ALL of the black experience;relationships, friendships, family, cultural intersections, politics, etc. Plays can be historical, contemporary, or futuristic, and all genres – comedy, drama, satire, etc. are welcome. Playwrights of all ethnicities and ages are encouraged to submit their work, including plays with color blind and/or multi-racial casts. There are no processing fees, but please do not submit more than one play. Please make sure your play is only Ten Minutes in length.

There will be prizes for the first, second, and third place audience favorites!
( *In honor of Black History Month & Towne Street's 20th Anniversary Season )

Submission deadline is November 1, 2012 

• Submit to tstsubmit@yahoo.com

{Your Name Here} is seeking ten-minute play submissions

web site

{Your Name Here} is seeking ten-minute play submissions by playwrights who identify as LGBTIQQA for our Holiday edition of our BLIPS 10-minute play reading series.
We highly encourage queer women, people of color, and trans people to send submissions. We encourage submitting playwrights to find the uncharted territory of queer theater. Find the stories that have not been told; push your own expectations of form and content.

The submission deadline is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1.

Use the concepts of the “winter” and “holiday” as a starting point and let it take you in any direction.


  • Script must be in pdf format
  • Ten minute runtime or less
  • 5 characters max
  • Minimal production requirements
  • Not previously produced.
  • Playwright identifies as queer

Play does not necessarily need to be “queer” in content.
Due to the high volume of submissions, only playwrights whose work has been selected will be contacted.
{Your Name Here} is committed to providing a dynamic, progressive environment for Queer artists. Our goal is to represent and to reflect the queer human experience, while creating a safe space in which to empower the LGBTIQQA communities of New York through nurturing emerging artists.

Go to their web site to upload the script.

Barbie & Ken's Little Theatre

Thistle Dew Theatre seeks comedy writers

web site

The Thistle Dew Theatre is putting together a team of writers for a new political comedy theatre.  You are invited to submit an original 10-20 minute play, with three to five characters.

Writers must have a keen interest in and knowledge of the national political scene.  Experience writing a "biting" comedic teleplay series or comedic web-series is a plus.  Comedic conservative political writing
style (whether believed or not) an extra plus.

Writers must submit a cover letter, resume, and script(s).  You may submit one - three scripts for consideration. Take a story off the front page and make it funny.
  • Resumes are requested so that we know a little more about the writers with whom we are working. 
  • Photographs are not requested or required.  Once a writing and production relationship is established, photographs will be requested for insertion in our programs for credits and biographical purposes.
  • Selected writer(s) will be asked to carry on an internet email relationship.
  • Selected writers will not be expected to attend performances in Sacramento.

Please send scripts submissions in play format and resumes as  "pdf" attachments, to the attention of Tom at: tddtheatre@aol.com with "Comedy Writer" in the subject line.

There is no submission fee.
DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Undressing Cinderella, a new play festival at Middlebury College, VT seeks scripts

web site

The Theatre Department of Middlebury College, in conjunction with Project Y Theatre Company, NYC, is seeking submissions for a new play festival at Middlebury College April 10-13th, 2013.

Project Y Theatre Company is committed to the development of new work in New York City through an incubation process of readings, workshop productions, and ultimately, a fully-produced world premiere. www.projectytheatre.org

Cinderella is a fairy tale with roots in 47 different countries around the world, each with its own version of the beautiful servant girl whose left-behind shoe is the only clue to her actual identity. Through Undressing Cinderella -- turning this well-known tale inside out – we seek to explore this  universality, discovering which elements shine through and which new ones emerge.


1) Write a play inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella using any character other than Cinderella as the main focus.  Connection to the original tale need not be literal and the play may be set anytime and anywhere.  A composite version is available here:
http://www.middlebury.edu/media/view/435195/original/cinderalla.pdf or you are free to pull
from your own.

2) Create a cast with at least double the number of female characters to male characters.

3) Total running time: 10 minutes minimum, up to 30 minutes maximum.

All submissions will be considered for full production in the Middlebury festival, as well as possible developmental readings and production in New York under the auspices of Project Y Theatre Company.

First Prize:  $400.00
Second Prize:  $200.00
Third Prize:  $50.00

The collaboration between Project Y Theatre Company and the Middlebury Department of Theatre is an example of Middlebury’s long-term commitment to providing professional opportunities for students and alumni and of the invigorating relationship between the department and its alums.

Submissions are due by October 25th
Can be emailed to Assistant Professor of Theatre and CoArtistic Director of Project Y Theatre Company Andrew W Smith at:  awsmith@middlebury.edu.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting

web site

The City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting furthers the Company’s mission to identify, acknowledge and award excellence in dramatic writing. Up to fifteen playwrights will be selected from among the hundreds who annually submit their ten-minute plays to the company for special recognition.  The winning play will be produced in the annual Summer Shorts festival, for which the playwright will earn royalties, be invited to Miami for the festival and to take part in the CityWrights Professional Weekend for Playwrights.  Transportation, hotel, the Weekend and a cash prize will be awarded up to a value of $2,000.00.  Finalists will receive free tuition to attend CityWrights, and may be considered for production in the Summer Shorts festival and other programming. City Theatre National Award scripts will be submitted to the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival. The Summer Shorts Festivals are produced annually in Miami in the month of June.

City Theatre Play Submissions Rules and Information; 
Please review the criteria thoroughly before sending your submission to City Theatre. Plays will be accepted yearly from August 15 – October 31. Scripts won’t be considered sooner or later!

With the mission of developing and producing original short plays by established talents and promising new voices, City Theatre is looking for wonderful ten-minute plays for our annual Summer Shorts festival and other programming. Having produced hundreds of plays, we know what we want; scripts that are lively and timely, hilarious and thought-provoking, poignant and dangerous. We look for plays that span style and genre. We will consider bilingual scripts and ten-minute musicals. We have no restriction on the age range of the characters. In other words, for us to consider a script for production, we are seeking compelling plays that rise above the ordinary.

  • Each playwright may submit only one script - send us your best!
  • No scripts will be returned - save postage. No SASE required.
  • Each script must be no more than ten pages long. We start counting when the actual play begins. Please remember to submit scripts with page numbers.
  • Previously submitted plays, children's shows, and any unsolicited longer one-act or full-length plays are not accepted and will not be returned.
  • City Theatre will consider previously produced works, but there must be a production history included with submission.
  • Manuscripts must be typed and individually bound or stapled. Title page must include name, address, email address and phone number. We will accept electronic submissions provided all of the contact info and production history is included.
The volume of scripts submitted prevents us from providing feedback or criticism.

NOTE: City Theatre will only contact the playwrights with scripts the company is interested in producing.  Playwrights with scripts in consideration will be contacted in February-March.

Deadline - Submission Postmark Every Year by October 31st.

Address Submissions to: Susan Westfall, Literary Director`
City Theatre,  444 Brickell Ave., Suite 229, Miami, Fl 33131

Lakeshore Players Theatre is accepting submissions for 10-minute plays

web site

Lakeshore Players Theatre is accepting submissions for 10-minute plays.
Winning plays will be produced with nine performances at our Annual Festival June 6-16, 2013.

Play submissions will be accepted through November 1, 2012.
(Please note the earlier deadline this year!)

High school-aged playwrights are encouraged to enter. Plays must include a letter from a teacher or school administrator, written on school letterhead, verifying that the play was written during high school, in addition to the guidelines below. If the committee chooses to name a high school entry as a winner for the 9th annual contest, the winning play will be produced with our other winners in our festival in June 2013.

Please read the following rules and requirements carefully.
Plays not meeting the requirements will be disqualified.


The play should be approximately ten-minutes in length.
The play must have no more than five on-stage (speaking and non-speaking) characters.
You may submit only one play, so send us your best! Please do not make more than one submission.
The play should be in a "play format" making it easy for the readers.
(We like 12-point, easy to read fonts, such as Times New Roman or Ariel)
The play must be unpublished and unproduced at the time of submission to our contest. We do screen for this, so don't send us your play if it has been produced. (Staged readings are not counted as "produced.")
Submitting your play to our contest grants Lakeshore Players the right to produce your play in our annual festival and photograph and/or videotape it for archival purposes, if it is chosen as a winner.

The play should have simple technical requirements. There won't be a set — a few furniture pieces and a few props only — we only have about one minute in between plays to change scenes.
As a community theatre, we want to appeal to the largest possible audience, therefore plays with excessive offensive language are less likely to be selected - please keep that in consideration.
Two ways to submit: Email or Mail.
Your play must be received no later than November 1, 2012 to be eligible.
Only plays submitted exactly as outlined below will be accepted.

VERY IMPORTANT – Email submission rules below MUST be followed, or your submission will be disqualified.

Send one copy of the play with ALL contact information on the title page:
play title
your name
your mailing address
your phone number
your email address
Send ANOTHER copy of play for the judges with NO contact information on the title page: just the title of the play.
Email Instructions
Subject line: Include the title of your play, for example: 10 Min Contest: MY GREAT PLAY
Include your complete contact information in the body of the email.
Tell us where you heard about the contest.
Please include the title of your play in the file name. For example:
My Great Play-Blind.pdf
My Great Play.pdf
Email plays to: office@lakeshoreplayers.com

Don't know how to PDF? No problem.

Send one copy of the play with ALL contact information:
play title
your name
your mailing address
your phone number
your email address
Include ANOTHER copy of play for the judges with NO contact information - just the title and the play.
Mail to:
Lakeshore Players 10-Minute Play Committee
4820 Stewart Ave.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Plays will not be returned to you.
If you would like confirmation that we have received your script, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your script.
Plays chosen for production in our festival will receive $10 per Lakeshore performance of the play, and a copy of the program from the festival within 60 days of the festival weekend. Production photos will be uploaded to PhotoBucketand available for viewing, sharing, and downloading.

We have expanded from six to nine performances this year!
January 2013: Semi-finalists for the Festival will be announced
Mid-March, 2013: Finalists will be announced
April 2013: Winners will be announced

Any questions? E-mail: office@lakeshoreplayers.com

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ticket winner for FALLING

Michael Perrie has won the drawing for the tickets for the play FALLING by Deanna Jent. Thanks to everybody who participated by sending questions for Ms. Jent. Her responses will be posted on this web site soon.

Truant seeks plays

web site

Truant is kicking off a monthly reading series and we need you!  Writers, send your play(s) to TruantArts@gmail.com and let's get this ball rolling!

Short plays preferred, but we are open to any and everything your creativity has put on paper.  Send us one play or ten, but make sure they're in a PDF formatted file. We'll start going through the submissions right away and hope to have our first reading in mid-November! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ticket offer and Q&A with playwright Deanna Jent, author of FALLING

Visitors of the NYCPlaywrights web site are invited to participate in a Q&A with playwright Deanna Jent.

Those who participate by sending questions will be entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets to see FALLING.

Send your questions to info@nycplaywrights.org

Questions will be taken until Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 5PM EDT.
The ticket winner will be announced Wednesday, October 17 by 5PM EDT.
Ms. Jent's responses to the questions will be posted on this web site once they are available.

Please ask questions directly related to the play or the playwright's work. The playwright reserves the right to answer only selected questions. Some questions may not be answered. 

A Note about FALLING from Deanna Jent:
As the Mom of an 18-year old son with severe autism and 21-year old neurotypical twins, I’ve learned the fine art of walking on eggshells while watching for the sky to fall. I wrote a play, Falling, which exposes the family dynamics of loving someone who is hard to love.
FALLING: Family’s not the most important thing: it's everything.
A New Play by Deanna Jent, directed by Lori Adams
At the Minetta Lane Theatre - 18 Minetta Lane
(one block south of West 3rd Street, just off of Sixth Avenue)

Falling boldly explores the dynamic and complicated reality of a family with an autistic young man. When a relative comes to visit, the entire family is thrown out of equilibrium, with everyone trying to balance what is best for the family and what is best for them. The play bravely speaks a truth about love and family and about hopes and dreams. It asks "How do you love someone who is difficult to love?" Lori Adams directs a cast that features Daniel Everidge (Grease, Fat Camp), Celia Howard, Daniel Pearce (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Broadway), Jacey Powers (Our Town) and Julia Murney (Wicked, Drama Desk nominee for Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party).
“A gripping piece of theatre, emotionally wrenching and theatrically astute…Like many other plays (Awake and Sing!, A Thousand Clowns, The Three Sisters), it’s a thoughtful portrait of a family struggling to hold on in particular and challenging circumstances.  You don’t want to miss it…” - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
“It will kick your guts.” - Riverfront Times 
“It’s a compelling, gripping evening of real, intense, drama…the most powerful, moving new play I’ve seen in years.” - KDHX Radio
Performance Schedule:*
Tuesday 7pm | Wednesday 2pm & 8pm | Thursday 8pm | Friday 8pm|
Saturday 2pm & 8pm | Sunday 3pm

*No performances on Tuesday 10/16, Thursday 11/22 and Tuesday 12/25
No evening performance on Wednesday 10/31
Talkbacks with members of the cast & the creative team will take place after each performance through October 14. Beginning October 23, talkbacks will take place every Tuesday evening following the 7pm performance and other selected performances.

$37.50 Tickets (reg. $69.50)**

ONLINE: Visit www.Ticketmaster.com and enter code MARK
PHONE: Call 800.982.2787 and mention code MARK
IN PERSON: Bring a print out of this offer to the Minetta Lane Theatre box office –18 Minetta Lane (one block south of West 3rd Street, just off of Sixth Avenue)
Box Office Hours: 1pm-7pm on Sunday and Tuesday, 1pm-8pm Wednesday through Saturday, and closed Monday.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit www.FallingPlay.com
**Ticket price includes $1 facility fee. Additional fees apply to online/phone orders. Schedule is subject to change. All sales are final. Offer may be revoked at any time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 2012 Play of the Month: AMMO

The October 2012 Play of the Month selection has been made: AMMO by Jeremy Kehoe. The video recording will be posted soon.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Theatre Facts from the Theatre Communications Group

From the 2011 Report:

We estimate that in 2011, 1,876 Theatres in the U.S. not-for-profit professional Theatre Field:

  • Attracted 34 million audience members to 177,000 performances of 14,600 productions. In total, 1.5 million Americans subscribed to a theatre season.
  • Contributed nearly $1.94 billion to the U.S. economy in payments for goods and services, and hired 130,000 artists, administrators and technical production staff in 2011. The real  economic impact is far greater than $1.94 billion because theatre-goers frequently dine at restaurants, pay for parking, hire babysitters, etc. Theatres’ employees live in their communities, pay rent or buy homes, make regular purchases and contribute to the overall tax base.
  • Engaged the majority of their employees in artistic pursuits. We estimate that the theatre workforce (i.e., all paid full-time, part-time, jobbed-in or fee-based employees) is 60% artistic, 28% production/technical and 12% administrative. It is worth noting that these percentages shift based on theatre size. For example, theatres with total expenses of $500,000 or less (i.e., 68% of Universe Theatres) employ 66% of their workforce in artistic positions, 26% in production and 8% as administrators. Theatres with total expenses greater than $500,000 employ 57% in artistic positions, 28% in production and 15% in administration.
  • Received 51% of their income from earned sources and 49% from contributions. Theatres with total expenses of $500,000 or less received 39% from earned sources and 61% from contributions, whereas, theatres with total  expenses above $500,000 received 53% from earned and 47% from contributed sources.

More theater facts here

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One-Act Playwriting Competition Rules

web site

NOTE - there is a $5 fee, but not if you have a current Dramatists Guild membership card.

One-Act Playwriting Competition Rules
Cash awards of $250 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place will be presented.
Winning plays will also be produced by the Lourdes University Drama Society.

To enter please send the following items to the address below:
1. Completed entry form
2. Bio of the playwright(s) – must be 100 words or less
3. Play synopsis including character descriptions
4. Five copies of the script
5. $5 entry fee or copy of current Dramatists Guild membership card
(checks should be made out to Lourdes University)

Mail to: Keith Ramsdell
Lourdes University Drama Society
One-Act Playwriting Competition
6832 Convent Blvd
Sylvania, OH 43560

Competition Rules:
1. The competition is open to all playwrights 18 years of age and older. Only one play per
playwright may be entered per year. Plays may be co-written by more than one playwright,
but the names of all playwrights must appear on the entry form.

2. Entries must be one-act stage plays with performance times of 8 to 15 minutes. Full-length
plays, musicals, children’s plays, film and TV scripts, and plays previously entered in this
competition are ineligible.

3. Submissions are restricted to original dramatic works – no adaptations – that have not been
previously published or produced outside of an academic environment.

4. While all reasonable care will be taken, Lourdes University Drama Society does not assume
any responsibility for lost, misplaced or damaged scripts.

5. There are no restrictions on genre or theme.

6. Scripts will be judged on concept, dramatic action, characterization and dialogue. Preference
will be given to plays with 2 to 4 characters, limited staging requirements, and content/language
sensitive to the traditions and values of Lourdes University. The decisions of the judges are
final. No critiques will be given, and no scripts will be returned.

7. Lourdes University Drama Society will produce the winning plays royalty-free during its
Festival of One Acts 2013. This includes the right to make rehearsal copies of the script, to use
the title of the play and the author’s name in publicity and promotion, and to videotape the play
for archival purposes. The playwright will receive a program and DVD from the production.
All future production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.

8. The deadline for entries is a postmark of October 15, 2012. Late scripts will not be
accepted, and revisions cannot be made once a script has been submitted. Winners will be
announced and notified on Sunday, December 2.

Formatting Instructions:
1. To ensure anonymity during the judging process, no personal information should appear
anywhere on the submitted script. The entry form will contain this information.

2. All scripts should be printed on 8-1/2” x 11” white paper, typewritten on one side only and
submitted in acceptable play manuscript format. Each copy should be bound with a staple.
Pages must be numbered, and the name of the play should appear on each page.

3. The entry form, bio, synopsis and fee or copy of DG card should be clipped together.

4. Incorrectly formatted entries will be disregarded.
More Information:

Please contact Keith Ramsdell at 419-517-8881 or kramsdell@lourdes.edu with any questions.
You may also visit us on the web at www.lourdes.edu/dramasociety

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Polygraph Tests: residency program

web site

Polygraph (n.)1. a machine designed to detect and record changes in biological characteristics2. an author who can write on a variety of different subjects. The Polygraph Tests is a residency program committed to enriching the process of theatre development by pairing selected playwrights with collaborators eager to guide and inspire the scripts’ evolution. We are looking for dangerous stories that expose and examine the ways in which desire and impulse define human relationships. Writers of all ages and from all experience levels are invited to submit plays that align with our mission statement:

True False Theatre is a group of artists dedicated to creating high-quality dramatic theatre that challenges the imagination and inspires a more conscious and compassionate community. Our goal is to probe modern value systems through entertaining productions of socially relevant plays, which uphold a commitment to exciting and empowering New York City.

This program features a three-week rehearsal period focused on giving writers the time and tools they need to experiment and develop strong character development, plot structure, and dialogue. Each playwright will work alongside a director and actors who are excited to inspire the author’s vision and provide him or her with feedback regarding the rewrites made during the residency. After a mid-process public reading allows each artist to experience their play with an audience, everyone returns to the rehearsal room for another week of collaborating with the writer. The residency ends with a second public reading celebrating the plays in whatever state they are in at the time.

Important Dates:

Sept 14 - Nov 16: Application Period
Nov 16 - Dec 7: Reading Period
Dec 7: Finalist Playwrights Announced
Dec 7 - Dec 13: Playwright Interviews
Dec 14: Selected Playwrights Announced
Dec 21: Invited Directors and Actors Announced
Jan 20 - Feb 9: Rehearsal Period
Feb 2: First Public Reading
Feb 9: Final Public Reading

Submission Guidelines:

We select playwrights based on two factors: (1) the quality and potential of the writing, and (2) a one-on-one interview during the first week of December 2012.

We are looking for plays on all subject matters- story and structure that dare to be different.
Scripts don't need to be perfectly polished; we will happily accept unfinished work.
We accept only unpublished plays (but un-produced and previously produced plays are both acceptable).
You can send us one or several scripts- we prefer you send us two plays so we can understand your voice as much as possible.
Scripts can be any length (plays less than 75 pages are preferred).
Please fill out the application form at truefalsetheatre.org (this link will take you to the True False Theatre Google Docs page) and send your play(s)to  submit@truefalsetheatre.org. Sending us your resume and/or artistic statement in addition to your work is acceptable.

Submissions received after the November 16, 2012 deadline will not be reviewed. 

Coe College Playwriting Festival - US citizenship required

web site


Scripts will be accepted between October 1 and November 1. 

Notification by January 10.

We seek a new, full-length, original, unproduced and unpublished play in its final stages of development that would benefit from a week-long workshop at Coe. No musicals, adaptations, translations or collaborations will be considered.

This is an excellent development opportunity for emerging, professional playwrights. Spend a week in residence workshopping your play with a professional director, faculty, students and community theatre artists.

  • For the playwright: We want to provide you resources, time and space with which to develop and experiment with your work. In addition to helping you take your play to the next level, we also will give you some teaching experiences, as you will conduct master classes with our students. Finally, you'll have some networking opportunities to learn about and connect with theatre professionals in eastern Iowa.
  •  For our students: This is an opportunity for our students to meet and interact with a working playwright, and to observe how plays evolve. Our students will be involved with the workshop either directly as participants, or indirectly as observers.
  • One new play will be selected for a week-long rehearsal and workshop that will culminate in a public staged reading by students, faculty members, or individuals from the community. The winning playwright will receive an award of $500 plus travel, room and board for a week-long residency at Coe.

Any playwright with U.S. citizenship is encouraged to submit plays for consideration. Only one entry per playwright, please. To submit, please send the following:

    One clean, bound script
    A resume
    The play's development history
    A statement of development goals for your play (one page)

Susan Wolverton, Chair, Dept. of Theatre Arts
Coe College
1220 First Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Monday, October 8, 2012

Unity Stage Company is seeking short, unsentimental, comic plays about Christmas

web site

Unity Stage Company is seeking short, unsentimental, comic plays about Christmas.

Must be unpublished.

Running Time: 1 minute to 12 minutes.

2nd Annual Figgy Pudding Short Play Fest will have four performances in Sunnyside, NY at 8pm November 29, November 30, December 1, December 2, 2012.

Professional directors and actors will bring your play to hilarious life.  Will be reviewed.

Submission Deadline: Monday October 29, 2012.
E-mail submissions to unitystagecompany@gmail.com

Include ALL contact info on ALL documents, including Title page.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Call for Ten-Minute Plays

web site

Longwood University is pleased to announce its 7th Annual 0 to 60: Longwood Ten-Minute Play Festival. 
Open to any theme, style and approach, playwrights are invited to submit a maximum of one (1) script.
(NOTE: Anyone affiliated with Longwood University--students, former students, employees and their families--are ineligible for this competition.)
  • Scripts should run no longer than ten minutes.
  • Stapled copies are fine.
  • Set and technical requirements should be minimal.
  • Each script must include author-contact information on its cover page.
There is no fee to enter.
Winners will be notified by e-mail and then posted on brierycreekpress.org on or before December 15, 2012. Plays will be produced in late April.
Please send plays (hard copies only) to the following address
(Postmarked) between September 15 and October 15:
0 to 60: Longwood Ten-Minute Play Festival
English Department
Longwood University
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909
If you have any questions please email Andrew Baker, Administrative Director, at: anbaker86@gmail.com

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Streep Donates $1 Million for Public Theater Renovation

At a reception on Thursday night to mark the completion of the Public Theater’s $40 million renovation of its Astor Place home, the theater was scheduled to announce another reason to celebrate: the actress Meryl Streep has donated $1 million to be put toward the cost of the reconfiguration.

“I give this gift, “ Ms. Streep said in a statement, “in honor of the founder of the Public Theater, my friend and mentor Joseph Papp, and in remembrance of one of the theater’s Board members and greatest supporters, my friend Nora Ephron.” (Papp died in 1991; Ephron died in June.)

More at the NYTimes

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


web site

Curtain Call is proud to announce the return of the American Harmony Prize, an annual award that celebrates diverse new works of musical theater. The goal of the American Harmony Prize is to showcase new musicals that explore our country’s many ethnic, religious and gender identifications The sixth annual American Harmony Prize will showcase a new musical that dramatizes an aspect of the experience of Irish Americans.
Irish Americans have been a part of the American Musical Theatre since the legendary George M. Cohan basically invented the modern musical comedy at the turn of the last century. We’ve got John O’Hara to thank for dreaming up the first musical theater antihero -- Pal Joey – and the folks behind Finian’s Rainbow for giving the Broadway musical satirical bite! With the Celtic sounds of the Tony winning Once and Off-Broadway’s charming revival of New Girl in Town beguiling midtown Manhattan, we thought the time was right to showcase the work of other writers that are dramatizing the Irish American experience!
In addition to a cash award of $500 prize, provided by the Stamford Gives Back Association, a 60-minute concert reading of highlights from the winning musical will be performed in Curtain Call’s Kweskin Theater on February 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm.

In order to qualify for consideration, a musical cannot have been professionally produced (Equity Dinner, LORT, Production, Special Production, SPT, Stock, etc. . . ) or published. All other forms of developmental performance, including readings, concerts, workshops. festivals and non-professional productions, will not disqualify you – and are, in fact, encouraged!

Submissions will be accepted via mail from Monday, September 17, 2012 until Saturday, October 13, 2012. Submissions postmarked after Saturday, October 13, 2012, will ineligible for consideration. We are not able to receive electronic submissions at this time. Your submission should include:
1. A plot synopsis of 800 words or fewer (or roughly two pages).
2. 10 continuous pages of the libretto (with all dialogue, lyrics and stage directions included).
3. A cd that demonstrates as much of the musical’s score as has been recorded to date.
(It needn’t be of studio quality.)
4. One sample of the sheet music for a song from the show’s piano / vocal score.
5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to have your materials returned.
(If not, they will be recycled after the judging.)
Note: there is no submission / reading fee.

Submissions should be mailed to:
Curtain Call, Inc.
1349 Newfield Avenue
Stamford, CT 06905
Attn. American Harmony Prize
Short-listed applicants will be asked to submit additional materials after Friday, November 16, 2012. Additional materials postmarked after Saturday, November 24, 2012, will ineligible for final consideration. The winner of the 2012 American Harmony Prize will be announced mid-January, 2013, at www.CurtainCallinc.com.

Tiny Theater 2012: Open Call for Applications

web site

The Brick Theater, Inc. Announces Tiny Theater 2012: Open Call for Applications

A tiny performance festival six feet long.

TINY THEATER = theater / dance / dance-theater / puppet-theater / object-theater / installation that takes place in a 6' x 6' x 6' space—and in under 10 mins. Performers and scenic elements must not exist outside the box at any point during each piece. Or else. Originated in 2006 at The Ontological-Hysteric.

Deadline: October 10, 2012.

To apply, visit the brick website: www.bricktheater.com/applications

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Women in Theatre series - Paula Vogel interview

Watch more Women in Theatre on Youtube.

Accepting Political Play Submissions for Raucous Caucus III

web site

NOTE: there was originally a submission fee required of playwrights located out of Minnesota, but Box Wine Theatre has since changed that policy and now there is no fee for anyone. But some documents still posted online might indicate there is a submission fee. Please ignore those documents - there is no submisison fee.

Box Wine Theatre is accepting script submissions for Raucous Caucus III, Box Wine Theatre's annual 10-minute political play festival. We're looking for scripts that encompass all sides of the political spectrum. Whether you think of yourself as Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Occupier, or other, Box Wine Theatre wants to hear your voice. This festival is meant to encourage dialogue between opposing views in hopes of letting different political and social beliefs be heard.

In an effort to have as many individual voices involved as possible, playwrights will not have the option of directing their own pieces. We strongly believe in the collaborative process between the playwright and director, so all playwrights and directors will receive each other's contact information and we strongly encourage working together.

Performances will be at Bryant Lake Bowl in January, 2013 with exact dates TBD. Tentative show days are Thursdays with some possible late night Fridays and Saturdays.

Playwrights:- Script submissions will be due no later than 10:00 pm, Wednesday, October 17th.
- Playwrights may submit a maximum of two plays.
- There are no restrictions to the scripts’ subject matter as long as the play gives political/social commentary.

-Scripts should be no longer than 12 pages. (Keep in mind, 1 page of dialogue usually equals 1 minute of stage time.) Plays should not exceed 10 minutes.

-There will be two rounds in the script selection process: The 1st round will be headed by company members of Box Wine Theatre. The 2nd round will be based on choices of the directors. Playwrights will be notified of the final outcome of the selection process by November 8th.
Submit all manuscripts, resumes, and cover letters to artistic director, Bethany Simmons at info@boxwinetheatre.com with "script submission" in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please include your name, email address, and phone number.

**PDF or Microsoft Word documents preferred, please. **

Urban Stages (NYC) is looking for Local Submissions

web site

We at Urban Stages, accept plays year-round and from all over the world through our Emerging Playwright Award Submissions.

However, we would like to encourage more playwrights residing in the New York City (or playwrights who can easily commute to NYC) to submit full-length plays. We hold staged readings and workshops of the plays we pick and it is important to have the playwright present throughout this development process. All plays we pick for staged readings are considered for full productions.

Rules to submit:

All Plays must include a biography and/or author's history of the play, character breakdown, and brief description or synopsis of the play.

All Plays may have been developed elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. There is no limit to submission. Subject matter and character variations are open.****However, we pay special attention to plays focused on social, racial and/or cultural issues. *

All submissions must be sent via mail (ABSOLUTELY NO EMAILS!):
Urban Stages
555 Eighth Avenue
RM 1800
New York, NY 10018

Include a SASE (a small one for a response letter or a large one with appropriate postage if you would like us to return your play -- otherwise scripts will be recycled.)

There is no submission fee.

All scripts must be firmly bound. No changes or revisions accepted after submission. No double-sided pages.

It usually takes two to six months for us to read and process your script. We ask that you do not call or email our offices to inquire on the status of your play.

For more info on Urban Stages and what we do, visit www.urbanstages.org

Another lovely testimonial!

Thanks to Ralph Greco, Jr. for sending these kind words about NYCPlaywrights:
I am a professional freelance writer living in the wilds of NJ suburbia, having had a modicum of good fortune seeing some of my one acts produced across the USA... I count much of this fortune from submission opportunities found through NYCPlaywrights.
The business of play-writing is unlike any other in that a play must really 'get up' to find its fullest potential and as the #1 source for me to learn about theatre writing, meet my contemporaries and find places to submit my work NYCPlaywrights has been indispensable to me.
Ralph's play DARK RIDE was the NYCPlaywrights June 2011 Play of the Month selection. And everybody should go see his show PASSENGERS at the Westbeth on October 20.


Continued success with your literary endeavors Ralph!

MadLab Playwrights Roulette

web site

THEATRE ROULETTE is MadLab’s annual shorts festival.  In its first year, THEATRE ROULETTE began a tradition of an annual shorts festival that has lasted more than 10 years.  The first year was an “invitation-only” festival, from there expanded to taking local submissions to taking submission from across the United States to now, receiving almost 1000 scripts every year from every corner of the world.

To maximize your chance of selection, please read all the guidelines carefully before submitting.

All submissions should be send to andy@madlab.net
Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” in the subject line.  If you do have have email, please call 614.221.5418 to set up different arrangements.

Theatre Roulette is a juried festival.

Submissions must arrive no later than November 1st, 2012.  

Submission will be chosen and applicants informed if his/her piece was chosen on January 2nd, 2013.


Scripts should be between 5-45 minutes in length.  Scripts of greater lengths will be considered, but due to time constraints, it is unlikely that unsolicited full-length plays will be selected for the festival, unless you are a Nobel or Pulitzer winning writer, in which case, your script will automatically be accepted for production as long as you waive your standard royalty, which would probably be more than the budget for the entire festival.  If you are not sure whether or not you have won a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, please find out through the glory of the world wide web and let us know.

You may submit multiple scripts.

Script submissions WILL NOT be returned to the applicant; MadLab will destroy all evidence of your creative instincts upon a funeral pyre at an undisclosed location in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty.  Ashes will NOT be returned to you unless you purchase a commemorative urn from MadLab at the bargain basement price of $999.95.

Due to our environmentally conscious president, you must email your script to us.  If emailing is absolutely impossible for you, please call us at 614.221.5418 so we can make alternate arrangements.
Please send your script attached as a Microsoft Word document or PDF format.  Scripts should be emailed to andy@madlab.net.  Please put “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION”  in the subject line.  If “THEATRE ROULETTE SUBMISSION” is not in your subject line, your submission may not be received.  All submissions will receive a reply email to ensure that your submission was received.

For ROULETTE, MadLab pays $50 to each playwright or 10% of our box office receipts - whichever is more.  The 10% is split among the 9-11 plays that get selected.

If you’ve made it through all of this, congratulations.  At least you’ve got the potential patience to deal with the travails of theatrical production. If you have any questions, please email them to Managing Director Andy Batt at andy@madlab.net

Thanks for your interest.  Good luck with your submission, and regardless of the outcome here, be sure to keep writing and producing new works.


web site

HotCity Theatre of St. Louis announces a call for submissions of new full-length plays for the seventh annual GreenHouse New Play Festival, to be held in June of 2013.

Three plays will be selected for the Festival. These plays will receive a week-long (June 16-23) workshop with director, dramaturg and professional actors.  The workshop will culminate in a public reading followed by audience response sessions.   HotCity artistic staff will then select one script for a fully produced world premiere as part of the company’s 2014 mainstage season. 

Eligible submissions must meet the following criteria:
--received after June 1, 2012 and no later than October 1, 2012
--require a maximum of six actors
--running time of between 75 and 120 minutes
--never before published
--never before professionally produced, no pending professional productions
--never before submitted to the HotCity Greenhouse New Play Festival

Submissions must include the following:
1) a half-page synopsis of the play.  This synopsis should focus solely on the plot and events of the play.  It should not include promotional verbiage or thematic content.
2) a half-page description of how the playwright feels that this script would benefit from the workshop/revision process.
3) a brief description of the script’s reading/production history, special casting requirements, and technical information (special or unusual scenic/lighting, costuming, sound or prop requirements)
4) a brief biography of the playwright
5) a complete copy of the script

Please Note:  All requested information must be formatted into a SINGLE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT with background information placed at the beginning of the document. Scans or pdfs will not be considered.  

Submissions should be addressed to Chuck Harper and sent via email to: submissions@hotcitytheatre.org.  Approximately 20 plays will be selected as semi-finalists and playwrights will be notified of this selection by December 1, 2012.

To be selected, playwrights must be able to attend the entire festival and workshop week, which begins on the Sunday prior to the festival weekend. All travel and accomodation arrangements are provided by HotCity Theatre.

For further information about HotCity Theatre and the Greenhouse New Play festival please visit www.hotcitytheatre.org

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